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Jihadis in France; deadly misjudgement
March 19, 2017

If one thought the terrorist attacks in France were accidental or misguided, reality interposes.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem launched an attack at the Orly Airport today shot a police officer earlier in the day to get the officer’s weapon. The Police man should recover.
Who was this guy, this terrorist?
This was a man who had been imprisoned several times on violence and theft convictions, including one five-year stint that began in 2009.
So why wasn’t he shipped back to where ever he came from?  Why did he do it?
The Terrorist cells in Paris seem bent on insuring that Marine Le Penn become the next Prime Minister. A Xenophobic anti-Islamic politician.
It seems clear that Terrorists want a clear target.   Their lives mean zero, so telling them ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ produces mirth.   They want to be killed.   They want to be hated.   This is why, flying in the face of common sense, they want the most anti-Islamic leaders in office.
The Muslim terrorist want to provoke reaction.   They want to be the ‘victims’.   In countries that are fairly liberal and have a rule of law,  they can’t be victims, they can only be terrorist.   If they can get right wing politicians into office, politicians who may respond in a severely anti-Islamic manner, they might be able to get the sympathy they desire and gain converts.
The Jihadis failed in the Netherlands, but this is more the fault of Donald Trump than any thing else.  No country wants a Trump.   No one wants to be ashamed of their government or their leaders.   Those in the Netherlands who were very much behind Geert Wilders did not vote for him because they voted ‘against’ Trump.
France may not behave as did the Netherlands.   They have had enough terrorism to last a century.  They may vote for Le Penn and may become so anti-Islamic that the average person would be more than likely to react violently than the government.
It is likely, if Right Wing Governments take over in France and even Germany, there may be a whole sale dumping of Muslims in the Middle East.   Although the Government will be vilified for this, they will not suffer much pain.   They will do what is in their best interest.
And right now, the Right Wing seems to offer that.

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