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Why Are Teenage Pregnancy Common Nowadays?

When you go around the city, you can see a lot of teenagers carrying their babies with them. They could be 16, 17, or 18 to 19 years old.

Teenage pregnancy is not anymore a surprise to us. It is more likely to be said as an unintended pregnancy at an early age. It is now usual and common to our community. Why is this happening? What causes teenage pregnancy?

  • Absent of parents. Here in our place, most teenage parents who have been interviewed said that they are not with their parents. Some say that their parents are working abroad or they are in the province. Is it really a cause of teenage pregnancy? It’s a big YES! Why? Because no one is there to guide or advise┬áthem when they are in a relationship. In teenagers life, it is very important for the parents to always with their children because that was a crucial stage of an individual. There are lots of changes that is happening to a child when becoming a Lady. When it comes to sexual activities, parents should talk to them and share about the disadvantages of it at their age.
  • Influence of friends. Today, many teenagers let their friends take control of their decisions. Some friends influence an individual to have sex even if they do not understand the consequences of their actions. That is why it is the very advice of every parent to their children that they need to be careful of whom to be with when they are outside the house.
  • Lack of knowledge. If a teenager doesn’t have any idea about sex, they are often the victim of teenage pregnancy. Teens may easily get curious about romance that they are watching on televisions or social media.
  • Rape. Some men sexually abuse women, especially teenagers. According to studies, most teenagers who are being raped got pregnant.

There are many causes of teenage pregnancy aside from these. Those listed above are the common cause.


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    1. Teen pregnancy has become more popular over the years due to lack of parenting. If parents taught the kids any good value or taught them to respect there self it would not be so Common. (referring to teens that are pregnant at age 13-17) or how about the show teen mom I feel it is influenceing teens to get pregnant.

    2. Another thing is that teeenagers, girls at that, drink alcoholic drinks with their friends , mostly boys. So what do you expect when all gets too drunk.The girls are without inhibition already and would have sex with their intoxicated male friends. Some gets raped.

      Besides, the proliferation of X-rated movies that are easily accessible at the internet, wakes up their sexual urges, so much so that when their boyfriends would ask for it, they would easily give in , out of curiosity of how it feels.

    3. Most Filipinos are not as open when it comes to topic of sex. We felt that they will eventually learn it through their science class. We take for granted that they will learn it in time.

      It may also be the emotional side of it. Maybe they feel that their boyfriend is their ‘forever’ and does not have the heart to lose him. Also, it is their way of showing their love for their man.

      Sadly, the percentage of teenage pregnancy is soaring high.

    4. I think we can all blame TV and these young kids pretty much selling sex.


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