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The Collection of my Poetry

The Thought of Moving Further

What is it to desire?

There appears to be the lost minds wondering when time will reveal the unseen

Whatever do they mean?

Where am I headed and what will occur?

There are some paying close attention to the directions

Soon enough what needs to be revealed shall be revealed

There are the inpatient ones

The visionaries continue to visualize

My eyes continue to view what some are unable to see

There is hope within my soul

There is a travel which should be

Prayers continue to occur there will be victory

There is the battle between here and there

How many truly truly care?

My arms are opened wide when the charmed arrive

The actions shall prevail

There is certainly many stories to tell


Poetic Pieces Written by: Tanikka Paulk 


The Breakthroughs are to be

There will be abundance and there shall be

There will be glorious happenings and visions of the great sea

There is focus upon the necessary

What shall be shall be

The minds try to figure out when and where the chosen will land

There was a Political man saying “Yes we Can”

The goals can continue and there should be more developments

Perhaps some have lived a dream or perhaps would love to live dreamly (made up word by: Tanikka Paulk).

Soon enough there will be the words spoken

There is still the favored chosen

My journey continues and the vision will move closer to the destination


To Live Freely

To live a life full of hope and to learn the best ways to cope

A mission which isn’t yet complete

There is movement within me=Tanikka Paulk

My walking, standing, paced moves aren’t understood by every being

There are some still wondering what I’m dreaming

My progress is to be appreciated

There is joyfulness and courage beyond measures

The caring, expressiveness, passionate guidance

There isn’t a fading here

There should be great cheers because there is progress

There will be walks unknown

There is the fulfillment of the mind

Here is time

My hopefulness lives within

To so many they think that I’ve actually been


Wouldn’t some want to know

There is the preparations to head there

How many actually are concerned about the movements to adhere to?

There is progressive steadiness and many generating what needs to occur

The doors are opened and closed

Where the journey will head next

Perhaps they’ll in tuned to know


To write poetry is what so many desire. To be able to achieve the expressiveness to jot down the words on paper or through technology is to live freely. There are ways to place the words meant to be seen by the world. Poets can be expressive in so many ways. I’ve been writing poetry for many years now. I’ve always wanted to be an expressive one. To be a writer can be exciting. There are many rewards to incur. A poet’s dream is to write the words which will be adored by the readers. “My journey continues to be apart of the expressiveness.” (Tanikka Paulk) There are many words spoken but there are words which need to be placed on a blank sheet of paper. There is the movement in which some seem to have misunderstood but there will continue to be words placed where some have dared to look.

Hi Hello I’m the Poet and There is the Expression Written  Right Here by: Tanikka Paulk

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially



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Sherlock Holmes, Plausible Arguments and Deceptive Dreams

In The Adventure of the  Blue Carbuncle Sherlock Holmes comes into possession of a hat. Although Holmes does not know the owner of the hat, he provides a convincing argument, and proves that this man is an intellectual.  Dr. Watson remains disconcerted and stupefied:


“Then, what clue could you have as to his identity?”

“Only  as much as we can deduce.”

“From  his hat?”


“ But you’re joking. What can you gather from this old battered felt?”

“Then, pray tell me what it is that you infer from this hat.”

“He picked it up and gazed at it in the peculiar introspective fashion which was characteristic of him. ‘It is perhaps less suggestive than it might have been,’ he remarked, ‘and yet there are a few inferences which are very distinct, and a few others which represent at least a strong balance of probability. That the man was highly intellectual is of course obvious upon the face of it, and also that he was fairly well-to-do within the last three years, although he has now fallen upon evil days.’” …

“I have no doubt that I am very stupid, but I must confess that I am unable to follow you. For example, how did you deduce that this man was intellectual?”

“For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It came right over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose. ‘It is a question of cubic capacity,’ said he; ‘a man with so large a brain must have something in it.’” …

“Your reasoning is certainly plausible.” (1).


Dr. Watson seemed satisfied with the answer from Holmes, but he really shouldn’t have been satisfied with him. Holmes did not actually provide the indisputable evidence that the hat belonged to an intellectual. Holmes merely offered Dr. Watson a convincing and plausible argument, just not a proof. Holmes’ argument is acceptable only as a deduction, but it lacks a fundamental element properly called verifiable proof, which provides authoritative confirmation of the truth-event.


