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She is Their Toughest Competition

She has dealt with so much so far and there doesn’t seem to be any reasoning. The crowd continues to try to defeat her but she is powerful. Oh yes she is. What will occur next? What they’ve expected isn’t where she’ll head to next shouldn’t be revealed. There appears to be way too much competition. Competitors behave as if they’ve lost their minds. “Too much competition can cause persons to sink into insanity.” (Tanikka Paulk). Competitors are becoming desperate. They’re doing things in which they  would’ve done many years ago.

Some aren’t aware of the best approaches to handling the competition. The back and fourth disagreements and insanely behaviors seem to have caused some to forget about their dreams. A strong person will continue although some may bite their nails “just” thinking about how their competition operates. They’re ready to try and defeat their competitors. Steady motions from here to there. Thinking of the most effective strategies. “Every situation isn’t a competition. There is more to explore.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Most of my competition is females however the men compete differently. Some use tactics which will make one’s hair stand up. There should be more “consideration” towards ethical practices. Business ethics seem to have faded away. The insulting messages which some of the competitors seem to think will detour their competition. Having a tough skin is necessary because there’s some of the harshest competitors out there.

Most would probably burn out having to handle competitors trying to take down their competition. There seems to be so many against ethical practices. Some wanting to rip their competition apart. To think that their actions could cause declines within the business realm just makes my skin crawl. Witness the behaviors and some would probably run in the other direction. “Some competitors have really over stepped their competitions boundaries.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Perhaps trying to communicate effectively would help to lower the risk of competitors causing meltdowns. Some aren’t in tuned with reasoning. Businesses are failing because of the tactics competitors are using. “Some have sent me=Tanikka Paulk the most insane messages trying to cause disruptions. I’m remaining confident and have learned to dismiss what’s said most of the time.” by: Tanikka Paulk. The problems are learning experiences.

The best way to proceed and help the business grow is to keep the moves uncovered. Revealing too much gives the competitors the upper hand. Strategizing is the best approach. “Strategic methods should be utilized. Effectiveness is the answer and motivation is the key.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s the beginning and the ending. Competitors don’t need to know what their competition is doing at all times. Almost like a game of chess. There has to be a lot of thinking involved.

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Competitors are Trying to Beat Their Competition Down

Competitors becoming aggressive can really cause businesses to decline. The competition produces the decreases of time. To know how and when  to compete will help lower the losses. Some business owners seem to think that they’re always has to be some “form” of competition. A little competition is needed but too much can cause revenue losses in which no business owner can afford. Accountability is directed at the competitors. Some are addicted to competing. They’re overly competitive. There should be ethical practices when competing. The excelling of a business is what helps create a stabilized country or countries.

Too many are attacking their competition because they’re trying to get ahead of the competitors but they’re causing their “businesses” to suffer. There should be more focus on increasing instead of causing the decreases. Maintaining healthy business practices. Unethical practices occur when the competition tries to bring down their competitor of competitors. They may have feel inadequate. There are some who’ve violated their competition. They’ve either hacked or breached their competition trying to search to find what they’re competition is up to.

They have yet to discover that overly “competitive” behaviors can cause businesses to close completely. There really needs to be more focus on business instead of focusing on what their competitors are doing. “Good business practices will help a business and businesses rise above.” By: Tanikka Paulk.  What is the competition saying about their competition? There’s a lot said and there’s the aggressive actions in which the competition continues to project. Sometimes further action needs to be addressed because business owners suffer.

If they’re unwilling to reason then obtaining legal advice could possibly help business owners thrive. When the competition is disorderly then businesses suffer and the competition places risk on competitors and on themselves. Productivity occurs when there’s less focus on trying to battle with their competition. “There’s evidence that competitors are and have projected hatefulness examples include harassing their competition, sending insults, and hacking their devices and computers.

Most business owners would become frustrated when they’ve had to deal with the competitors. The focus shouldn’t be on what the competition has to say or do but what will help the business grow. How are the actions creating effectiveness? The actions has proven to cause declines within the business spectrum. Produce and know when to compete. Trying to cause many problems for the competition will cause businesses to fade out. Growth should be the key word. Excel, produce, “be productive.”

