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Talking About Those Scam Emails
March 27, 2017

Although it has been mentioned on this site, these scam emails are on other sites as well.

Just the other day I received one from “Rose Smith.”

You probably got one here as well, although she is/was very busy on another site. As she/ he/ it is born stupid, didn’t bother to check to whom she/ he/ it was writing to and where that person is.   This sets off the fact that this  is a scam  highlighted, set off in quotes, boldfaced and in italics…. (this is to over play how obvious the fact she/he/it is running a scam).

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Let me be a bit bold.

If I lived in America or England maybe… maybe… the scam might have some value.  Maybe somehow I’d be so stupid as to fall for it… that is if I were in the habit of responding to people I don’t know.

One of the things you learn in Cyberspace (if you didn’t learn it at home)  is that you don’t talk to strangers.  You don’t know who they are, what they want.

Being on a writing site where you read this member’s work, this member reads your work, you comment on their work, they comment on yours. Maybe you send private messages.  Nothing screams ‘Scam’ as loud as a person you never saw before, who never posted or made a comment on a writing site, wanting to talk to you.


Further, as the email is one of those forms, which is sent to everyone without any deviation, the fool told me that she/he/it had ‘read my profile’.

What profile?

I do not share much information about myself.  Why?  I know the dangers.

There was a situation on a site some years ago, in which a woman had mentioned she attended a particular school.   Someone came on pretending to have attended that school.  I say ‘pretending’ because over time, the fact it was a scam was fully exposed.

If you don’t admit what city you come from, or one can’t be sure of your age or sex it is pretty hard to scam you by saying; “Didn’t you attend Alpha Academy?”


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