Therefore, we must not be content with plausible arguments in our daily life, even if they are remarkably well structured. The situation merits closer examination, and we must demand that any assertion must be proven. So we can give credit to an argument only once we have the force of proof. It is only in this case that we will accept an argument as true. Otherwise, we do not have any reason to believe that an argument could be true, and we must refuse to endorse the conclusion. If we don’t have concrete evidence, we can conclude that the validity of some conclusions has not been established by any proof.


So we have very high probability of being misled.


The conclusion is of paramount importance. No argument can be absolutely convincing if it could not be supported by the evidence. Sherlock Holmes is a really good thinker, but our modern times need a different approach because the pseudo or false Sherlock Holmes of today are subtle and cunning.


Someone is always ready to sell you deceptive dreams.





1) “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”, in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by A. Conan Doyle, London, George Newnes Limited, 1892, pp. 159, 160-161.




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Certainly Most Certainly not Everyone’s Vision
December 12, 2017

Some persons simply do not understand that they’re not invited on a path to “purpose.” My purpose isn’t every person’s purpose. What was and is designed for a person doesn’t belong to all persons. No matter how many times such information is explained there are some who simply don’t understand. There may be a shout, “Not Invited,” meaning if there isn’t an invitation then stop trying to tag along. No person should want to tag along on a persons journey. We’re given talents of our own and gifts so why should we keep trying to come along on a journey which isn’t ours?

What is designed for one may not be designed for another. Persons continuously trying to sabotage growth and productivity will find that they’ll be blocked from all areas pertaining to a journey. Some just won’t understand or refuse to understand. There are some individuals who really don’t need to be anywhere near the path. It can be difficult to proceed when there’s so many keep trying to engage in off limit areas. Despite what’s said or done we should continue and if we’re suppose to cease then that’s what will occur. It’s pretty difficult to try to tear down what God has ordained.

Some aren’t even thinking clearly. They’r thoughts are towards trying to make sure that there are less pathways. Of course if we’re determined enough then we’ll be able to conquer whatever is set in our way. We’ll find out whose qualified to proceed along the path and the ones who think they’re qualified to come along could be mistaken. The Creativity was Given and my Creativity Isn’t all Persons Creativity.” (Tanikka Paulk).So many individuals continue to place more weight on a person or person trying to rise up! We’ll keep butting heads if there’s no understanding.

It’s amazing how so many refuse to think confidently. If they’re confident then they’ll stop trying to drag others down and live their own dreams. Some may claim to be inspired but are trying to disconnect one from the dreams, vision, and ideas. “Fairness is when we stop invading on a journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) There should be a decision to move in our own directions. To think that every person has traveled along side individuals while on their journey simply isn’t logical thinking. We’re unable to come along with every person and we shouldn’t even want to to. We should try to live our own dreams and stop being pull downs.

If they’re unwilling to understand that not all our welcome then they’ll find that there will be many adversities. It’s no different than the ‘Do not Disturb” sign. Allowing persons to get ahead will ensure that we’ll experience more prosperity. Due to so many not understanding we’ll notice a decline within their success. Moving away from what isn’t their path is a better choice. Keep trying to enter in areas in which there is no calling can result in persons being disconnected from what could have been glorious.

“The Journey is Similar to the Musical Notes Played on a Piano.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Dreams – the trips of our soul.

Dreams are one of the most mysterious phenomena of human life, closely related to reality. Our subconscious conveys in our dreams supposed events in certain forms, scenes, characters. The oldest scriptures – the Vedas – explain that dreams is kind of our hovering soul’s journey to adjacent parallel world, the opportunity to visit the desired corners of the Earth, or even other planets in our universe. It seems incredible, but dreaming in one moment we can find ourselves in farthest place of the world.

