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Reasoning Reasons and the Seasons
February 3, 2019

What a journey filled with the adversities but thankfully I still have my faith. I’m a believer and will continue to believe in my purpose no matter how many believe otherwise. Oh I’ve searched, explored, and also discovered. To be able to move steadily is such a blessing. I’m certainly dedicated to the dreams and others should be dedicated to their own dreams. “My journey consists of some of the most challenging experiences but my faithfulness remains. (Tanikka Paulk).

Imagine having to experience hatefulness the words in which overly critical people present. Although I’ve been a target and continues to be the target I’m truly blessed. The amazement to experience what I’ve experienced but yet continuing to move forward. I’ve been harassed enough to know that I’m more than average. God has declared my title to be “Greater.” Perhaps that’s why some insist they have a right to stump on my purpose. Perhaps dreamers shut their doors because they’ve had to come in contact with such individuals.

Making the efforts to move further will help demonstrate that you’re rightfully proceeding. Some are quite amazed that I’ve incurred as much as I have. Meaning that I’ve came a long way. I’m continuing to make the strides. “Persons should make the attempts to live their dreams and accomplish further.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s advancements in which some have tried to move backwards but my faith allows me=Tanikka Paulk to have the movements. I’m filled with joyfulness because I’ve read what God expects and what He has promised.

My purpose seemed to grab so many folks attention. They’ve wondered why I’ve been allowed to move accordingly. I’ve pondered about trying to find the best techniques in order to achieve my set goals. My moves are observed across the globe. I’ve learned to be more patient oh yes indeed patience is needed in order “to proceed abundantly.” So many tried to remove what God has promised me=Tanikka Paulk to have. Scripture reveals what God has expressed but yet so many try to omit what God has declared.

Unfairness has been experienced but I’m strong enough to withstand the many trials in which some wouldn’t dare to face. I’ve discovered more and have learned more so I’m thrilled. The accomplishments continue persons should really consider living their own dreams better than trying to hang on to a persons dream. Some have “underestimated” my path and found they’re unable to dissect my dreams in which they’ve many attempts. I’m headed somewhere just reading the Bible has alerted me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m uniquely defined.

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There is More to This Plan

What are they looking for? Some aren’t aware of what or where they should be headed. There is so much to accomplish but there has to be the agreements to form “completeness.” “Yeah oh yeah I’m still here in Miami still conducting business but in a way in which they’re unsure of.” (Tanikka Paulk). Some believe that there are secret meetings occurring oh! Where? Anyhow we’re conducting some form of business in which can help incur the revenue in which the U.S. needs and oh I Tanikka Paulk hasn’t forgotten about the other countries.

The plan does include equality. The equals of men and women. The unifying of a race, races, and nationalities. Inserted here are some of the female rappers which receive little attention. Remy Ma, Da Brat, Rah Digga. Rasheeda. Lil Mama. Unifying although there seems to be some confusion as to why certain events are occurring. Some have dismissed the voices “of lyrics” because they’ve introduced what is known as the overly competitive. The competition appears to spit fire.

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“The more the merrier, ready to achieve heights, there will be solutions. Yes really!” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to distract this journey but they’re unable to disrupt what has already been purposed. There will be some of the most strangest of connections. Some will be blown away because they’ve never expected such things to occur. Imagine connecting with some of the most popular “star strucker’s.” Too many have confused my purpose and invaded in my business. They’ve said this they’ve said that but the reality is I’m this and that. Oh yes she has proven such. It’s is about the what is isn’t about what they’ve said or will say.

The plan to achieve greater is and was ordained. Some are confused about “This.” Let me=Tanikka Paulk explain. Scripture states that that is given to This man wasn’t at the beginning but later on. So therefore the man is to wait to be given woman which is that and she is also that. The plan is to achieve “greater.” We’ve already achieved more although they’ve “inserted” zero’s which are merely transparent. The eyes can create the confusion but those who know know. Confusion occurs because they’re without understanding.

The mission is to reach the realest “freestyles” ever. They’re watching and waiting to see what the Beat Masters can produce. If there is to accomplish the set journey then there will be some selected to travel. There are the ones unprepared to face what will build what has been said to be an empire. They’ve missed their mark by trying to take down their hope. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve planned but there are a select few who have also planned in their own special way.

