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The Seas are Clean; Thanks for People’s Awareness
May 9, 2017

During my inter-island travel this past weekend, I noticed a big difference in the cleanliness of the seas, compared with the condition some years ago.

Took notice of this upon entering the roll-on-roll-off ship that will take us to the island of destination. The pier/port waters are clean; no litters, papers, plastics, or whatever garbage. The water is bluish-green, and you can see schools of small fishes swimming near the ship. They are a sight to see, as their silvery skin glares in the noonday sun. If the seawater is murky, you can hardly see those sea creatures!

Years ago, I took notice of a ship we boarded on, who dumped its garbage at the high seas. Their utility men/shipping personnel just hauled drums of garbage into the sea! I was so angry when I saw it, thinking that the shipping company did not know the ill effects of throwing garbage into the sea.

Plastics and other garbage will be eaten by sea creatures like fish, sea turtles, whales, etc. thinking that they are jellyfish or food for them. It can kill them, or it can entangle them rendering them unable to move well in the water. Plastics and other garbage also emit toxins which can be deadly to sea creatures, even to corals which serves as the nesting place for fishes.

Not only shipping personnel throws garbage during those times, but people living on the shorelines also dump garbage into the sea causing so much pollution and danger to marine life.

Those days are a negative thing of the past. Thanks there are sea patrollers both from the government and private organizations who keep watch to protect marine life. They also educate people on the importance of keeping the seas free from garbage and other pollutants because it is the source of food for man like fish and other sea creatures; even seaweeds which are the main source of food and other food ingredients.

The efforts paid off, no one throws garbage at the sea, and communities along the seas are now aware of the importance of keeping the sea clean because it gives them livelihood, from fishing to attracting tourists and local visitors. They could appreciate the beauty of our shores, seas, and give livelihood opportunities for the locals.

Aside from keeping the sea and other bodies of water clean, people living near them started planting mangroves which provides nesting ground for fish. It also protects the people living along coastal areas from strong currents during high tides or when there are storms.

People are now aware of the importance of helping protect and preserve the environment, especially our seas.

My photo of a seashore

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    1. Dina said on May 9, 2017

      Indeed, if all the people will be strictly prohibited of dumping or throwing any garbage at our bodies of water, then we will have beautiful places where we can enjoy and swim.

      Just like you, I feel so angry whenever I see some garbage on bodies of water and even along the roads. I would wish that those people would have their karma by doing those.

      Actually, this thing happens in the subdivision where I live. In the morning, we would just be surprised that somebody has left a sack of their garbage. Then at night, I would already see them scattered by the dogs.

      And that is because the town’s dumping ground has already been closed by DENR because it has no permit. And the mayor, was doing nothing until the situation was on national tv.

      He had all those garbages picked up by a dump truck which has stopped since the landfill was closed. But since it’s not everyday, some would still dump their garbage on the sides of the road and the dogs will scatter them. Grr!

      • Your local government should find a dumping site, or a landfill area which has the proper permits from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. And people should know how to segregate garbage from biodegradable and non-biodegradable which can be recycled. People with enough lots or spaces can dig a hole to make their own compost out of biodegradable waste like vegetable peels, etc. People should be disciplined so they won’t throw garbage anywhere.


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