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Abnormal Behaviors Displayed in Competitors

Any area of Business isn’t easy and where there’s competition there could be danger. Some are overly competitive, always looking for a reason to get their competition down, there will be tricks and other tactics used to discredit or bash their competitions name. Some may use some of the most evil tactics in order to try and gain their competitions name, business, or work created. The ones who are “determined” to do so will try often to discredit their competition.

“My Business Which has My Name on it and the Invasions Will Watch me=Tanikka Paulk Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are some competitors who have put in lots of time trying to attack their competition. Competitiveness is dangerous. The lies told in order to gain whatever the competition has or will have is absolutely ridiculous. Some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is “multi-talented.” The ones with insecurities and a complex will become angry when their competition continuously proves they’re the producers of their work and the owners of their ideas.

For so many they’ve given up on their craft and business because of what competitors try to do their competition. Some should be arrested for their antics because some are and have committed crimes in order to gain whatever it is their competition has. It’s sad that some are on the brink of insanity because they’ll rather steal the work of another then to try to use their own “skills”. Business is risky but should any person have to constantly fight for their craft?

No matter how much “proof” is supplied some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is gifted. Some are so use to being in the spotlight and are now having a difficult time accepting they’re no longer in the position they were in many years ago. How does any business owner deal with such individuals? A whole lot of praying, the law, and lawyers. Eventually the competition may have their day in court or other consequences.

No person should be forced to hand over their work, to stop their ideas, or a dream. The competitors who continue on such a path will create their own insanity. Some may end up in the dumps because of their behavior. There are many competitors who actually need their competition but instead of “expressing” a need. The competitors will continuously harass their competition until the law intervenes or other interventions.

No matter what competitors are trying to do any person who wants to conduct business should do so. There’s a saying that says, “All Dogs Will Have Their day.” Meaning persons who continuously commit evil deeds will face consequences. Some may seem as if they’re unable to do any good. Perhaps the challenges they’ve faced but whatever the reasons are no person whether in business or not should tolerate such behavior.

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