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The Collection of my Poetry

The Thought of Moving Further

What is it to desire?

There appears to be the lost minds wondering when time will reveal the unseen

Whatever do they mean?

Where am I headed and what will occur?

There are some paying close attention to the directions

Soon enough what needs to be revealed shall be revealed

There are the inpatient ones

The visionaries continue to visualize

My eyes continue to view what some are unable to see

There is hope within my soul

There is a travel which should be

Prayers continue to occur there will be victory

There is the battle between here and there

How many truly truly care?

My arms are opened wide when the charmed arrive

The actions shall prevail

There is certainly many stories to tell


Poetic Pieces Written by: Tanikka Paulk 


The Breakthroughs are to be

There will be abundance and there shall be

There will be glorious happenings and visions of the great sea

There is focus upon the necessary

What shall be shall be

The minds try to figure out when and where the chosen will land

There was a Political man saying “Yes we Can”

The goals can continue and there should be more developments

Perhaps some have lived a dream or perhaps would love to live dreamly (made up word by: Tanikka Paulk).

Soon enough there will be the words spoken

There is still the favored chosen

My journey continues and the vision will move closer to the destination


To Live Freely

To live a life full of hope and to learn the best ways to cope

A mission which isn’t yet complete

There is movement within me=Tanikka Paulk

My walking, standing, paced moves aren’t understood by every being

There are some still wondering what I’m dreaming

My progress is to be appreciated

There is joyfulness and courage beyond measures

The caring, expressiveness, passionate guidance

There isn’t a fading here

There should be great cheers because there is progress

There will be walks unknown

There is the fulfillment of the mind

Here is time

My hopefulness lives within

To so many they think that I’ve actually been


Wouldn’t some want to know

There is the preparations to head there

How many actually are concerned about the movements to adhere to?

There is progressive steadiness and many generating what needs to occur

The doors are opened and closed

Where the journey will head next

Perhaps they’ll in tuned to know


To write poetry is what so many desire. To be able to achieve the expressiveness to jot down the words on paper or through technology is to live freely. There are ways to place the words meant to be seen by the world. Poets can be expressive in so many ways. I’ve been writing poetry for many years now. I’ve always wanted to be an expressive one. To be a writer can be exciting. There are many rewards to incur. A poet’s dream is to write the words which will be adored by the readers. “My journey continues to be apart of the expressiveness.” (Tanikka Paulk) There are many words spoken but there are words which need to be placed on a blank sheet of paper. There is the movement in which some seem to have misunderstood but there will continue to be words placed where some have dared to look.

Hi Hello I’m the Poet and There is the Expression Written¬† Right Here by: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Is there more to your poem? If there is for some reason I can not read it and I would really like to read more as it touches home to me. As I feel and wonder the same things and it is refreshing to know that there is someone else out here who feels the same things that I feel.


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