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want to learn how to cook here how
March 19, 2017

you want to learn how to cook here are some ways to learn how to cook one read a book it a slow way. The best way to learn how to cook is to take a cooking class at one of the local school. This can help you a lot if you want to cook and enjoy it. Now you say you do not have the money to take a class . Well here on line there are other way to learn how to cook
how ? You tube is one of the best way to learn how to cook if you can not afford a cooking class. other way to learn how to cook is to become a shawdo. What do I mean by being a shadow? This is what you do get hold of a personal chef who works in people homes
this can be better way save you money and the personal chef will not have to pay you .Why you ask? since it going be kind of like a class he be doing the teaching and you will be doing some work this save the personal chef money and you save money to. Some personal chef are very good cooks . Here other way to learn how to cook ask a friend if they have or know some one who can teach you how to cook.This can be fun and rewarding if a friend can teach you how to cook. for me most of ladies I dated can not cook no joke I had only like three that knew how to cook. any way I think guys make better cooks what do you think are guys better cook I say yes . Look at all those male chef out there that have their own TV show like night mare kitchen or some other cooking shows

    1. Yes, I wonder why most chefs on TV are males, but females are also good cooks, and they are the ones who are usually cooking at homes.

    2. Not that much any more I know more guys
      cooking for their wife because most of them
      can not cook . Then there some ladies that
      lazy they do nothing I know 2 guys that have
      to gas the car for their wife no joke if they are at
      work the lady has her brother gas up the car
      now back to tv there one lady who has a tv
      show rachel ray she has a good show

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