“My competitors aren’t searching for the right methods or business ethics in order to help their businesses grow.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Dangers When of Having to Deal With the Comeptitors

There will always be competition as long as mankind is here. There’s so much competition and so many aren’t even aware of how to compete properly. So many become overly aggressive when trying to compete with their competitors. Instead of focusing on elevating a business or brand the competitors are more focused on sabotaging their competition. “The Competitors Become Overly Aggressive and out of Control due to Wanting to not Only win but to Devour Their Competition.” By: Tanikka Paulk. It’s not easy when having to deal with aggressive competitors. They’re always searching for new ways to get their competition down.

How to Deal With the Comeptitors

The best thing to do is communicate in ways in which the competition can understand. Setting boundaries is necessary. If the competition projects threats, harassment, and continues to bully then the law may need to be involved. Consulting with lawyers is also helpful. For some lawsuits will need to be held against the competitors in order to find some solutions. Some fear their competition. Not all are willing to do what it takes in order to get their competition to back off. “No Person “Should Accept” Being Bullied by Their Competitors or Others.” By: Tanikka Paulk

For so many they’ve stopped conducting business due to being severely harassed by their competitors. No person should be forced out of their business. Learning how to deal with the competitors is of “great” importance. If not then there will be continuous problems from competitors. It’s better to learn just where the competition is coming from. They’re always thinking of ways to try and get next to their competition. No matter what area a person or persons are working in. They will always have to face their competitors.

Don’t be afraid of the competition. They’re will be some trying to intimidate constantly. The ones continuing to be aggressive should be contacted and asked to cease their aggressiveness if not then lawyers should be contacted and deal with the matters. Unfortunately so many continue to have to deal with their competition aggressive ways. Some may not know exactly how to deal with their competition but as business deals are put fourth they’ll learn. “Conducting” the business shouldn’t be consumed with having to deal with the insecurities from the competition.

A lot of businesses have failed because business owners were too focused on what their competition was doing. There should be more focus on elevating the business. No matter how many times competitors are told to stop harassing their competition. “The competitors” are unwilling to listen. They’re are some not considering how they’re causing more difficulties in their businesses. Too many end up taking long breaks because of fatigue from what they’re competition continues to do.

Some competitors not only threaten their competition but they’ll also go as far as to harm their competition. Some have tried to wipe their competition out completely because they’re unable to compete. No matter how long a person has been in “business,” they’ll continue to face what some may not want to face at all, the evilness in which their competition will display because they’re so upset about the advancement incurred by their competition.

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Be Extremely Careful When Dealing With Competitors

Of course there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s so many competitors who are like sharks or snakes. They’ll try their best to get their competition down. For some they’ve been caught off guard by their competition. Not knowing just what “strategies” they’ll use. Some may try to sabotage every single area their competition tries to advance in. A lot of the tactics used involve distracting their competition. Too many end up losing business deals and their business because of the underhanded tactics that their competitors decided to use.

There are some who continue to try and sabotage their competition. It’s very important that business owners find “the best” ways to stay connected and not lose their business or brand. So many have discovered that the very ones they’ve perceived to be great business partners or connections are the ones who may be like snakes. Yes, all areas of business will be filled with some form of competition, there are some areas in which the competition is like wild animals. Mainly using wolf instincts. They’re prowling looking to see just how they’re able to knock their competition down.

The ones who expect to elevate in anyway must continue to keep their eyes open. Don’t allow the competition to cause a cease in the business. Because there’s a lot of underhanded tactics used. The ones who have been conducting business for long periods of time will stop the competition in their tracks. Just observing will allow the person or persons to see which competitors are like wolves. Not all competition will try to sabotage a business or brand. The ones who out due their competition may try every sneaky tactic they can “think of.”

Even the ones who are close will engage in such behavior due to being overly competitive. They may choose sides thinking that the ones who are economically sound are the ones who are more developed. Not necessarily. The very ones they’ve “perceived” to be less skilled actually are the ones who are able to advance and the competition will become surprised when rising occurs. Be very careful because some aren’t really being friends. There are a lot of competitors who will pretend to be friends in order to help their business grow. Just pay attention.

