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Progress and the Effective Methods are to Continue

When it seems as though there’s little progress there’s more than sights realize. Effectiveness has and will continue to occur. The “additions” are supplied because the additions are needed and are expected to produce. Similar to job descriptions persons must adhere to their duties. “Soon the many recommendations will be supplied proactively.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions have served as lessons. The invited are the ones willing to be apart of movement.

I’ve been declared to seek. Confirmed. “To seek and you shall find.” So many aren’t quite understanding exactly what the seek really means. You are to find what is designed to be found it”s apart of you. You you are on your documentation documentations. So many have denied that unwilling to allow that to proceed steadily but glory to God she is protected. God said so in scripture. ” “Although situations may seem as though there’s minimum prosperity there’s abundance unseen to their visions.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The toughest critics have tried to sabotage the progress but she is really, really, really needed. Instead of focusing on the word replacement the focus is on the word placement. My contributions have provided excelling. Allowing the “law” along is apart of the effectiveness process. Ones I haven’t invited seemed to invited themselves and no matter what’s said or directed towards me=Tanikka Paulk God has allowed by continuing. Amen!

The actions caused some form of setbacks but the right track has faced the adversities. They tried to push me=Tanikka paulk backwards but I’ve moved “upwards” and still have some movements. An example of the effectiveness is “advocating.” Advocacy will correct the injustices. “She=her is a peaceful fighting advocate.” (Tanikka Paulk). Designed, declared, ordained. The voices which yell profanities wanting to cease the vision to stop a visionary aren’t effective.

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The past takeover was allowed. Observed and my findings include the individuals as foes. Although so many have tried to remove my presence my movement was already declared. None are able to overpower God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. My determination is one of the reasons why I’m still on my pathway. The disruptions have increased my motivation to reach my desired destination. “The somewhere is now. Readiness to accomplish more. What was taken will be restored. Indeed.

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Effective Leadership Requires the Upmost Concentration
February 1, 2019

Have to concentrate because there’s so¬† many paths to complete. Leadership isn’t everyone’s path. A true leader will know when and how to solve some of the toughest problems. Reacting to every disagreement isn’t necessary. The ability “to function” and proceed confidently is apart of the skills required to be a leader. “A smile and a desire to proceed and accomplish building is what a true leader will want to do.” (Tanikka Paulk). Persons may disagree with the decisions made regarding some leaders.

I’ve been chosen but yet there’s so many un-acceoting individuals but there’s no need to be concerned. “One won’t stop being a leader just because some aren’t agreeing with the decision the “Government” has made. She continues and God has already chosen you to be.” (Tanikka Paulk). My confirmation and confirmations have been revealed so therefore I’m continuing without fret. Leadership shouldn’t entail the foolishness in which persons worldwide have witnessed.

If individuals want to confront the their concerns then they may but there’s no desire to cease my mission. No matter what’s said I’m going to move the way I see fit. Meaning I’m going to use my own judgement and proceed according to what I’ve “acquired.” What I’ve learned and the skills I’ve obtained. The objectives will be accomplished what’s written some haven’t figured out yet. Too many are thinking that I’m a pushover but they’re mistaken.

Firmness is what is instilled although it may appear as though I’m soft. I’m tough. Made to conquer and love will conquer. “Conquers.” So many have caused their own distress by trying to overturn what the Government has decided. “I’m chucking because they’re unaware of the many unseen moves and that’s best because there’s more progress when they’re unaware of the moves.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Effectiveness is right here. The unifying has occurred and will continue to occur. I’ve already demonstrated the know how’s. If they’re unwilling to accept then there’s groups willing to accept. Movements will occur anyway. Qualified leadership will help build a nation. Building is what one is doing right now. I have no interest in trying to tear down my country. I’m refusing to connect to the individuals trying to tear my dreams apart.

Proceeding is best and that’s what I’m doing right now. There’s been a lot of chatter but there’s also progress. What I’m experiencing are tests and so far I’ve gained and regained the proper “knowledge” in order to incur further effectiveness. “Experience is more than an instructor is a achiever.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Scripture helps to adjust yo the matters in which some need my immediate attention and some don’t. “Proceeding.”