Memories of dreams are stored in the human subconscious, but sometimes it happens that they slip away to the consciousness level. There are people who have so called life’s dream. It is jammed into the consciousness that the emotional impact does not abandon whole life, disturb the peace or cause some mystery puzzle that cannot even explain. People react to dreamed images, encourages searching for meaning of dreams. In ancient times, dreams were one of the main signs that determine the behavior of people, when they needed to decide on some important issues.

It was believed in ancient Babylon that the good dreams are a sign of success and are sent by the gods, while bad dreams mean the disaster that demons bring. The Egyptians considered dreams as a message sent from God and to the dreams of Pharaohs were given special attention. They were distributed to the warnings of disaster or success, god’s requirements to perform certain actions and dreams as ritual results.

In fact, the approach to dreams varies. Some people consider the dreams as prophecies of the future. Others believe that they are meaningless. Still others believe that it is signs from which they can better understand the life situation and realize their potential. The fourth say that dreams are the bridge between life on earth and extraterrestrial worlds, where they can meet with the dead or divine beings.

At time of dream, everything what we have gained being awaked, is merged into one image, which can be clarified. Everyone can learn to understand the hidden meanings of dreams, create his own dreams book and separate prophetic dreams from negligible. Only need a lot of effort, patience and time.

We dream what have heard, seen or survived during the last day, what caused the troubles, disturbed natural human condition, as well as dreams showing human nature. They can be good or bad, but do not pay attention to them, because they will not materialize. Dreams, bringing the messages of the angels, saints and other divine beings, arising from sins or received for the merits when we live for others also are good or bad, but very soon they come true.

You should not pay attention to dreams that you dreamed during the day time, even if dreamed several times. They do not materialize. Dreams saw in the first half of the night up to midnight is fulfilled in the period of year. Later dreams will come true in shorter period. Awakening after a good dream in order that it might be fulfilled you should not sleep anymore. Dreamed a bad dream, on the contrary, it is necessary to fall asleep that it subconsciously would be covered by another dream, try to forget and not to tell anyone.

It is important to look beyond your dreams and believe in them without fanaticism. Anyhow, prophetic dream is not a final judgment, but only one of the possibilities of the future, which is always possible to turn into more favorable direction. Therefore, whatever we would not dream, our destiny is in our own hands!


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Do You Have Recurrent Dream? What Could it Mean?
April 2, 2017

Image credit: Pixabay.com Free Images, photo of a witch

Do you always dream of the same incident over and over? I do not know the meaning of dreams, but last night it happened again.

I always dream that I lost my handbag/shoulder bag. It was taken by some thief when I left it at a bench or in a room. The room setting was usually in the boarding house where I stayed when I was a student in college.

I felt so helpless; I was always so angry at the thief because it contained all my valuables; my money, my jewelry, cellphone, and other things.

Very Careful in Real Life

Being careful or keeping my belongings secured is one of my qualities in real life. I do not want people to just use my belongings; they should ask my permission before using or borrowing it. When we have a stay-in house helper, I made sure that she will not get my things, or any valuables at home. I always make an inventory of things whenever she leaves for a vacation to their province.

So I do not know why it was the reverse in dreams, I always lose my bag which I always left in a room or in a bench. It seemed I was so careless that I always lose my bag.

Dreaming of Battle with Bad Spirits

Another dream that always come in the past was that I was fighting with a bad spirit.It kept trying to catch me, so I fly so fast, it could not catch up. I do not know, I was flying in that dream! And in that “battle,” I always win over the bad spirit.

Upon waking up, I pray so I can no longer dream about bad spirits.

Then sometimes, I dream of departed relatives. Even the ones who were dead for so long ago. Sometimes it is my parents, sometimes my relatives. I thought they were asking for prayers. So I pray for their souls or light a candle for them when I go to church.

People who are studying about dreams could interpret its meaning. Some psychologists say that our brains are full of thoughts, so many of it, that it usually recur during sleep.

What do you think?

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Unlock your inner treasures, find your way and go for it.
March 27, 2017

I write for you, who have decided to pay attention to yourself and to create your days, unlock your inner treasures chests, and find your way and go for it. The one day, when you will turn to yourself, to your dreams and desires, better to find out that most of the things that you have dreamed of and wanted, have happened. With a smile you will remember the day when you were told that your dreams were unrealistic for you and better it is worth to live “like everyone else”. But you did not listen to this and changed this lie. You forgot it and took your decisions. You started to build your days. You unlocked your inner treasures chest and found your own way.

