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Yesstyle shopping experience: Yesstyle review and hauls!
February 22, 2017

This is another haul but this time, it is a new online seller I recently tried out called Yesstyle. I have been stalking this website for a while now but was unsure what to buy. They have a lot of cute items to choose from – it is actually hard to take a pick. But from the reviews, the item’s quality is something sort of a hit-and-miss.
Of course, I knew the risk of buying online from these “cheap” Asian sellers. It actually reminded me a lot of street vendors in Asia where you can buy for a fraction of the price you pay for in department stores but the risk is that the quality is never that great.
Anyway, I received a promotional email about additional discounts a couple of weeks ago and since I am drooling over Aquazzura’s laced up flats (but don’t have enough money anymore after splurging on other “stuff”) – I decided I’d buy dupes instead!
This is actually the second order from Yesstyle but it arrived first. The reason is that on my first order, a couple of items are not readily available in their warehouse so they are still waiting for the stock. But for this order, all the items were in their warehouse so it was shipped the next day!
I am pleased with the shipping time, too. I think it only took 2 weeks after I received the shipping notification and I received the goodies in Ireland.

Ok, so when I opened the box, here’s what I saw. Quite pleased everything is carefully wrapped.
I bought a couple of items for this haul but just enough to reach the free standard shipping (€34).

So, this is the main reason why I ended up with my second order with Yesstyle even if I have yet to receive the first – the laced up flats!


It took me a while to decide which pair to buy because I wasn’t sure whether to order a size up or not. But my size (size 38) was on sale (€14.34) so I took the risk and glad it fits! Whew!

It felt comfy and cute worn. I just hated the strong chemical smell coming out from the shoe – so I hope it goes away after airing it out!

The next one is this pair of white sneakers. I had to order this one size up (size 39) and glad I did because this one fits perfectly.

I am not too thrilled with the quality but the sneakers are nicely done (no loose threads, glued nicely). I think this will be a cute tandem with denim shorts on summer! And for the price I paid (€9.96) – not bad eh? And, these did not smell as much as the flats so that’s another “plus”.

The next item is this cosmetic bag. I checked stores over here and it is so hard to find something the right size (or right price). I love the vibrant color and thought it was well-done, too! The price is also lovely (€3.56) which is still slightly cheaper compared here!

The next item is “boy shorts”. For those not familiar with it, it is a short undergarment that I wear when wearing dresses or skirts. You know, I am not that confident to have a “Marilyn moment” so better have one of these handy! And not sure, but I haven’t found anything similar over here. And the one I am using started to loosen up so I had to find a replacement for it! I haven’t used it yet but opened the packet. The material was thinner than expected but what can you expect if you paid €2.65, right?

The last item was a goodie bag. It has 20 pieces inside the packet and the design was sooo cute! I bought it since I love making homemade goodies, especially for Christmas. And it is only €3.56!
So, there you have it – MY FIRST YESSTYLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! Overall, I am quite pleased. The boy shorts and the white sneakers were sort of “meh” but with the amount of money I paid for it, what can you expect, right? Regarding shipping, I think the 2-week timeframe is quick considering that I always feel that if the items ships from China, it takes AT LEAST a month to arrive.

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