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You Must Eat According to Your Conscience
May 13, 2017

During the time of 1st century Christianity, when Gentiles were being accepted into the faith along with Jews who had accepted the gospel message, the Jews having become accustomed to their strict dietary laws and the Gentiles have their own “food ways”, a question came up about whether or not it was OK to eat certain foods.  One must eat!  But one does not want to commit a sin to eat.  It was a deeply religious matter for the faithful.


The matter was settled and the Christians were given instructions on what to do when food was offered to them. In a nutshell, ask God’s blessing for the food you’re about to receive, eat it, and ask no questions for your conscience sake.

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Of course it’s not saying that we should not question what goes in our body. That would be ridiculous. Take the scripture in its context.


The advice from the apostles can be quickly summed up as follows:

  • All food comes from the one true God. It’s meant to be a blessing, to nourish and strengthen our bodies. Thank Him and eat it!


That being said, having quickly perused a list of “bizarre ingredients” that are used in preparing certain foods, I’m thinking:

Uuuggg!! Wish I had never seen this article because now it’s in my conscience. Sand in my chili???!!! Duck feathers in my apple pie??!!! I’m never going to look at certain foods the same way any more.”


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As if it wasn’t bad enough when I found out about the bull’s penis being prepared in a soup. Not meaning to offend anyone, because it was said this is considered a very exotic dish; however, if it were served to me, you would have to not tell me what is was, until I had finished eating.


You do not understand. I am a soup lover!! I love soups so much that I think people should have soup parties! Invite friends and family. Tell each guest to bring their favorite pot of soup. You supply the bread, rolls, butter, desserts and drinks. Make sure you plan the party for a really cold winter’s night. So! A soup with the main ingredient being penis and testicles? For me?  According to my conscience?  It’s too bizarre.  We all have our cultural differences and when it comes to food, most of us can see those differences very plainly.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just a different thing.


When it comes eating, I’m just not into – what in my mind would be viewed as “bizarre foods”. That’s why I could never watch that food show with Andrew Zimmern.  My conscience simply would not allow it.


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This list (below), although they use the word “bizarre” in the title – this is not my idea of bizarre foods. More like fun foods. Anybody want to try some Mountain Dew Cheetos?


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“I love soup” : glitter-graphics.com

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