You really did it? Or not? If not, remember that it is not late to start. You can start today. For that you just have to know yourself, detect your true desires, to extract real values from the depths and strengthen your internal backbone. Although there are a lot of talk about importance of self-acceptance, the value of own path discovery, about the need to abandon imposed stereotypes and release individuality, but in reality very often instead of self-knowledge, discovery of own individuality occurs simple change of scenery, but the essence remains the same: we do not discover our uniqueness, but adapt to a certain template. We must continue to meet expectations and to live a role, even if outwardly it looks more attractive.

But do all this provide you happiness, do you feel an inner fullness, do you feel strongly in your decisions and choices? In most cases, we continue to remain similar to the slender shoots, which are easily violated by the views of others, by words said at not right time, by gaze caught suddenly or unwillingness to accept us.

Let’s strengthen your internal abutment, reveal your certainty, because your inner strength lies not in certain roles. Your power unfolds in your certainty.

By accepting the full truth about ourselves, we gain great strength and courage. The courage to be yourself, to live as you like, do what you want, to create, to love, and sometimes make a jokes. It emerge more freedom and spontaneity. And then life shines in different colors, begins to play with gentle bursts, spread the divine fragrance. And there emerge a lot of energy, which allows to move mountains and climb up to the impregnable peaks.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Is it easy to choose a profession and career?
March 22, 2017

Recently, I have read an article about the choices and not having courage to choose, about courage and fear, self-knowledge and unwillingness to go deeper into whom we really are. The main conclusion: we more love to imagine ourselves in the future exactly how us imagine others, and make decisions to move not to our own imagined path, but to already formed imagination of us by others eyes. I remember time when I more and more often asked myself who I want to be when will grow up. I also remember words of Seneca who said that we are our own choices.

Now I understand why we follow others images and wishes, after all, it is much easier to be average doctor nor a special librarian in a public’s eyes, even if we feel inexorable passion for whisper of the books sheets.

Therefore, I endlessly respect those people who have grown up as what they really are, and who understood the deep thought of Seneca and materialize it. Walk in career path with a sense of pleasure and passion, self fulfillment and joy. And if you do not feel like this, maybe it means that it is time to change your journey’s direction.

As a child I wanted to be an owner of dream factory, therefore we have grown up with my friends on the clouds of hay, played happily with dolls that by our dreams were getting alive, or at least we imagined they were getting alive.

It was especially difficult for me to decide what I want. Even now, after many years, I still have some doubts about the choices I made years ago. It seems there is lot of things I am interesting in and there will not be enough time to experience everything I want, as life for me seems too short for this.  But still this evening I wish many nice dreams for everyone who has courage to dream. Dream as much as you want and do everything what is needed to fulfill your dreams. Our dreams provide us right choice to find a life path for us.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Change your life now for better future.
March 22, 2017

Imagine that we close eyes and find ourselves after ten years. Where you are? Who is with you? What do you do? Do you work? How much you earn? Who is waiting for the evening? What the man you became? We live in a world where every day we choose something, and we are very responsible for what we choose and what will happen after that, and even more specifically, what is happening because of our choices.

Nevertheless, it is adults often gives weight to graduation exams and studies at a higher school, often I hear that if young man will not choose studies he will damage his life. Like there is no any other choice and will exists critical life’s period when you can choose a path.

Sooner or later, many are risking their daily routine to describe briefly, such as life goes quietly, and it is a signal that something needs to change. The more choices we have, the more anxiety arises and the harder it is to choose. It seems that in adults world on a daily basis we have so many options to choose that like paralyzed we choose no longer see any of them.

Then it is convenient to say that we swim in a boat of career, family, or just a life’s boat, which boarded a long time ago, and there is no question, if I could leave it. There is even no question, if I could at least for a short stop in any port and repaint faded ship’s sides. But we could.

