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Update to Inkitt Issues and Their Site
December 29, 2017

Yesterday I wrote a post about my experience with Inkitt. While it was an honest explanation of my experience with them I was surprised to wake up this morning to an interesting email.

Over the summer I uploaded two stories to the Inkitt website for a promotion. The promotion was a payment of $15 for year story over 30k words. I was not paid for those stories which soured me to the site, but I left my stories up to see how readers might respond to them. I figured the nonpayment was an oversight somewhere or a technicality. Thus, other than a few emails back and forth I didn’t push the issue too heavily.

This morning I woke up to several emails. One was from Ali Albazaz, founder and CEO of Inkitt, stating that he had seen the post and dug into what happen. It was a polite email and explained this never should have happened. Apparently he’d gone over the emails with one of his colleagues and discovered my emails had been lost. There was also an email alerting me to money added to my PayPal. I’m impressed that he made this right so quickly and efficiently.

It gives the Inkitt company a boost in my respect and confidence. That said I’d like to give everyone a bit of information on the site.

Inkitt is not just a place writers can share their work and where readers can find some unknown talent. As I said it is also a publishing company. The staff at Inkitt pays attention to the well written and engaging stories. Stories they feel readers respond to best are offered a publishing contract, with professional editing and book cover. They also have a nice marketing plan in place to help spread the word.

They are more than that. Writers can find a number of contests on the Inkitt website. Many of these contests offer winners a publishing contract. Cash prizes are also available. Some of the contests do require an entry fee. The deadlines for contests are clearly outlined.

Over all the Inkitt website may not be for every writer, but they are a place for aspiring authors who don’t have time or the insane drive to deal with more traditional publishers. Yes, it gets harder and harder year by year to work out contract deals with traditional publishers.

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