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Learning how to handle money is important. Most things in life start small. If we don’t learn something as a child, we are unlikely to learn it as an adult. Petty shoplifting can escalate into more serious things; not pointing out an error in our favor on a restaurant bill, using the office internet connection or phone line for non-business purposes, “borrowing” tools or supplies from our employer and forgetting to return them. Are these just minor matters?

How trustworthy are you?’ Jesus asks. He makes it clear that how we respond to larger responsibilities. People who can not handle money responsibly cannot be trusted to handle much more valuable things. Where does our heart lie? Jesus says that we cannot love God and money at the same level. (Luke 16:10-15)

Jesus Christ said to his disciples…

“Anyone who can be trusted in little matters can also be trusted in important matters. But anyone who is dishonest in little matters will be dishonest in important matters. If you cannot be trusted with this temporary wealth, who will trust you with true wealth? And if you cannot be trusted with what belongs to someone else, who will give you something that will be your own?

Truly, you cannot be the slave of two masters. You will like one more than the other or be more loyal to one than the other. You cannot serve God and money”

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The Pharisees really love money, so when they heard what Jesus said, they made fun of him. But Jesus said to them, “You are always making yourselves look good, but God sees what is in your heart. The things that most people think are important are worthless as far as God is concerned.”

We have to learn to take care of the little things that matters, especially that which concerns and belongs to another person.



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