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I can say What Needs to be Said Bluntly
January 16, 2019

Sometimes we’ll have to speak firmly. Saying what is meant to be heard. Individuals seems as though they’re unable to understand to comprehend what is being said will make “the difference.” There’s mounts of misunderstandings. Some haven’t understood the “progressive” movements. To speak about what is to occur or what has occurred again and again could cause fatigue. Some may say, “why bother?” a question To be patient when there’s so much chaotic experiences certainly is a virtue. I’ve been misjudged and oh yes indeed there’s been plenty said about me=Tanikka Paulk which is also about you=Tanikka Paulk.

The uphill battles and the noisemakers wanting to disconnect what they would have difficulties succeeding at. My purpose was already “declared” and no matter how many times they’ve tried to disconnect my movements there’s continuing anyway. I’ve already gathered my thoughts and prayed that’s why I’m focused and moving ahead. Progress certainly needs to be made. The words spoken have shocked and caused some to frown. Concerned about what the hecklers have to say. No! notation: a statement a bold statement.

Focusing is what should occur because there’s so many goals which need to be achieved. I’m purposed and is called to move in the set direction despite what some may think. Moving somewhere and I’m somewhere right now. They’ve been told and there’s no need to repeat again and again what I’ve already “stated.” Possibly in letter form or digitally. There are many views directed at me=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what they’ve said or continue to say I refuse to become their puppet. She isn’t intimidated.

The reasons were already addressed. I’ve overcame and fought many battles in which some wouldn’t dare to put on the armor in order to become victorious. “What I’ve already accomplished has surprised most but what’s to come will “be just: as surprising.” (Tanikka Paulk). Yes it seems as though I’m the toughest competition. The actions have demonstrated such. There’s proof that I’ve spoken, speak, and communicate. I’m blessed although some seem to think that they’ve destroyed my purpose. They’re mistaken. “Highly favored and glorified. God said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Analyze this. She is this and that=Tanikka Paulk. Proven the challenges are a great indication that I’m what God has addressed in “scripture.” At my own finger tips. That’s why it’s better to be apart of quietness until the finalized moves are made. Think before reacting some have thought or perhaps perceived me=Tanikka Paulk as weak but I’m strong and stronger than I was yesterday.

Beautified, justly, concreate. I’ve formed my way to where I’m to navigate to. Already made more than a difference. Adjustments were made in order to communicate what needed to be communicated and where the messaging needed to be delivered to. My “movements” are important because there’s so many continuing to follow my every move. Watching, listening to my voice, and exclaimed that they’ve followed. “Some of my words are protected just a single word is analyzed and some have tried to dissect the words spoken but glory to the continuous unifying of further greatness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Eyes are and Will Continue to see What Needs to be Seen
January 14, 2019

Everyday there’s the battle of what? The battle seems to be what I’ve became. The competitors aren’t recognizing what is actually so. No matter what they’ve been told some haven’t connected the dots. There’s problems to be solved and the “solutions” are just around the corner. To find the most effective solutions the thinking needs to occur. The time to find the facts, to analyze, to incur. The constant back and fourth but there’s no need to speak about what shall occur in the next few months.

What they’ve perceived they are incorrect. Why should I explain every detail of what is to occur? No. Refused to be persons puppet. If they’ve perceived me=Tanikka Paulk to be a pushover they’re wrong. There’s no way that I’m going to accept that I’m who they’ve tried to place me=Tanikka Paulk as. Are they suppose to be within my technology? No. They’ve invaded and I haven’t “extended” an invitation to the individuals who are constantly trying to chase my dreams away. Continuing because I want to.

They’re unable to accept the reasons why or unable to accept the decisions made. To live a dream or dreams certainly entails bravery one will need to focus on the pathway. “What has the actions caused and how will the chosen face the many obstacles?” Firmly, cautiously, objectively. The proof that my journey is important is the actions. Th4e many clicks after I’ve supplied some “information” the proof that I Tanikka Paulk am a victim. Breached is proven when they’re clicking the entire world can see that as I;m typing in the information I’m unable to click or underline words or names.

