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The Power of Admitting You Were Wrong
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Many of you don’t see the huge mountain of admitting mistake or taking blame.   But there are people who can never admit they were wrong.  Never accept responsibility.

Like little children, these adults blame every one and every thing for mistakes that are wholly their own.

People who can’t take responsibility for their own errors create a weak identity.  They are see themselves as helpless.   They blame every one else for their faults, and never see that they are undermining their own credibility and their own integrity.

I can think of a chap who, in his mid thirties, asked his Dad about investments and his Dad directed him to some person.   The Chap went to the person did a deal, lost his money, and blames his father.  That was ten years ago, and he still blames his father.

Just reading that, you know this chap is unable to take responsibility.  Anything that happens is beyond his control.  He has made himself helpless.

When a person can take the blame; “I was wrong.  I should not have invested in that scheme,”  the power surge that person will get is enormous.   It is saying; “I am the Captain of my Soul.”

The fact they erred is human.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Not everyone has the strength to admit the mistake is their own.

When you can admit you were wrong, this tips the ‘power’ in your favour.  You admit you are a complete person, in charge of yourself, making your own decisions.   You have endowed yourself with the ability to reason.

That you were wrong is part of a decision.

There is always a chance one can be wrong.   You reach a crossroads, should you take the right or left?  You turn right, you realise that you ought have turned left, you stop, turn around, go back and take the left.

You don’t curse the car, the people in the car, the signs, the sky, the tree at the side of the road.  You had the power to decide.  You exercised your power.

The fact is, people who can admit they were wrong are strong people.

    1. That is so treu. A adult person got a healthy brain. We all got a sence that tell us between right and wrong. We cant blame some-one else if we ask for their advise. No one held a gone to any-ones head and said you must do that! Where is this guys own judgement to know right from wrong?

    2. Nobody ever helps you carry the weight of your bad decisions and actions. You are solely responsible. Admitting you are wrong is very liberating. It lifts a huge burden you have been carrying all by yourself. That’s if you not only admit it, but you are genuinely sorry, you have no intentions of repeating your act, and you bend over backwards to try to fix anything broke when you screwed up!

      • The point is, if you make a mistake you say, I made it. Shows courage, strength. Many people don’t have it.

        • Totally agree with you. My point is some folks only admit it because they got caught! 🙂

          • Oh! That is a whole different Point! Yeah, you got the jelly all over your face, you admit eating the last jelly donut. Not much wiggle room there.

            • LOL. 😀 Yes. I speak from experience. I know all about the donuts. Mine have custard though. Not jelly. LOL. 🙂

          • A boy I know when into the supermarket, opened a box of jelly donuts, and was about to take a bite, when security grabbed him, his hand squeeze, the jelly got on his face.

    3. This is very true and in this complex world, its not easy to let go your ego and admit your own wrong doings.

      • To stand up and admit a mistake actually does boost your ego. You show your ability to take the repercussion instead of point to someone else.

    4. I agree with you. People who can strongly admit their errors are stronger than those trying to evade being “persecuted.” They are cowards. We love people who sacrifices being humiliated than those who try to pretend they are infallible.

    5. Very true. It takes courage for a person to admit his wrongdoing. Oftentimes, we would tell what we call “white lie” just to save our face from admitting it.

      However, even if we have told a white lie, we will still be bothered by our conscience for not speaking the truth or not admitting the lie that we have told.

      People who admits their wrongdoings are courageous and really honest people. They would rather face the ridicule, shame and punishment for telling the lie than be forever bothered by admitting a wrong done.

      And I can say that people who can do this are the people who really have God in their heart , soul and mind.

      • Some people are just cowards. And weak. They can never say… “I did this…” They can never take blame. They can blame everyone else for their failures.

    6. It would be nice if a person will admit their mistakes and move on. Others cannot accept the fact of being a failure of because of its mistakes. Personally speaking, I hate these people. A good confrontation with these people will determine how arrogant they are. Thus, it is useless to argue with them.

      There are times that they will blame others for committing mistakes. That’s the most coward thing to do. It happens and cannot be denied.

      • You have to stay away from those people, because they are bone cowards. If they can’t admit their own mistakes you can’t ever trust or rely on them.

    7. its lots really to say or admit you are wrong, it means you are in wise person humble and understand what human means, that was good post and really nice one thanks for sharing it with

    8. wow thats nice topic and good writen post, admiting your wrong of even say yoour sorry is great and means how open mind you are and how respectful and hamble to other people, its so nice if all that people do that and really it means so peaceful life if they are all do that, good for you and for the site

    9. Everything that happened in the past, happening currently in your life or will happen in the future are all attributed to you.

    10. It is tough but not impossible! There are some arrogant people who never take it easy as they always tend to stick to their point. But I think If we admit our mistakes, it would lead us to be perfect in near future.

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