Indeed there will be develops in which they certainly haven’t expected. On my journey there is a person called “one” and she is her and she “resides” in Miami, Fl. Perhaps some are unfamiliar with the location but there will be more traveling to the location. Oh my plans are so in depth that there is no time to listen to the dissing. Nope! She is to prepare, perform, and produce not only one mission but missions. Reminder of the movie “Mission Impossible.” Searches, Retrievals, and Restoring. That’s where I’m headed.

“Want to know where I’m headed have to wait and see. There’s more to me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk part of my lyrics oh they’ve said freestyles but they’re more! Most of what is occurring meaning what is said is lyrical. The putting together of words which flow exceptionally. There are the Masters oh what? Some may confuse the word with slavery but the Masters meaning are that they can produce what others could only dream of. The plan is to build what some have “perceived” to be an empire but beyond what they’ve expressed.

Yes I’m still here but I’m headed somewhere and I’ve stated such many times haven’t I “Jadakiss?” Nas said “If I Ruled the World.” What is it in which if generates? There are some who’ve perceived their movements as being quicker but some think that they have to be wealthy in order to generate success. There are some who will put in more work and receive less until the time is right. They’ve tried to prevent, hinder, and confuse what will occur. Don’t confuse the word “if” There is the replacement of “will.” There is should, could, can. Alright Okay!

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Jesus said “go” and Jesus meant to go in peace meaning to be at peace. To go in the direction in which one or more must travel. Direction is to incur directions. The lyrical, political., analytical mind is she. Where will some of the selections be headed? That’s to find out but in time. “Timing is of great importance.” (Tanikka Paulk) There has to be a specific pace. Yes there will have to be some left behind because unfortunately there are some who aren’t equipped to more in the set direction. “Tanikka P. isn’t a controller but I’m a motivator, creator, rejuvenator. (Tanikka Paulk). They’ve though that I was below when they’ve refused to look up high and see the name above. There are the “movement” and movements in which some have tried to dismantle. Gifted and proven to be.

“Tupac said, “The plan is to show you that I understand.” To understand is to be without ignorance.

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The Next Step Will be!!!

There’s progress and oh my goodness how progress just surprises some folks. What will occur next? Have to wait and see I suppose. Oh what a journey there seems to be the ones without understanding oh my why aren’t they able to understand? Perhaps they don’t want to understand or their minds are weakened by their oddly thoughts. Some may wonder where I’m headed but only God really knows where I’ll end up. In the meantime there is lots to achieve, many goals, and there certainly will “be completions.” Yes there seems to be some wanting to slow down what’s to be achieved but they really shouldn’t.

There are many goals set and so many have tried to right me=tanikka paulk off. God is allowing the mission to continue. My mind is focused on what should and more than likely will occur. I’m thrilled that the protectors are along so that there can be further developments accomplished. Hooray! Some continue to play but are they sure what they’re doing? It doesn’t seem as though they’re sure at all. Anyway there will be moves made in which some are unable to see and are unaware of. I’m certainly aware that there are moves made in certain areas.

How many are along the way there are more than their “eyes” can view. Large numbers of People are working where the individuals are unable to see what they’re doing. Hidden where their visions are unable to visualize. Hidden in plain sight. That’s right! There has been the invasions but although some decided to invade on that mission there will be continued progress with this. Many hills to climb but with the help from the Lord there will be more accomplished, more succeeding, more abundance.

Some seem to think that to be rich meaning includes having plenty of money but rich can also include being rich at heart. I’m rich because I’m heart filled, blessed, grateful. On the journey to achieve what some probably are afraid to achieve. No words spoken will cause a decrease with my determination. No matter what’s projected as long as I’m here on earth there will be movements. I’ve been challenged many times but oh my Heavenly Father continues to walk on my journey with me=Tanikka Paulk.

