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My Work at Home Goals ~ October 2016 and Beyond!
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A while back a friend invited me to join a Facebook group.  What happened was that the administrator of the group … who is also a popular member here at Literacy Base, Kyla Matton Osborne (Ruby3881) … had this group on BlogJob.com.  But being a wise and experienced writer and blogger, she thought it best to set up the group on Facebook. You may not know about the Writers’ Accountability Group because? It’s a secret!!  That’s the setting Kyla chose because she didn’t want to open it up and have it flooded with unambitious parties who are not like-minded and are not going to ask questions and/or contribute tips and advice to help out fellow writers/bloggers.  If you want to join I’m sure all you need to do is ask her!  🙂


Most group members usually outline the goals they intend to accomplish and follow up at a later date to let everybody else if they were successful. I hardly ever set goals because of my paranoia. Feel like by making an announcement it will jinx me!  Know what I mean? 🙂  You say you’re going to do something and then a zillion unexpected things occur and you end up working on other tasks.


Well this time I actually have a GOAL to accomplish.  It was an unexpected thing that occurred that generated the work but … gotta do it!


Not posting this to the Facebook group because it’s likely a goal that many of my fellow bloggers and writers may need to know and/or may have already had the experience of successfully accomplishing.


What’s the goal? Major clean up.


Got some broken and/or outdated links and spending a lot of time backtracking and removing them. Unfortunately there are nifty tools and resources to automated and expedite social media shares. But when you have to remove them because a website or blog was deleted, etc. … no easy way to do that! Have to hunt them down and manually remove them on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


Many people don’t do this and I know why. It’s a lot of work!


But if you want to maintain your online reputation you don’t want to become known as the person who always shares bad links!! Looking at it from my own experience, when I think I have found a great link, click it, and then it’s not there, it’s a very disappointing feeling. Don’t want to create that sense of disappointment when others click on something shared by me.

I have heard about something called “de-indexing” but am afraid to use it for fear it may do more damage than good. Plus I don’t know how. So! That’s MY GOAL for this week and maybe next week and maybe the week after and the week after that … Don’t know how long it will take. This is not on my “To Do List”. It’s on my “Must Do List”. 🙂




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    1. !!! NOTICE OF CLARIFICATION !!! ~ Oct 10, 2016 ~ The Group Admin has been occupied with health problems and family matters and new members are not being accepted. That does not mean they won’t accepted in the future. It does not hurt to ask to join, so when the doors open again, your name will be on the list.


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