Using my noggin. Witnessed the clicks inside my files and other online areas. Sought after and way too important to the individuals to be forgotten. I can smile because I’m aware that I’m victorious. Victory is when good deeds are performed and despite what they’ve said God already knows me=Tanikka Paulk. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m able to choose, pick, decide. The freedom to do what some are unable to do.

There’s mounts of fruitfulness. Abilities, skills, trainable movements. Unified, unifying, and supplying. The data has been stored untouched waiting to be viewed. My eyes have seen what most haven’t thought to see. Cautious and have noticed what they may have perceived as getting by. Focused and awaiting what is to come. Soon enough the necessary tasks will “be performed”.

Continuation of what some thought would be omitted. Additions have been -placed where need be. There’s more to be seen added and adding. The troubles are removed in order to continue progressively. Moves are made without individuals able to view every action. There’s a time for quietness. The revealing of every piece of data shouldn’t be revealed. Connected and continuing to unify the ones which shall along. Moving upwards because there’s still room to move upwardly.

An Extended Invitation to Tupac Shakur

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What’s to say About Good Competition

Ever witnessed groups trying to compete but seem to have difficulties trying to remove their competition from the competitive spectrum? There’s so many insisting that on competing and some have “demonstrated” they’re having difficulties trying to prove they’re number one. Too many chiefs too many wanting to gain the position wanting to become higher the best way to compete is to compete fairly. There’s too much to accomplish so therefore competing isn’t always on the agenda.

It seems as though I’m the most challenging competition. I’ve set to produce higher standards while showing my gifts others have confused my kindness. The more I’m challenged the more I’ll elevate. Sometimes there’s the fatigue and I’m in no mood to compete. Some competition will allow further accomplishments. There’s more growth incurred. “Some competitors project trickery and that’s why it’s important to be alert. Alertness is a very important key when the competition seems to be working very hard to disrupt their competition.” (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s so delightful that I’m able to proceed despite what the competitors are trying to cause. There’s room for elevation. Some I wouldn’t want to collaborate with or want on my team. It’s better that the proceeding continues in order to incur the finalization of “unified” solid effectiveness and progressive completeness. Too many seem to think that I’m their puppet. No. I was chosen my skills exist and can be proven. Proceeding is what I’m doing right now. To focus on the important objectives is what will occur.

Too may are involved in my purpose they’ve tried to disrupt but I’m simply moving ahead. “Effectiveness” is occurring because there’s productivity. Every movement demonstrates that achievements have occurred. The attitudes aren’t what I should be focusing on. My movements are continuing to be analyzed. What some have perceived they’re mistaken. Oh yes indeed I’ve allowed some corrections but I’m busy trying to accomplish my dreams.

So many have tried to take away my “vision.” I’m way too determined to allow the “individuals” to destroy my purpose. What some have tried to remove they’re unable to completely remove. My presence is still here. There’s the demonstrating, the showing of, the administrating. Goodness is what I’m about. No matter what’s said I’m going to continue to project what I’ve always projected and that’s love. I’m that=Tanikka Paulk and that’s stem from that. If they’re unable to understand then I’m unable to convince otherwise. There’s also the room to gain and regain more knowledge.

You you Good.

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The Information Data and the Sources
May 25, 2018

There are so many wanting to know what’s being said, the actions taken, the information stored. There has to be creative ways to keep information private. What some may think could be the opposite there are effective ways to store information and to keep the information safe. There must be safeguards that added protection. There seems to be a desire to know all. Too many want to know what’s occurring every minuet. How to keep the information safe? The best thing to do is to code. “The observations will suggest that there are many reasons why individuals will want the information and desire to remove the source holding loads of information.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There has to be important aspects within the realm of communication. What’s communicated can cause some to become unstable. They’re wanting to know where I’m headed and what’s being said. There are many perceptions are some are lost. The best way to deal with persons trying to obtain the information is to keep certain information hidden and to store “information” where persons are unable to retrieve the information. There could be a lot of ears listening to what’s being said. “There will be some angered by not receiving an invitation to join in on the matters.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Certain information can be kept many years and there are some information never revealed. If there’s any expectation to be active then there will need to be disconnections especially when there are persons trying to sabotage. If the information is meant to be revealed then the information will be revealed. Some are waiting to steal data collected for purposes which shouldn’t be revealed at least not to certain individuals. They’ve tried to cause removals in which their efforts were effortless. What will occur will be extremely effective. There is progress even when it “appears” as if there isn’t.

