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The world has so much degenerated to the point at which we don’t know when we are saying the truth again. Errors have so much mixed with the truth that it collides all the time. Keeping ones virginity is now a taboo for most people. Some have even proved the medical value that accrued not keeping it. And most times when we talk about this issue, we feel its for women alone, what about men.

Let me use this medium to highlight some points for us, you may agree, you may not agree, but please, if you do not agree, just comment it below so we would also learn from you.

  1. Both dominant religion in the world today preach chastity. They cherish holiness and purity. Fornication is a sin, flee all forms of immorality, be pure till marriage. This will help you to be focused on whom you are about to marry and not the underneath thing. Some says, ‘love is blind’ anonymous. My dear, love is not blind once you are not carried away with illusion. Once you don’t involve yourself in dirty act , you will be able to reason well and pray more. But once you do it, thoughts will change, motives will change, then you start to consider many unrealistic issues– this is just to make it end in marriage(so you won’t be exposed) this is a foolish idea. What if the relationship didn’t end in marriage at last?
  2. Don’t also forget that once you are being driven by emotions, HIV/AIDS, GONORHEA and others are also waiting for their next victims. Think about the innocent children that are being aborted daily all because of these acts.

You own your body but God owns you.

You could do whatever you want but God loves you.


Do the right thing and you will have peace.


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    1. I do believe that both genders should keep their purity in the eyes of God and people. But then, it wasn’t being practiced for the new generation. Asian people had to be in this strict practice, but then, things had changed and open to be liberated.

      • most people believed chastity is meant for women alone, reason was probably it is more pronounced in women, you know, their is a sign for it but men, no sign.
        we are only looking for the physical signs, please what happened to the physiological signs, once tasted, it is tasted, either male or female. it will continue to linger on in the memory.


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