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10 Things You Can Do With Recycled Jeans
March 19, 2017

1. Cut jeans into long strips, tie them together and braid them into bags, rugs, placemats, belts and ribbing for jackets or skirts. Fascinate friends and family with a home made jean item.

2. Getting tired of the corkboard bulletin board? Cover it with denim. Just measure and glue. It’s easy and gives it an interesting new look.

3. Make a bucket for your knitting or other crafts. Just take a plastic bucket and cover with denim. Add sequins, rick rack or fabric of a contrasting color.

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4. Is your favorite skirt getting old but you just can’t get rid of it? Add some denim to it and make it a whole new look but with the same material and style.

5. Pieces for a family quilt. Many crafters in the early west would use piece of familie’s clothing for quilt pieces. Since levi’s were so tough many wore them around the ranch. When they wore out they were used for the familie’s quilts that were home made.

6. Find a pattern for baby rompers, a top or even a dress and use denim instead. Add applicays and such to make for an adorable addition to a babie’s wardrobe.

7. Pet toys? Cut into strips and braid and wrap together for a toy your dog and cat can chase. Alittle catnip in the one for the cat and the animal will love it.

8. Make a purse or carry-all cut squares the diameter you wish and then add some hemmed strips of jean for the handle. add embellishments of your choice for a personalized carry-all.

9. Picture background can be made with some jean pieces. Just cut out the picture and use some jean as the background. Frame it and add it to presents or to that room that needs alittle something for a conversation starter.

10. Make a denim hair band out of a measured 4 to 6 inch wide and 12-18 inch long strip of denim, fold in three and sow it with a added length of elastic to make it stretchy.

    1. I also like using old jeans for different purposes… Since I am into making handbags I sometimes use it for that and sometimes to fill some holes in the material…

    2. If your jeans are still in wearable condition, you could sale them!

      • I have a denim hand bag now and I need to get a new one. It’s getting worn out. Selling them is good. I wonder if the 501s are still popular. They used to be great to sell.

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