Too many have fallen short because they’ve trusted the wrong individuals. Thinking that they’re connections are on the up and up! Not all will display friendly characteristics. There are some who are way too competitive to think about how other businesses need to grow. “The economy” is better off when more businesses grow. There are some who really do deserve to be completely cut off due the tactics being used. No business owner should have to tolerate dealing with the underhanded. If they’re not willing to be fair at all then there is no need to conduct business with the individuals at all.

“Look Close at the Tactics Being Used in Order to Make Sound Decisions.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“The One Which Stands out.” (paulk tanikka)

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The Best Ways to Deal With the Competitors

There’s no denying that competition exist and for some they’re in an uphill battle with competitors. The competitors aren’t like they were 5 or 10 years ago. Some are like wolves in sheep clothing. One may never know just where what their competition may be thinking. There are some who have “discovered” that their competition silently competed. Not revealing just how disturbed they were because of their competition leading in the world of business. Some just don’t understand just how business works.

So many may lose all thoughts because they’re so in tuned with competing. There isn’t anything wrong with competing just a little but some are “going” to the extreme. There are some who actually become so distorted that they’ll plan to sabotage their competition. Business is risky but when dealing with some of the most aggressive competitors. Doing business can become stressful. In order to remain sane there will need to be some solid strategies in place. Finding the best ways to compete with the competition is necessary.

It’s pretty difficult to conduct business when  there’s so many trying to cause a demise with a business. It’s best to either find a way to “communication” with the competition or if there’s no reasoning. Perhaps consider consulting with a legal advisor. Yes, some of the competition may need to hear from the legal professionals in order to cease their antics, if hiring a lawyer is necessary then doing so should occur.

No person wants their business to fail and some competitors end up sabotaging their own business because of their addiction to competing. Don’t feel bad when having to consult with the legal professionals. Unfortunately some competitors just don’t know when to stop pushing their competitions buttons. Some may discover later on that the ones who are perceived to be aggressive competition aren’t the ones and the ones who may seem to be in healthy competition may actually be sabotaging.

Communication With Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with communicating with the competition by doing so the pressure may be lowered. Sometimes competitors become overly anxious about beating their competition in business. Having a few conversations with the competition may ease their anxiety. Not all competitors are seeking to sabotage their competition. “The focus” should be on good customer service and sales increase. For some they’ve been use to competing most of their lives and may have difficulties removing the habits.

Remain focused no matter what the competition comes up with. If communicating isn’t what works then perhaps asking a third party to assist with the aggressive competitors. There should be solutions so that the businesses can grow. It’s not easy trying to keep any business afloat when there’s so much competition but any person who expects their “business” to prosper should do what’s necessary. The competition can certainly be a pain in the neck but if the right strategies and tools are utilized then the businesses can elevate.

“There are Effective Strategies That are Used to Unite With the Competitors.” By: T. Paulk (Photo Belongs to Tiki33).

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Business Trickery and the Hiccups

Business can be very tricky, there are all sorts of tactics used in business, some of the competitors are simply trying to cause disruption because they’re trying to knock their competition to the ground. “Competitors may use sorts of tricks in order to try to advance in the business world.” Of course some of the tactics used can also cause a business to fail. The tactics could even cause a business owner to end up in court. That’s why business owners should be in constant communication with lawyers just in case any issues arise.

Business isn’t always splendid when dealing with “different personalities” there can be a lot of problematic events. Not every business owner will know how to conduct business. Some may not use friendly communications and not doing so can cause a business to suffer a decline. If any business owner plans to keep their business up and rolling then they’ll want to stay clear of the tricksters. A lot of competitors are simply testing their competition. Some want to see how far they’re able to go with their competition.

Yes, any person who has is who had a business is quite aware of how rough the competitors can be. Some go through extreme measures in order to cause confusion in order to distract their competition. It’s unfortunate that so many feel the need to do so because if a brand, business, or product is up to par then there will be no need to engage in the trickery. Although there will be plenty of tricks projected. The focus shouldn’t cease. If the business owner expects their business “to prosper” then they’ll have to ignore the disruptions.

