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vegetarian Recipe: Brown Rice with Chestnuts
July 25, 2016
brown rice 2-recipephoto taken by peachpurple
brown rice

Brown rice with Chestnut original photo by peachpurple

Copyright by peachpurple


Brown rice has became the main course meal for my parents since  my dad had high blood pressure and mom had stroke plus diabetesType 2.


In the past, we used to consume white rice which was cheaper and  easier to prepare compare to brown rice.


However due to health reasons, my parents were advised by the

doctor-in-charged , to consume brown rice in order to reduce  other illness from occur.



What is Brown rice?

Brown rice is a type of grain that the outer husk is removed during milling,  leaving a nutritious, fibre rich coating of bran.

When you consume brown rice, you may find that it gives the chewy  texture, tasted like nuts, dry and very filling.

Brown rice hold greater value than white rice because it contains more  minerals and protein which is suitable for patients and elderly folks  who consume less.


The nutritious value

Brown rice coating contains:

  • Protein
  • Thiamine
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Iron
  • Calcium


How to store brown rice

Since brown rice coating has oils that can turn rancid quickly, it is best to  keep your rice in plastic container with a tight lid, away from heat and  sunlight.

My dad usually store his brown rice in a big plastic tub, under the sink  in the dry kitchen.

He said that brown rice doesn’t have pests problem as white rice do  have black tiny fleas ( we called them KUTU )


Disadvantages of Brown rice

My dad says:

  • A packet of brown rice cost 2x of white rice. This is one of the reason why fewer people would consider brown rice as a staple food.
  • Required more preparation time to soak and change the rice water. 
  • You have to soak brown rice a few hours before dumping it into the  rice cooker.
  • Brown rice requires 1 hour of cooking time. Unlike white rice,  you can opt for Quick Cook that shortens the cooking time to  20 min. You can’t do that to brown rice. It requires longer time  to cook and soften it.
  • Brown rice requires more water than white rice. Dad said it  requires 2 cups of water. He called it “Water sucking rice”
brown rice 2

Brown rice original photo taken by peachpurple


Advantages of brown rice

  1. Rich in Selenium- reduce cancer, heart disease, arthritis  ( my dad has irregular heart beat )
  2. Promote weight loss- helps my mum to keep her weight under  control since she has diabetes
  3. Prevent thicken arteries- prevent arteries plaque from building  up and lower cholesterol levels ( good for my dad )
  4. Prevent constipation – Brown rice contains high fibre, prevents  wastage from becoming hard and in big bulk. Helps my mom to  poop every 2 days. She had serious constipation up to 7 days!
  5. Sugar stabilizer- helps to slow down the sugar released into blood.  It is very suitable for diabetes patients and lower the sugar level in  blood. ( suitable for my diabetic mom)


Recipe for brown rice

Initially, my dad had difficulties in adjusting his and mom daily lifestyle  consuming brown rice. That is due to the reason that he had no idea  that you can mix brown rice with other ingredients that turn it into  a delicious meal.


Here is one of his favorite recipe which he fondly called it dump rice”  because all he did was dumped everything into the rice cooker and  press “COOKED” !

I called it Brown Rice with Chestnuts, sounds better , isn’t it?



  • 1 cup brown rice, wash as packet instruction
  • 1 cup pearl rice, wash and drain 2x
  • 300g shelled chestnuts
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt to taste


Method of cooking

  1. Wash brown rice as usual. Soak in water (2.5 cups of water)for  3 hours.
  2. Boil chestnuts in water without the shells,  for 2 min.
  3. Drain and remove the peels.
  4. Transfer brown rice with water, pearl rice, chestnuts, oil and  salt into the rice cooker.
  5. Press COOK and wait patiently.

Allow the brown rice to stay in the cooker for another 10 min before  serving.


I tried it and the verdict was AWESOME !


original Photos uploaded by peachpurple 

Recipe by my DADDY





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    1. This is a fantastic article, Peachy! I have pinned it and shared it on several networks. I also featured it on my Facebook author page 🙂

    2. @ruby3881/
      thanks very much Kyla!
      Thanks for your pins and sharing at your Facebook, I appreciated your help very much.

      I believe that brown rice is beneficial for patients for high blood pressure and diabetes.

      white rice don’t provide much minerals and vitamins as brown rice does.

      Furthermore, we are catching up age, we should eat wisely and moderately.
      Thanks again , cheers !

      • There is a very big problem with those who eat a lot of white carbohydrates – white bread, potato, white rice and pasta, etc. While these products tend to be inexpensive and filling, they have very few nutrients for the amount of calories they provide, and they move too quickly through the body. They tend to result in the “spare tire” of fat around the middle, a symptom which is linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other health concerns.

        It’s great that you are promoting people eating healthier, whole grain, brown rice. Many of us are not sure how to prepare it. And yes, as your father points out, it is more expensive. But for those who can afford it, the health benefits are priceless.

    3. @ruby3881/
      you are right, white rice and etc are not highly nutritious, that is why there are many people becoming obese with food, unhealthy food.

      Learning from my dad, I wanted to share with everyone about healthy food. It is good to know that people are trying to change for a better lifestyle and live longer.

      Thanks for everything

    4. Rice is our staple food. We have different varieties of rice-based on the manner on how it is grown. We have the “miracle rice”, the “Japanese rice”, the “mansanaya rice”, the “pilit rice” and many more. But as far as its palatability is concerned, colored rice is the best for the taste. I am referring to your post. This brown rice or we have even the purple rice is nutritious and it has the vital vitamins and minerals needed by a person.

      Your father is a good cook. For me, my mother is the best and my father just compliments my mother’s cooking skill. Now, they’re both gone. My wife knows best for me. She always prepares my favorite. She even tries to buy this brown rice. However, it is too scarce in our place. If there is, it is too costly as what you have said.

    5. @nakitakona13/
      really? So many colourful rice in your country?
      Here you can buy either brown rice or local rice or imported white rice, very rare to find long grain rice or other type of rice.

      Thanks for your compliments about my dad.
      My dad learned to cook after my mom had stroke. She became semi-paralyzed. So dad had to take care of the household.

      Now, he does everything as I do at home. Household chores, he cooks, clean, laundry, folding, gardening and taking care of the cats.

      My dad and I exchange our recipes too.

    6. I once bought brown rice just to test if it is palatable to us. I remember when I was a boy, only the poor buy brown rice. And so I cooked the brown rice… lo and behold, the taste is not really that good.

      The chestnuts in the rice was what attracted me to this post. I love chestnuts especially when it is mixed in saucy dishes. But that brown rice with chestnuts, hmm, let me think.

    7. It looks so yummy. If I am going to experiment like this, I will grate the chestnuts and sprinkled with some garnish in it. The sad part, chestnuts are not available in my country. If there is, it is totally out of the budget to purchase the chestnuts.

    8. Boiled rice is our staple diet. We only use basmati for pullao and biryani. Brown rice is loaded with goodness which the people of this world do not know. A combination of rice and chestnuts should taste good. We do not get chestnuts here.

    9. Wow i like the way you have categorized it and it sounds really interesting i have never been a fun of brown rice, but i think as we age we are all looking for ways and foods that are healthier. This is a nice way to make it look or sound delicious thanks for sharing i will also love to share the recipe with my mum.


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