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When You Don’t Know Your Mind has been ‘Poisoned’

A particular lady was very important.  She was highly respected and her attendance was virtually demanded at many prestigious functions.

The shock of this story was when someone who was quite impressed with this lady happened to meet her children.

The children were grown and none of them was anything.   They were totally ignorable failures.

When the someone realised who they were and began to gush about their mother, they showed nauseous faces.   To them, their mother was nothing.  Nobody.

They didn’t like their mother, they weren’t interested in her, and yet none of them could really say anything about her that would explain it.

The puzzle continued until the Lady explained how, when they were growing up, the father’s sister poisoned their minds against their mother.   The Aunt despised the Mother and told the children many untruths and twisted facts, so that at a very young age they were turned against their mother.

Nothing the Lady could do through out their lives moved her children from their dislike and she gave up when they were in their late teens and went on with her life and left them to flop through theirs.

This is not an unusual story, for sharing it one evening, I heard a very similar tale.

A woman had married, had two sons, then divorced.   To avoid having a custody battle the sons were sent to his mother who had some property and could afford to give them the best while they worked out their lives.

After all, a divorce is rather traumatic for young children, and stability is important, and the parents thought they were doing the right thing.

Subsequently both the ex husband and the ex wife married others and had children with their 2nd spouse.

Although both of them, that is the mother and father, tried, at different times to take the children, the grand mother put up a barrier and so, they went on with their lives.

Now the 2nd relationships were more successful, and the child the mother had with husband two got everything, went every where, had a fine life.

When she was about nine she met her brothers for the first time, and then, when she was sixteen she went to visit them.

The boys worked hard to poison that little girl against her mother and succeeded. The daughter was never the same, and for the next twenty years was virtually anti Mama.

She had no reason to resent her mother, she’d grown with her, she’d had a fine life, but, her half brothers put every atom of their being into pretending they liked her only to distort her perceptions so that her relationship with her mother was spoiled.

The sons, resenting the fact that the half sister ‘had’ their mother did all they could to ruin the relationship, and took joy in it.   The half sister never realised she was a pawn.

If she woke up one morning and was able to unravel all the tricks and lies that her half brothers had told her, she could have a wonderful relationship with her mother.

But, when your mind is poisoned there is rarely a cure.

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