In order for the business or brand to grow there will need to be some tactics used. Of course the tactics should be appropriate for business and there should be ethical practices used. Too many become overly excited and start using unethical practices in order “to advance.” Of course it may appear as if the business or brand is prospering at first but eventually the tactics used will cause a business to suffer a decline. All one has to do is observe just how some continue to cause havoc for certain business owners. For some the actions are considered hating.

No business owner should neglect their customers or potential customers and if there is focus on what the competitors are doing then that’s exactly what will occur. Business owners should do what’s best for their business or not what others think the business owner should do. The disruptions may occur but there are many ways to prosper in business and other areas. “Don’t Allow the Behaviors of the Competitors to Cause a Decline in any Area. Doing Business can be Good.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

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Abnormal Behaviors Displayed in Competitors

Any area of Business isn’t easy and where there’s competition there could be danger. Some are overly competitive, always looking for a reason to get their competition down, there will be tricks and other tactics used to discredit or bash their competitions name. Some may use some of the most evil tactics in order to try and gain their competitions name, business, or work created. The ones who are “determined” to do so will try often to discredit their competition.

“My Business Which has My Name on it and the Invasions Will Watch me=Tanikka Paulk Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are some competitors who have put in lots of time trying to attack their competition. Competitiveness is dangerous. The lies told in order to gain whatever the competition has or will have is absolutely ridiculous. Some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is “multi-talented.” The ones with insecurities and a complex will become angry when their competition continuously proves they’re the producers of their work and the owners of their ideas.

For so many they’ve given up on their craft and business because of what competitors try to do their competition. Some should be arrested for their antics because some are and have committed crimes in order to gain whatever it is their competition has. It’s sad that some are on the brink of insanity because they’ll rather steal the work of another then to try to use their own “skills”. Business is risky but should any person have to constantly fight for their craft?

No matter how much “proof” is supplied some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is gifted. Some are so use to being in the spotlight and are now having a difficult time accepting they’re no longer in the position they were in many years ago. How does any business owner deal with such individuals? A whole lot of praying, the law, and lawyers. Eventually the competition may have their day in court or other consequences.

No person should be forced to hand over their work, to stop their ideas, or a dream. The competitors who continue on such a path will create their own insanity. Some may end up in the dumps because of their behavior. There are many competitors who actually need their competition but instead of “expressing” a need. The competitors will continuously harass their competition until the law intervenes or other interventions.

No matter what competitors are trying to do any person who wants to conduct business should do so. There’s a saying that says, “All Dogs Will Have Their day.” Meaning persons who continuously commit evil deeds will face consequences. Some may seem as if they’re unable to do any good. Perhaps the challenges they’ve faced but whatever the reasons are no person whether in business or not should tolerate such behavior.

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Business Competition and how Competitors try to Subtract

Oh yes indeed there’s lots of competition. Some have discovered just how far some are willing to go in order to compete in business. Some will try just about anything in order to stop their competition from getting ahead. Instead of trying to stop the competition perhaps they should consider trying to find ways to excel in their business. It’s so unfortunate when some competitors to all sorts of things in order to slow their competition down. “Some have risked their freedom” in order to knock their competition out of the race.

There’s a lot of ridiculous stories about how some competitors have tried to take down their competition. Business is already risky and having to deal with some irritating competition is like a torn in one’s side. Some are so annoying and never take a break from trying to irritate their competition. Some competitors are willing to steal from their competition. There certainly has to be “some precautions taken” in order to achieve. Never know what the competition is up to.

Some have risked losing their business because they’ve refused to back off their competition. Being overly competitive is dangerous. Every business and business owner will have competition. For some the competitors are as bad but for others. They’re continuously trying to not only keep their business afloat but are trying to keep every cent earned. Some competitors will go through accounts, information, and other areas which involve their competition which is illegal. There should be consequences for “their actions.”

If they’re searching for their competitions earnings and other information then there’s a possibility there’s a plan to steal what’s earned. Business owners must stay on alert because there’s some evil competitors out there waiting to steal every single earning occurred. Some constantly watch what comes through the business and if a business or business owner has “suffered breeches” then there could be thousands or millions watching to see what can be obtained.

