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Tips For Single Women On Their First Date

For a woman, it is so difficult to be on a first date with a man. It is hard to adjust because some things might go wrong that will let her down in front of the man. And, as usual, some men are most of the time dense about things.

Below, I am going to discuss some of the DO’s and DONT’s of a woman when in the dating arena:

  • Be on time. It is necessary for your first date to give importance to your time. It is far better to do your “fashion” ahead of time. This attitude can impress a man. For the later dates, for sure you don’t want your man to wait for at least half an hour in the living room with your father, or with your sister, or with your roommate.
  • Always look straight to your date. Dates should be fun but it is important for women to always know what is going on both for her love life or for her safety. If the man is acting nervous, it’s up to the woman if he will calm him down or not. And if the man is somewhat suspicious, that will be the time that a woman gets alert to what should be the possible things that happen next or just end up the date. Always be aware of the situation but try to be as natural as possible and enjoy every moment.
  • Always be nice. A positive attitude is more likely to be done by a woman when on a date. Find all the interesting things that you like and tell him. Complement him with how he looks, about his clothes, or how great the date is going. Those things will put him calm and makes him feel worthy. It is good to appreciate your partner on a date and show him how you notice good things about him. However, never ever make a lie just to complement him with the things that are not really what it is. Don’t criticize the place where he takes you. Say for example the restaurant has a slow service. Don’t emphasize it, rather, take a look at the nice things about the restaurant like the great ambiance of it and tell him.
  • Never complain. This maybe is related to the third tip however, it can be explained further. It is good to tell your date that you are not comfortable or something is wrong but in a nice tone and in a positive phrase that doesn’t make him feel ridiculed.
  • Enjoy every moment. Enjoy your date. Dating is an event that gives you a chance to know of your possible man in life. Always have fun when you are on a date because if not, your date will kindly notice it and that might make him feel nervous. Be the real you and let him see it. It makes sense because you will see if he appreciate you of who you are, if he will like you, or if it will turn him off of you. Anyways, if he doesn’t like you, why not end up dating with him? It doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Show interest in things about him. Show interest in things that he wants you to see. Show interest in things that he is doing. If you really like the guy, give a hint that you will wait for his call. Or you can call him to say hello or talk about the date and say thank you for the wonderful time.
  • Be consistent with everything. Maintain the impression that you showed him. Accordingly, men are not fun of surprises unless they plan it. Though this doesn’t mean that you will not continually show the other side of you.

To sum it all just always be natural and be true to yourself. Don’t make things complicated by showing up things that are not real.

These will, however, opinionated tips and accordance to other people’s date experiences.  And these tips will hopefully help single women on their journey to a happy love life.

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    1. WOW! You said it all! Basically, we should be really aware, attentive, and keen observer to whom were going to met because its the first time you would laid eyes with that person to know the other side of him, which both interest you and to determine if you have something in common. I think be ourself and be real pretending not to be someone else just to get attention. Its more better in the first met that you know something about each other enjoying each other company with some chit chat to spice things a bit. And who knows? There would another date or so. It is really important thay you are comfortable with each to says something whats on your mind and you can talk anything everything under the sun that would be a superb dating experience ever to know that he or she is interested about the kind of person you are and how you are at ease with your date as if something connected between the two you. THATS SPARK! ;-P


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