If you already now want to change your future, you have to realize that the man who will wake up somewhere after ten years, will be you. Greek philosopher Plutarch even in the first century considered whether with the changes in the body, when dead cells are replaced by new, is changing man’s spirit also. Can it be that one morning you wake up a different person? Most people believe that no, and sign on pension contracts, insure property and having preventive examinations of health. We do things that are not important, and sometimes hinder, but may be necessary in the future. Who are you in the future? For most people, easier to imagine yourself in five than forty years. The easier to imagine, the easier it is to empathize and identify. The farther you look to the future, the more you tend less take care of yourself in this distant future as if it were another person. People differently strongly experience their identity’s continuity. Better decisions about their future take on precisely those who strongly identify with themselves in the future.

Usually most strive for what is important today, affairs of tomorrow postponing precisely for tomorrow. The future often overtakes us suddenly. On the other hand, many people have pretty clear plans for one year ahead. When preparing such plans, the main sober look at what you have now, and what you want to achieve in the future. Then can follow the placement of the steps required to achieve your objectives, foreseeing what will helps and what will be difficult. However, it may be that one day you will realize how many years have passed floating in everyday life: working meaningless work, watching TV, managing home chores or dealing with boring people.

The big things are giving meaning to life, such as parenting or great mastery of your knowledge and skills. These are the things to reach which are not enough a day or week. To implement the great dreams, we must consistently strive to and refuse many things. But in order to refuse pleasant things today, we have to know clear how it will be important tomorrow, in a year or a decade.

It is important to assess your situation to find where to move and what expectations can raise for the future. At this stage, it is important to honestly identify not only strengths but also weaknesses and desires.

One of the most common self-assessment challenges – human tendency to overestimate yourself. Most believe that their intellectual abilities, character traits, health status, even driving skills are better than the average citizen. This is one of the illusions of thinking. The worse you are doing something, the more difficult it is to notice and an adequate assess yourself. Thus, it makes sense to invite for a help reliable person with whom you can talk openly about both your current situation and about the plans.

Such self-evaluation can be an opportunity to weigh how many dreams and wishes really is yours, and how much are imposed on others: parents, friends and loved ones. The life and work, children, marriage, even diet or appearance – areas where relatives do not avoid to give advices on how would be better for you. However, the most satisfied with life are those who are placing their picture of life led by internal incentives, rather than imposed by environmental preferences.

It is hardly happiness if marriage, children, a prestigious job, or other so-called good life attributes are more environmental expectations of you than your real dream. Namely internal, rather than others imposed motives the strongest lead toward the goal. People who are burning inside by desire to achieve their target, tend to seek more coherent and stronger, they are easier to sacrifice present pleasures for the final result.

No matter how much you contemplate about the future, thoughts often remain only thoughts, and when you start to act, it fails not one plan which looked so great. Optimism is great. Optimists more exercise, eat healthier, easier to endure stressful situations. However, exaggerated optimism is not always in line with the attempts to define realistic plans for the future.

Fantasy draw images that when will come the right moment in the future, you will be quite different: better than you are now, you will be more accompanied by success. However, when this time comes, you are still the same: often lazy, delaying, and fallible and thus fear to go wrong.

You are not only tending to overestimate your capacity for success, but also tend to underestimate the success price. To avoid such traps of overestimation of your powers and price’s devaluation of dreams come true can help a real experience with people who have already achieved what you would like. People successfully achieved their goals, can share not only a great happiness, but also to tell about the difficulties, the challenges ahead of your dreams.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Prophetic dreams – to believe them or not?

It has long been believed that by the seen dreams people can predict the future. There were created numerous books of dreams, explaining the meaning of the dreams. The belief that there are prophetic dreams, occurred not from nothing, because in reality it has been repeated what has been seen in a dream, although the current science denies this, saying that there can’t be a prophetic dreams, that there are only random coincidences.

People approach to dreams are really various and different. Some argue that never dream, but really do not remember their dreams: this is due to certain, usually too rational, mental model. Other people dream, but are not used to pay attention, especially if their dreams are scattered, blank, black and white.