Soon enough there will be the motions I’m still holding my titles. I’m titled and no man (meaning mankind) can take the titles away. Yes they’ve tried to wipe me=tanikka paulk out but they won’t defeat God. I’m truly blessed to have been chosen and to be able to proceed. “I’ve faced the many battles and have withstood the tests so how many can accomplish what I’ve accomplished?” by: Tanikka Paulk

The ones who’ve tried to sabotage I’ve said before that they aren’t welcomed. For there are some unfriendly. There are the mean ones trying to prevent what really should occur. The cynics will say whatever they feel they want to say but I’m refusing to be in tuned with their foolishness. Nope! Some think that I’m weak or have weakened but God has made me=Tanikka Paulk strong. He’s continuing to walk on my journey as well as Jesus Christ and always they’re the ones I’ll completely trust. Amen!

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Hidden in all the Right Areas

All things aren’t seem by the eyes. It can be quite surprising when there’s the revealing of. There are persons hidden where the eyes are unable to view. Sometimes individuals think that they’re capable of knocking down what God has created. No man meaning mankind can overpower God. It’s funny how so many seem to think so. There are some continuing “to believe” that tearing down is an answer. It’s the building up which will help and create the necessary changes. “Togetherness, unity, unification is what’s occurring right now.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think clearly and observe in order to find the correct answers is what so many should consider.

I’ve faced many adversities but there is no defeat. Yes. they’ve tried to remove my purpose, but God didn’t allow their antics to stop what He already declared. Some refused to listen and they’ve refused to do their research so that they’ll have better understanding. Every person has been ignorant at some point but there are some continuing to remain in darkness instead of searching for the “light.” They’ve caused problems in which could have been avoided. Yes some are angered because of truths being revealed and because of the progression.

To tolerate nonsense could cause Nations to crumble. My “Nation” shall continue to prosper. The ones causing havoc are unaware of the consequences they could face. God is love meaning having the emotion but God also discipline His children because they’re disobedient. There are the “hidden” ones they’re observing what’s occurring. Some have chosen to project unruly behavior and what shall they face. There’s the reaping and coming up against the anointed will certainly generate the reaping. “I’m convinced that there are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they can overturn decisions made by power groups. They are wrong.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Fear has caused some to overreact. They’ve behaved oddly abnormal and now must face whatever consequences there are. The challenges have actually produced more determination. There will be battles and how a person chooses to deal with the battles will make the difference. “There are causes which need my attention and I’m going to continue to advocate and believe that there will be the solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements continue shouldn’t there be progress? What’s for me=Tanikka Paulk is for me=Tanikka Paulk.

What’s been perceived they’ll find that they’re thinking was wrong. I’m pleased that the hidden ones continue to observe so that when there is a need to reveal there will be. There should be others willing to use their voices of change. That’s right. There are directions in which a person may want to travel but the right direction is the better choice. What are they thinking. Hello I’m “one” although there are so many unwilling to accept what is it’s been proven and confirmed. One light, day, life. They’ve caused the problems in which need to be rectified.

There’s troubles and there are some willing to assist with trying to remove or lower the troubles. What has occurred shouldn’t have occurred. They’ve heckled but I’ve continued. I’ve been called out of my name and yet I’m continuing. Where will “Tanikka Paulk” be headed?  There are some who’ve appreciated what I’ve tried to accomplish. The transformations will occur there will be changes in which some misunderstand but the changes need to occur anyway. There could be separations in order to accomplish the greatness which so many have instilled within.

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The Experiences Could Generate Strength
January 25, 2018

There’s so many so much to experience and what we’re experiencing could cause greater growth, prosperity, or so much more. There’s a lot to learn and the continuous learning is what’s occurring now. No matter what the experiences are there will be some lessons involved. “There’s a choice whether to gain more knowledge or to experience emptiness.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What I’ve faced and continue to face has certainly generated strength. There’s a purpose for my movement. Although there’s been some setbacks I’m continuing on. “God continues to see that I’m headed somewhere.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes that=Tanikka Paulk

It’s amazing how so many will try to alter what’s already been declared. Here’s my outlook on the experiences. The experiences have brought what some may not understand, brought higher positioning, and abundance in which some aren’t able to view. They’re not meant to know what’s taking place. The connections qualified to come along will and the ones thinking they are qualified may not be qualified at all. The focus is on getting to a place where there’s further growth and there will be continuous better living. The changes which occur may not be accepted by all. The words spoken seemed to be perceived incorrectly.