What is told doesn’t suggest that that’s what is. The communications can be heard and there are some listening to gain. There’s this data which they’ve tried to retrieve. There has to be hands some are hidden in plain sight. There are some resisting and causing disturbances. Warranted! There’s the pursuit of. Pursuit of what? Perhaps there’s no need to say what the pursuit entails. What I’ve discovered so many may want to get hold of. There are needs but there are desires to obtain what shouldn’t be transmitted to the individuals.

The unified group should continue to pursue. The others aren’t welcomed to receive the information because the information isn’t of their purpose. So many watching so therefore there has to be ways to lower the risk of leaking certain information. It appears as if the entire world is watching to see what will occur next. They want, need, and are confused about whom they’re trying to use. There are choices and I’m choosing to be “effective” and I’m in no way going to risk what shall occur because of the dismantles.

What will occur in the next up coming months? Wouldn’t they like to know. It will be stored where it will be stored. Timing is so important and what has been revealed so far could be confusing to most. Perhaps what they’ve perceived isn’t what was really shown. A keen eye (eyes) can focus on areas in which the normal vision can not see. There are corrective and incorrect eyes trying to view what is either in front or behind the scenes. “There’s so much competition and some are willing to risk their livelihoods because they’re overly competitive and are having difficulties watching the shine.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Best and Most Effective Ways to Deal With Problems

Every person will have to go through some form of adversity. No person will be without problems. There will be occasions when a problem may seem to linger on and on. There seems to be more problems committed by individuals trying to prevent what should occur. So how does one deal with so many problems at once? The best way to deal with the matters is to break down the problems in which are occurring. No matter how in depth a problem becomes there are effective solutions. One must seek the proper “solutions” and try to avoid too many stresses. Trying to deal with so many problems at once could cause a decline within a person’s health.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Problems at Hand

  1. Take the necessary breaks in order to gather thoughts.
  2. Think before trying to dissect the problems.
  3. Ask for assistance if needed.
  4. Rest in between dealing with the matters. Rest will allow a person to think more effectively.
  5. Believe that there are solutions even when it appears as though they’re far away.

Some are having difficulties dealing with the adversities. That’s why it’s best that there are periods when there’s pondering on the “positives.” If there is too much focus on the problems then insanity could occur. In order to avoid becoming fatigued while trying to find the proper solutions one would need to obtain proper rest and focus on other areas until the solutions are presented. There are so many continuing to think that they’re some fort of super hero, some refusing to rest while trying to find the best solutions to their problems, there should be positive thinking occurring.

Having to deal with so many problems can certainly cause fatigue. Sometimes persons create their own problems by refusing “to understand.” To have the ability to think properly is a blessing. It can be difficult to do so if the mind is focused on when the problems will be solved. There will be time needed in order to gain the solutions which can help with further movement. There should be focus on the areas in which can incur prosperity.

Some are skilled when dealing with numerous problems. There are some refusing to allow the problems to be solved because they’re refusing to be patient. There are ways to obtain peacefulness but there must be a decision to allow solitude to enter. Just listening to sounds of birds chirping can help create some peacefulness. Thinking, accepting, and finding are what’s needed to solve the problems. If one “just” allow the effectiveness to occur then they’ll find that living is better enjoyed.

Yes, it could be difficult to focus on certain matters due to incurring so many problems at one time. That’s why it’s best that there is enjoyment occurring so that the stress levels aren’t elevated. Some are still learning how to deal with certain problems. There are some continuing to worry about their problems. It’s better to refrain from worrying so that health issues won’t occur. “One” way to assist with solving the matters is to pray, Perhaps all won’t believe in prayer but reading what God says has helped in someway. “I’m a believer and will continue to pray and will continue to find the best ways to solve the problems.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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