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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Free 9 Part Documentary Series
March 17, 2017

I just received a newsletter from Hay House Publishing Company about this 9 part documentary series. This documentary series will be available online for FREE, begins with episode 1 on 21 March 2017.


At first, I was not interested in this series, and even thought of just deleting the email. Cancer is not part of my concerns now and I am already overwhelmed by a lot of things I want to do, I might not have time to watch these documentary videos . I do not know why I still clicked on the link and checked out what it is about. There is a 4 minute introductory video about this series, and after watching it, I decided to sign up and want to learn more about cancer. This video series was produced by Ty Bollinger. He mentioned in the introductory video that his dad had died of cancer, and he wished he knew the answers to cure the cancer. I guess it is the part he mentioned about his dad and kids was touching, and I think it is good for me to learn more about it, and perhaps I can help someone in future or even myself with some knowledge I might be learning from this series later.


I have a friend who suffered from brain cancer died two years ago, at the age of 37. My sister’s mother in law is now going through treatments because of cancer. I do not know much about cancer, but I would prefer some natural healing remedies. I am glad to find out this series is talking about natural treatments of cancer:


He will talk about essential oils in episode 2, juicing and eating rainbow in episode 3, healing cancer with sound & light in episode 4, homeopathy and the power of emotions in episode 5, clean electricity, unique water, natural sunlight and combining superfoods in episode 7, micronutrient therapy in episode 8, and the rest are about cancer and also the stories of victory of the cancer conquerors.


After I have found out these, I want to learn more about the series. I think not only we can learn how to fight help cancer, we can also learn how to prevent or live harmoniously with the cancer cells, and these are what my husband and I have been talking about. We prefer to work on this if any of us really get cancer in future, rather than going through the chemotherapy or radiation therapy, though I have not really find out more about these treatments yet.


Each episode is more than an hour, and the first and last episode are about two hours. So, I guess I will have to allocate some time to watch these every day from 21 March onward. Even though I might not be able to watch all of them, I think I will still benefit from this. I believe there must be a reason that this series has been introduced to me, and I even clicked on the link to sign up.


If you are interested, you can watch the introductory video and find out more about this video series here: The Truth About Cancer


Image credit: Pixabay


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