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Steady Ready People

There has to be enough reason to make an issue. Small details don’t matter and many things we can let slide.

Steady, ready people are emotionally stable and may perhaps get mad at times, but with good enough reason.

For a long time, in a seemingly endless battle, the uproar comes from the creations of a vexed mind, to disturb the normal, daily routine. It has the abusive edge and it isnt possible not to be tough, as to be steady ready, it is possible to predict the next move when the ones that has the emotional issues go borderline to mental health problems. To be above those issues and keep focus on the goals is the best way, but sometimes it isn’t possible to progress as there are hurdles thrown along the way.  

Steady ready people provide support, while those who might care only for themselves would break a cup, slam the door, complain, pick on details, and more, anything to catch attention instead of supporting a person. Steady ready people do have problems also and do also fail sometimes, yet the foundation is there. Knowing such people is a good thing as you know that they won’t drop you, backstab, and are loyal. Though we might have pity for those who adversely affect our lives, it is not easy to let go totally but sometimes, it is for the best, as those person may behave that way towards you but not to others.

Are you steady ready? Do you allow others to run your life? Are you reliable and do you think that others who do adersely affect you still rely on you?  

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    1. Yes, I consider myself a steady ready person as I’m loyal person to the people that I’m around. I’ll lend you support even though I might be going through my own problems!!

    2. I definitely say, yes. During the old version of me, I let other people ruled my life. Eventually, I need to break free from them. Now, I am the captain of my life and had learned to love myself. At this point of time, I am ready to share this love with others.

    3. Yes I consider myself a steady ready kind of person I don’t let people run my life I do things according to the way I feel is the right way. I am very reliable considering the fact that I get to be given stuff to do because someone trusts me enough to perform the job, and saying that people who offend me most of the time are the same people who will always come back to me to seek for help or advice and I don’t chase them away I gladly help willingly whenever I can.

    4. Am I steady ready? Hmmm … Well! Let me just say that if I am, it’s because I followed the advice of my late father. He had proverbial ways of offering his wisdom. He used to say: “Still waters run deep.” What he meant was that there are certain people, it takes a lot to ruffle their feathers. So if they explode, somebody did something that was way too much and they just couldn’t let it go and not say or do something about it to make things right again. For those kind of people, it’s rarely ever the case where their reaction was not justified. Even the guilty party will likely admit that … they had it coming. 🙂

    5. There is another side to this. Even when one is steady and ready they may not get the opportunity to be steady and ready. They may be in such a situation that those around may not need their help. Just a thought.


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