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Tulips from Amsterdam a dream shattered
March 14, 2017

The song Tulips from Amsterdam

was my husband’s favourite song and tulips were my favourites among flowers that were grown in a forieng country,

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It was my dream to one day visit Amsterdam and visit  tulips fields and pose for a photograph and keep it as a memento.

That opportunity presented itself when we opted for a package tour of Europe.

The Europe package holiday included 7 countries  – UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Holland.

While most of what I wanted to see and experience became a memory it did not happen with Tulips.

The Travel Agents never mentioned about the season for Tulips would end by the time we landed in Amsterdam. I took it for granted that I would have one of my aspirations fulfilled but it was not to be.

We were late by just one week.

Tulips need to be harvested at the right time.  Even a day’s delay in harvesting would ruin the flowers leading to great loss to tulip growers.  How would anyone growing tulips know that there was an individual who had travelled all the way from India to be among the tulips and get photographed? That was my dream, my aspiration and not theirs.  Theirs was to earn from growing tulips.

The question was whether those travelling in that package even knew anything about tulips leave alone  wanting  to see fields of tulips unlike me whose main frustration was when the season was missed.  Many were more interested in buying diamonds and precious stones which I later learnt are available in Amsterdam.

I will not go back to Amsterdam but this disappointment will stay with me rest of my life.

Having said that looking back now at the entire Europe Tour I should not really think of this one little set back because there was enough for me to see and experience creating indelible memories


Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Holland_tulips.jpg

    1. That is sad though that the tulips time has ended before you arrived in Amsterdan. I suppose the tulips are one of the most sought for sight in AMsterdam.

      Tulips are imported also here when Valentine comes. It is so expensive. But for those rich lovers, they don’t mind as long as their sweetheart can also receive even just 3 tulips flowers. I think a bouquet would really cost a lot, that an ordinary and practical person like me would just choose to spend the big money to a very nice dinner, complete with a band.

      I have never actually seen a tulip flower. Only on pictures. My daughter always receive 3 tulips on Valentine’s day. During our time, we don’t have tulips yet.

      • Tulips are now grown in India in the cooler climate of Kashmir. It was a disappointment but the travel agents have to look to so many other things and not many would have been disappointed anyway

    2. It really can dampen one’s spirit if what you dreamed of is not what happened.

      The photo that accompany your article is so beautiful and breathtaking!

      You are also right that this should not ruin that European Trip you took due to the ineptness of the travel agent who arranged your tour.

      I had the chance to ‘visit’ Amsterdam, to change flight in going to England, but only in Schiphol Airport, around July of 1991, and they were selling Tulip bulbs in their souvenir shops there.

      Thank you for the very informative topic about tulips.

      I also wish that we can grow Tulips in our country, the Philippines.

    3. Wow, they look beautiful.

    4. it really spiritual thing to look at this breathhtaking photo, i like green trees but also flowers and roses are awesome thing to look at, topic is really good and shops here also full of good breathtaking flower, i like to grow this things in backyards but tulip is hard to take care of and wish to do learn it one day though, i like now jasmine its not easy to take care of it but its easier compare it to tulips, and beautiful and has good smell that reach in house too

      • I am glad you liked the photo. Atleast I got to see photos. Tulips do not grow everywhere. But we can be happy growing what grows easily.

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