There will be so many taking every word spoken literally. There should be more focus on the areas which will add value. No matter what their thoughts are their line of thinking hasn’t caused the purpose to be removed. The focus on achieving more continues. I’m aware of how so many view my ideas and the vision but still there is movement in which I’m so blessed to experience. It’s obvious that God has designed and favored the journey. Just because we go through the trials doesn’t mean that we’re not suppose to continue. No person will be without problems.

“We’ll have to go through the storms in order to receive the breakthroughs.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue competing but for what? Some may not even realize why they’re competing. The way that so many compete can cause a meltdown within society. Perhaps they’re not thinking that they’re causing more problems instead of finding solutions. What’s perceived could be correct but some of what’s perceived they’ve demonstrated that they’re thinking isn’t correct. “My purpose is every person’s purpose so therefore there is no need to think so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

God is allowing the journey to continue and there is thankfulness as well as gratefulness because I’m headed somewhere. Although so many may claim that I’m within stillness, there’s movement right now, yes indeed. No matter how many try to take away what God has stored up there’s is a blessing blessings in the journey. I’ve achieved and will continue to achieve even if there’s little movement. “The entire world could become angered but the anger won’t cause a cease because God has already declared my purpose.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Amen to that! (T. Paulk)

“The Present Time, The Love is Near, The Life of Mine. The Gift From God. To Live to Love and to Fulfill.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Gift” “Present Sent From God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Don’t Hide Gifts and Talents in Order to Please Others

Some may not want to see others shining but the gifts and talents are given for a reason. Every person is given a gift and should never feel bad about letting their gift (s) “shine.” There should be joy in knowing that the gifts we’re given in order to demonstrate how blessed we are. Some are afraid to allow their gifts and talents to shine. Perhaps fear that they’ll be criticized. There will be criticism but no amount of criticism should cause any person to just give up on a dream or vision.

Not everyone will be satisfied with individuals who have certain gifts, skills, and talents. Some may become envious and there will be lots of “competition.” Although there will be lots of competitiveness. There should be a desire to continue forward. No amount of attacks should prevent any person from excelling. The journey will be rough. Anything worth having isn’t easy. There will be a lot of rough patches. A lot of hills to climb but the adversity should be a reason to give up.

Of course there may not be many who are in agreement with a person shining. That’s why there’s so many attempts to try and sabotage a person’s growth. Too many people throw away their gifts because of lack of confidence. Some may continue to listen to the naysayers and some of “the naysayers” may be very close. Trying to stop a person from excelling because they didn’t do what they could have. There’s no shame in trying to rise up.

There should be continuous self encouragement. There’s nothing wrong with “encouraging self.” There’s plenty of inspiration around and although it may appear as if finding the proper inspiration is difficult. Not impossible. If half the world isn’t confident about a person, the person shouldn’t be concerned, the world isn’t living for any person. The world is a temporary living place. There should be gladness in knowing that eventually there will be a breakthrough which will incur abundance.

Reaching the top isn’t easy at all. There will be a lot of struggles and a lot of people trying to prevent the rise. Never give in to what others are saying about excelling. The negative “communications” have no value. Some could be secretly cheering a person on. Not wanting others to know just how much care is within. Afraid of being attacked because of their support. Some will be extremely cruel but in line run they’ll reap their actions.

Continue on and know that soon enough there will be prosperity. No matter what is said. There will always be at least one person who is supportive. Some have risen and suffered a fall but that doesn’t mean that they’re unable to get back up again. The ones who are supportive should be the ones who continue on the journey and although the travel will seem as if the person is the only one traveling. There still just be “hopefulness” because there will be more progress completed and there will be a rise.

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Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and closeup

“Believe in Self if no one Else Believes. There’s Prosperity Awaiting.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Toxic People Should not be Apart of the Journey
December 3, 2016
The Mesmirising Formation of Clouds_Toxic People Should not be Apart of the Journey

We may come across a lot of toxic people while here on earth. Some can be as poisonous as a viper. Individuals who are constantly on a mission to stop a vision are quite dangerous. Some will go so far as to not only threaten others but to actually try to cause harm to the ones on a journey. It doesn’t matter if they’re a relative or not. If they’re not supportive then they’re not equipped to travel along. There will be envy but some are having to deal with the most difficult people. Don’t have to tolerate a lot of confusion.

