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What interesting topic do you think is acceptable?
March 17, 2017


Before I sign up on this site, I kept asking the question “what is there to write about?”.  I felt that almost all topics have already been written on the internet. I am scared that my topic will be accused of as a plagiarized one.

But on the other hand, since nobody knows me than myself, I can write about my life, my family, my friend, my aspiration and anything about things that concerns me. These are the topics that I cannot be accused of plagiarism for it is entirely my own.

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The only problem now is, how do I start?

Every time I do the dishes, gardening, and some household chores, I kept on thinking of topics I will be submitting. Every time I think of topic to discuss, I right away compose it and save it on the Microsoft Word. That way, all I have to do is “copy paste” it for submission. I plan to write at least one 300-word article a day.

The username I use on this site is “ilovelife913”, coz I really do love life. I enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe because the people & the place that surround me are the things I love the most. My husband, my children and living in a place I called “paradise” is what is important.

So, I think I will write a little about this beautiful place as my submission piece for today. This place is a 6-hour drive from the Metropolis. It is such a small place with a population of around 20,000 people. People are so friendly. It has a handful of beach resorts which is filled up to the rim during the holiday season. This place is surrounded by mountains on the east side and by beaches on the west side. Viewing sunset on the horizon is sight to behold. Maybe in the future, I will write some more about this place I called PARADISE.

How about you? How long does it take you to compose a 300-word article? Is it easy or difficult for you?


Image courtesy of Ben Banares

    1. It is also my problem. I could not think of topics to write. I had some fears like it will not get replies; or members will not be interested to read. Though, reading other members’ posts, I am encouraged to write.

      Is your “paradise” north or south of Metro Manila? I think it is somewhere in Pangasinan or Baler?

      • My place is in Candelaria, Zambales, where Potipot Island is located, the “little Boracay” of the north. I hope you could visit our place in the near future.

        I am so happy that people like you comments on topics like this one. You and others like you, are my idol in helping others, too, to comment on topics they have written, and at the same time, it up my earnings too hehehe

        • Thanks Ruby. I really love to travel whenever I could. I had not been to Zambales, only up to Olongapo when I was working with an NGO and we visited
          Subic when the US Navy forces pulled out from there. I wish I can go to your “paradise.” I love the sea so much.

          Yes, interaction is a must in blogsites like this. It will make the site lively and both of us earn from it! ha ha ha!

    2. i guess all the posts and life things are interesting and if not interested one person sure it will intersest other people, we are fiddderent and sure thare are people that share what yo like like gym, painting, shoping, sweimming, travel and much more things that may interst some people but dont unterest teh other, and sure the other do get some valubale things that make them excited and there are lots of people do have that same valubale thing, that range froma movie to a play to a book to anythings that make humans get along and communicate since we cant really communicate in good way if people dont have things that they share, yea

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