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Where to get Alcohol in Bangladesh

Generally, Bangladeshi people are not fond of alcohol. But, some tribal nations like Garo, Chakma, etc. drink their own crafted alcohol. It calls ‘Deshi Mod’ (local alcohol) and rarely found in the areas of these tribes. In the modern localities of the townships in Dhaka and other big cities of country, all brands of foreign alcohol, cocktails, fruit juice are available. So, foreign tourist need not worry about thinking where to drink in Dhaka city. In the present time, most of the Dhaka hotel offer bar service at their own properties. At the same building, there are bars in Dhaka hotels, requires a 5-minutes distance or its less. These hotel bars are as same as them are in the U.K or U.S. you’ll get same facilities, same quality drinks with cordial environment. The bars offer live music and other live events to complete satisfaction of the customers. These https://www.zentleman.com provide more than you expects.


Where to drink in Dhaka at the Safe Environment

Drinking alcohol in Dhaka city is the safest in the international clubs and high class luxury hotels in Dhaka. There are many Dhaka hotels are enterprising tourists with different drinks like beer, rum, vodka, champagne, wine, etc. You can find a fruit juice in case of non-alcoholic person. You have option to get bourbon, mixed fruit juice, cocktails and all other premium drinks in these Dhaka hotels bars. The mind blowing environment and the surroundings will make you rocked. So, you should not look for the place where to drink in Dhaka along with the safest environment. Moreover, some drinks are comparatively lower in prices than some other countries. You can check the prices of different hard drinks in this site: www.zentleman.com.


Nearest bar in Dhaka City

Among the so many hotel bars you must look for the nearest bar in Dhaka city. Some of the Dhaka hotels are situated near Dhaka air port. You can book these Dhaka hotels near airport and these hotels present bar facilities. So, if you stay in these hotels, you need not to look for nearest bar. You’re already in the property where the bars are included. If you’re a business visitor of the Motijheel Commercial Area, so you have huge quantities of hotels to choose from. There is a famous hotel bar name Gentleman Bar at the nearest of the area. This hotel bar is one of the finest reproductions of the hotel 71. Its premium and global brand drink collection, well furnished and well-equipped arrangements are real and amazing.

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