Some will go against others no matter what. If they’re doing something positive they’ll be displeased. If they’re doing something wrong they’ll lash out. No matter how rough things become. Keep moving ahead. Some are disappointed because they’ve chosen not to live their dreams. Some friends may become foes. Not everyone will be happy  to see others grow. Some will try to generate misery for others just because they’re miserable. Engage with true supporters.

Avoid dealing with individuals who are constantly causing trouble. They’re the ones who will slow down the process. Some will never accept the accomplishments of another. No matter how hard they’ve worked or what they’ve accomplished. The vision isn’t for everyone to understand, No need to try and convince others because they’re gong to accept they want to accept.

Of course adversity will occur but some will try to create more problems for others. They’re the ones who should not be apart of the circle, on the journey, or be considered a friend. It’s alright to leave some family and friends behind. No need to add additional stress and become overwhelmed. In order to make more progress one should keep the details of the vision private until it’s finished. There’s some waiting to get ahold of a person’s ideas and creativity.

Don’t become discouraged when a lot of people turn their backs. Some will never understand or try to understand. Be bold with the “vision and ideas.” Always believe in self. No matter what there will always be at least one that believes in another person’s creativity. The ones who don’t need to be apart of the struggle or the success. Stay motivated and uplifted. Think positively and block out the negativity. “Continue to Soar.” BY:(Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Paulk

Author’s Notes: Being a Writer and Visionary isn’t easy. There’s a lot of people out there who will become angry when they’re observing others shinning. A lot of naysayers will come out as well as the critics. It’s important that a visionary continue on their journey in order to reach the finish line. “Be Bold and Know That There’s a Some Light When it Appears Dark.” By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk) (Tiki33) Teep11 ShaPaulk

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Block Out the Distraction so That Productivity Occurs
home-office-Block Out the Distraction so That Productivity Occurs

If we’re trying to do something great then there will be all sorts of distractions to try to slow the process down. There’s ways to simply ignore the distractions but sometimes there’s some very determined people who want to create a stop or try to hinder whatever we’re doing. We can choose to ignore or to block out. A lot of distractions can occur online and for the ones who work at home know how distracting technology can be at times. The best way to make sure that productivity occurs is to log off of the distracting environments that can try to get through while work is occurring. We all know what those distractions can be. Social media for one. Some social media sites are less distracting than others. Once we’ve eliminated some of the distractions then we can embark on our journey to “success and productivity.”

We feel accomplished when we’re being productive. Although some may not enjoy observing productivity occur. Productivity is necessary for advancement. We’re unable to climb higher when we’re not being effective in some way. Some can work better when sound while others may need quietness. Whatever needs to occur so that progress occurs then we should try to “make things happen.” Tune out the noise and just get to work. Tackling tasks is a great way to get that much closer to the level of success that we seek. The ones who are continuously trying to create a distraction aren’t in the business  to see progression occur.

Someday’s we may have to fight our way through the crowd in order to get some things done. The days when we feel as if we don’t have enough energy to get some things done are the days when we need to simply shut the things that can take more energy from us. Our devices can be disrupting at times. There’s so many communications that can come through the devices. That’s why it’s a good idea to power our devices down whenever possible.

We just should be relaxed when we’re trying to work and avoid being bent out of shape. Some soothing music can help. As long as we’re achieving something. We’re being apart of productivity. There’s joy in knowing that we’ve accomplished more. Taking breaks is necessary. We simply don’t have to work long hours in order to be productive. Accomplishing one or two tasks can sometimes be sufficient. We should avoid over exerting ourselves.

Finding a suitable workspace is very important. Being able to stretch out will help with achieving comfort while working. Being able to work in an environment that isn’t chaotic is a joy. The good thing about working from home is the flexibility. When we’re able to set our own hours. We can achieve more than work. A home office is certainly better than working in an overcrowded office.

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