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The Greatest Treasure You Can Find Is To Discover Peace Of Mind And Hard-work
April 21, 2017

Have Peace! The word peace is not enough to accomplish without action to make it happen in real. We can never blame those whose minds are always in trouble. Life is so risky and disastrous this time, that if you are not that strong enough, you may strike your head with a hammer to end your sufferings that almost become the partner of your life during younger years until this time in your adulthood. You feel it like crazy following you night and day. This kind of trouble that keeps on haunting and taunting you might derive from your parents break-up during your tender years leaving you and your young sister in disaster and pain of losing them and disaster of finding food to feed your two stomachs. I do not know about cases like this in real how the children victims of parent separation survived. Maybe these children born in a disgraceful life may have sought help to their neighbors or hanged themselves to death to end their partial struggles. If they survived they might be victims of abused, oh what a pity to those we always hear and see in TV children being abused by their own relatives. They are mostly orphans and others abandoned by their own parents.

Stop Cruelties. Those whose lives are miserable, divert that description for there is no misery if embrace total change of your lives. One cause of life’s misery is the taking of illegal drugs that lead your life to total destructions. No one can deny the fact of the after effect of drugs. That is a hidden mystery locked in the inside of you that makes you blind to see the beauty of the world and the beauty of having a family who always listens and loves you no matter how cruel you are to them sometimes because you gone astray. If you were triggered to take that illegal drug due to a problem, first and foremost define your problem and ask yourself if it is really a problem, if now, you just ruin your future with that culprit drugs. If troubled because you got no work, do not choose a wok what is important is there is money big or small to feed yourself and other who rely on you. If you are a jobless woman, swallow your pride, seek neighbors needing for a laundry woman and apply. We have a neighbor feeling hopeless for she was a widow at age 34. My family invited her to do the laundry at home once a week and she was also invited to wash clothes of our nearest neighbors. She washed clothes from Monday to Thursday house to house. We supplied her gloves and washing machine and so with others to protect her hands from soap corrosion.

Our widow neighbor has two young kids and they survive partially through laundry. She earns 3,000 pesos a week good enough for the three of them. I hope life will be kind to them when she grows old and her children are her hope. There is no problem that cannot be solved as long as you believe and follow what you believe. This kind alone gives her family peace. There is no perfect life; even the rich and wealthy cannot escape problems. Their problem is not money for they have surplus. In fact, we had a city politician, very rich and wealthy. When he lighted his cigar, he used 500 pesos ( $25) , he better had given that money to the needy, but that is sometimes or most of the time the rich do not understand the poor. The poor on the other hand, never aspires much money for they are afraid to manage big money. For them, it is enough to have something to eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner though not lavished foods, but they can satisfy their hunger and thirst. There is no other way to discover peace of mind, but acceptance and hard work rather than thinking of illegal and immoral ways that lead to total destruction of your life and your family .You will also lose friends for they feel ashamed of your deeds trafficking drugs to earn, to become a prostitute to sell the self for the sake of survival. Others turned prostitute, they feel no other means to feed their stomach. That is wrong my friends, right? Why resort to those illegal, immoral and shameful ways to earn money? Better sell non-life or life insurances there is a sure way to earn and survive.

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While teaching, I also licensed myself to become an insurance broker. I find it amusing and inspiring having plenty of money through hard work. I am teaching with a nice salary, but I am also selling fire insurance, life insurance, car insurance and even group personal life insurance. Try it to discover peace of mind. What disturbs and distorts your mind is money, right? The absence of money in your pocket is the start of life’s struggles and uncertainties where to find money for the foods, bills and other needs, very hard and crucial. One day last year while on board a passenger vehicle, someone asked me where to buy a refrigerator hehehe. I volunteered to accompany them to the appliance center whose manager was my former classmate in college. My former classmate was so overwhelmed to see me again but shock to hear that I became a sales agent hahaha. He did not know my versatile abilities selling insurance and teaching in a university. Instantly, I got a commission from those I accompanied in the appliance center. I received 3,000 pesos commission for a matter of two hours transactions. I usually request for early afternoon subjects load so I can have some hours in the day calling my clients to follow up their insurance renewals and new applications. This was my passive income when global crises did not hit the world. During global crises many banks merged, many pre-need companies closed, many banks closed, Wall Mart was down, American Insurance Company ( AIG) closed and this is the mother umbrella of all the insurance companies worldwide.

There is no other way to enjoy life but acceptance of realities .True assumption, when there is rich; there is poor and what makes you poor, YOU ARE LAZY and keep on blaming your fate instead of finding better ways to earn. To have peace of mind is great more than wealth, but no wealth, no peace, lols.

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    1. It is true, a person will not die of hunger if he flexes his muscles and find ways to earn a living; just like what that young widow you mentioned did. I also met people like that who tried every means to survive.

      I admire your patience and industry in having so many sources of income. Hard word really pays!

    2. That is true my dear hard work pays than no work at all.Abroad lie USA people there usually have 3 jobs, 4 jobs ours here in Philippines one job and as if like a rotten vegetable at the end of the day why because they do not have technique how to manage time and work.Like us, we have many sidelines hehehehehe work here , work there,LOLS.We are happy with what we are doing.

    3. There is no peace if money is not found in your pocket,lols. Money gives us peace and happiness.It is the source of all our needs so vital that without money life seems shaky and you feel restless and worries attack you now and then for fear if hunger strikes and no money to buy for foods.That is why to work harder is the best solution to avoid restless mood. Do not choose a work just work to have money for some needs. You may venture to a better work as soon as you have the capital to apply for a job anywhere you like. That is life by the way we a e to fight.

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