Women are interested in dreams more than men, they love to tell own dreams and pay attention to them, because they believe in their significance. They note that some dreams are exceptional, special. In one of the ancient texts is written, supposedly if the night vision is especially vivid, realistic, and you remember it after awakening to the last detail, it can come true. Modern psychologists, studying dreams, list the following special features of the dream:

– Long-lasting, bright view;

– Abundance of eloquent ambiguous characters abundance;

– A coherent story with a beginning and an end;

– Conversations with the dead ones, visits to hell or heaven;

– Supernatural sensations in a dream, such as levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, leaving the body, turning into animals;

– Intense excitement after awakening.

Prophetic dreams, apparently, belong to the extraordinary class. We are particularly concerned about those dreams which are warning us about the death of a close one, a bankruptcy or any other, not necessarily personal, trouble. But how to react after such a warning? How do we know whether this particular dream is prophetic? Here we are entering into the underground psychic zone, which the official science ignores. However, some brave ones still are trying to understand the phenomenon of clairvoyance, although move forward very slowly and detect more questions than answers.

They argue that intuition and clairvoyance are associated with the kind of some people’s mental sensitivity to the threat and attention to the future. The truth, some of us live in the past, others are worried about the present, and the thirds are more interested in the future.

One psychology professor, analyzed hundreds of fulfilled dreams, found that most of the dreams subjects take place the next day.

90 percent of their images are more realistic than symbolic, and most of the content – alerts about future threat or even mass disasters. Such dreams tend to recur several nights in a row or visit several times overnight. Women see them twice as likely as men.

Dreams give us information on what is worth to do in life, what we to change – it is needed properly decode them. We do not have to perceive a seen dream scene directly; every details need to be analyzed. A great help can be a books of the dreams.

However, there are dreams in which the encoded information is completely empty. The man himself has to select which information is relevant to him. For example, if a person wakes up from sleep in a cold sweat, such dreams have to be encrypted. But if there were no problems or something specific, you can really forget the dream, and there is no need to attack the books to look for answers. Only the man himself, having assessed his dream, can decide whether or not to go deeper into it.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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The Meaning of Lion in Your Dreams

I remember a very distinguished dream I had before. I was in a dark place. In my dreams, I know who I was with. I think we were a group of friends and we were having an excursion. We have a vehicle that I don’t remember and we all went out. While we were out, we were waiting for someone to arrive then there were a group of men came out. They are dress in a weird robe that is color brown. They look like a Buddhist. One lion appears and he seems harmless because when he appeared he stayed in his position.


Then a pack of Lions appeared. They started to run as fast toward us. I don’t know what to do. I turned on my back only to find out I was alone. I don’t know where my groups are. The lions circled me. I was like going to faint when bikers came out rescuing me. They are bikers, they are using the literal bike not the motorbike. I felt weak but I was holding tight to the man that rescued me. I don’t know what he looks like but he tried his best to rescue me.


Since that was the first time I encountered Lion and it is just a dream, I think more than a nightmare, to be honest, I started researching for the meaning. According to my research, when you had a lion appears in your dreams it represents the characteristic of a lion. It represents assertiveness, leadership, strength, courage, power and sometimes aggression. It also represents some threatening situation that is happening to you as of the moment.


I realized that the meaning is true. During that time that I got to dream about it, I have problems with my neighbors. They are the ones that are aggressive to me. The lions in my dreams represent them. People around me think they are superior when you decided not to engage in whatever they are hating on you. If they see that you are not affected by their anguish, they will do everything for you to feel it. They will try their best to give you a hint. They will never stop until you answer their accusations. I don’t feel like answering it because I am not guilty. I don’t have any idea of what they are saying. The insecurities are showing and I don’t want to stoop down to their levels just to defend myself. They are just a big waste of time.


That situation stops now. It never resolved because that issue has been with us even when we were still young. It is just when people hate you, they want you to feel it. I am not juvenile enough to entertain such negativity from the people who are just insecure about your life. It is not my fault if their life is miserable. I don’t want to get involved with people who are very shallow and reacting to petty things is out of my league. I do not even feel sorry for them. Whatever happened to their life, it is their fault, not mine.


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/lion-lion-cub-cat-big-cat-animal-1544990/

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