Every business should have some form of protection in place in order to stay afloat. Competitors want to know just how and where they’re competition is earning. Some may go as far as to hinder or stop their competitions earnings in order to stop “advancement.” I’m aware of such things because I’m a victim of earnings being taken away, stopped, and having my identity stolen.  She’s a victim. Who? “Tanikka Paulk”

If a business owner has suffered a breech, their information has been stolen, and their information altered then there should be some contact with lawyers, law enforcement, and other agencies. No person should tolerate being victimized by any person and certainly not by their competition. What they’re seeking could land the individuals in prison even law enforcement if they’re not following the laws.

“Make Contact With the Appropriate Agencies and Take Precautions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Some Competitors use Bullying Tactics Against Their Competition

These days the competition is outrageous. Some of things some will do just to compete. Not understanding that the same old tactics just won’t work. Trying to get their competition down. All of the game playing and not only playing but bullying in order to win but what? For some it’s just about winning but others it’s about business. Trying to make a business grow and if silly methods work then that’s what business owners will use.

That’s why so many businesses end up being sued. Going too far. Even some athletes will go to far. Perhaps an athlete in Chicago. Playing like a little child. Not every competitor is willing to play and some will do what’s “necessary to protect” whatever it is needs protecting. Depending all the brand and business. A business owner should take their business seriously. However there’s a lot of businesses which have playtime.

Competitors shouldn’t harass their competition. Crossing the line can cause court dates to arise. Some competitors are childish and will go as far as they’re allowed. Causing all sorts of mayhem. Really annoying their competition. Some are use to getting away with causing problems for their competitors. Perhaps some are looking at the money the competition has and not looking at individuals as people.

That’s why it’s best to consult with a lawyer before situations arise. “If the competition is causing stress, harassment involved, and bullying then lawyers should be consulted.” Doesn’t matter if the competition has a name or not. There will always be some form of competition but competition has not leaped over to bullying.

The best thing to do is to continue making progress and if there’s a lot occurrences which are problematic then consulting with the professionals is best. Some are so use to getting their way they may not too many things seriously. Perhaps obtaining a protection order will stop “the competitors” from being overly aggressive. A stop to the bullying.

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What are Some Competing for?
November 12, 2016
Understanding 'False Memory Syndrome'_What are Some Competing for?

Some may not be aware as to why they’re competing. Some competition is healthy but too much competition can be quite stressful. Some will become obsessed with competing and become fatigued. Of course some may want their competitors to tire out so that they’ll be in the lead. There’s  some competitors who go way too far. Trying so hard to break their competition down. Not realizing that they’re putting themselves in compromising positions. The thoughts of competing is their main “focus.” Trying to elevate will require dismissing some of what goes on. We seem to get behind when we focus on what others are doing. Of course competition will continue to occur whether we compete or not.

Some end up losing out on a lot because they’re so focused on competing with others. There’s a lot of people who are so use to competing and refuse to stop competing even when they have other obligations. If competing causes distress then perhaps there needs to be a cease. It’s alright for others to encourage better but should refrain from causing declines in health in order to be first. Everyone won’t always win and although losing out on something doesn’t feel good. Going crazy to compete certainly makes no sense. Backing off may be the reasonable thing to do.

There’s some who try so hard because they’re really unable to compete. Although that doesn’t stop the individuals. Perhaps just knowing that they’re competing in some way creates some joy. As long as things don’t get out of hand then competing is simply alright.

Sometimes the competition is a way to distract the competitors from engaging in “elevation.” That’s something that occurs often. We can’t allow others to create a fall because they’re so competitive. So many end up giving up because of what they’re competitors have done. There’s ways to get around the craziness that competitors display.

If we focus on the path ahead and refuse to be dismissed by the conpetition then we’ll surely “succeed.” Let’s face it. There’s absolutely nothing that we can do about others competiting. We can certainly focus on the goals that we’ve set.

There’s been incidents where individuals have become injured because of their aggressive competitors. Yes, competing can sometimes become dangerous, some are just that obsessed. Their pride causes a rift so they’re on a mission to win a prize. Perhaps. Sometimes nothing at all. Just the idea of competing is their main objective. Pretty insane but some base their lives on winning. Just being able to succeed at something is good enough for some people. Some may even need to seek therapy because of their obsession with competing.

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