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The Wonders of this Super Fruit or Golden berries
March 13, 2017
golden berries


I came upon this what they call super fruit when I posted pictures of wild flowers taken in our backyard in facebook.

golden berries pix 1

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A friend sent me this article thru personal message in facebook. I got curious and researched more on this.

golden berries pix 2

I told her that it is not the same plant. So I went to our backyard to look more closely to the plant I took a picture of. Luckily, our farm help was there cleaning the peanut plants. I showed him the photos of the golden berry and he told me that it was not the same as the plant I took a photo of.

He pointed me to another plant which is similar but with a bigger fruit inside the lantern-like fruit.

Lo and behold, the tree he pointed out to me was that of the golden fruit. I took a new photo of this super tree with a close up of its fruit. Now I have to wait for the fruit to ripen and see what is its color and the size of its fruit.

golden berries pix 3                golden berries

To know more about this so called super fruit, I searched the internet and found some interesting things about it.

Its fruit is similar in shape and structure to that of a small tomato. Since this fruit grows as a wild plant in our place, it is a menace to farmers, reason why it is being uprooted not knowing that there are health benefits we can get from it.

There is still no therapeutic claim for this, here are but some of the health benefits we can get from this super fruit/golden berries:

  • Ability to help lose weight;
  • Detoxification;
  • Blood sugar management;
  • Heart booster;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Help fight prostate and prevents stomach and colon cancer;
  • Source of Vitamin A, B, and C;
  • Great diuretic.

Maybe there are more benefits from this wonder fruit that has yet to be discovered.

But like me, this small but super fruit has been taken for granted until someone told me about its wonders.

Just like other things in our lives, almost everything is being taken for granted for and we will only realize its importance if we already lose it.


    1. I had seen plants like that before, but I did not know if it’s the exact plant like what you posted here. But it really looks the same. Yes,it is considered a weed, and we do not know that it has many health benefits.

      But how can one use it? Is it being cooked? Isn’t it poisonous or safe to eat?

      • i searched the internet and some countries really propagate it for business purposes. They dry the fruit like that of raisins or prunes.

        I tasted the green fruit, the one inside the one a took a picture of, and i am still alive, so i think that it is ok.

        I am still waiting for the fruits to ripen so i will know what is its taste.

        My husband will try to plant it to place that will not bother the rice plants.

        I will keep the update in the near future.

        thank you for your comment and questions.

    2. @Ruby Ate Rubs, this fruit is I think what we would pluck in the field and we pop it in our forehead. Though, we would pick it up in a shrub not a tree.

      If it isn’t that one we pop in our forehead, I certainly have seen this.

      Certainly, this fruit can be of great help for those who got sick with prostate cancer, like my father and father-in-law.

      I hope further studies could be done to validate its healthy claims.

      Indeed, some things are taken for granted. They only will realize that it is important, when it is gone already.

      So, where is Rodel here now Ate Rubs?

      • I think the one that you pop in your forehead is the other variety of this golden berry which has 3 very small fruit inside its lanter-like fruit.

        this golden berry has only one larger fruit inside. I think they already have a study about this fruit, but since i cannot copy what they wrote, for fear of being charged with plagiarism, I just mentioned some of its health benefits to tickle our sense of awareness.

        Regarding Rodel, I will follow up on him.

        Thanks for the invite to this site. although I think the pay is a little bit low, for a starter like me, I will charge it more to experience rather than the pay I can get from my submission of articles.

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