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A solution to the _____ lives matter problem.
July 11, 2016

There are good things and bad things that happen every single day. Of course we don’t want to see the bad things happen, but I gotta tell ya there are LOTS of bad things that do happen every single day, and folks its NOT the police officers who serve and protect you and its not just guns….OH NO its hundreds of other reasons that at this moment are …. idk overlooked? These hundreds of people dying weekly are MOSTLY from drug dealers making drugs easily available, gang bangers, murderers, domestic violence, rapists…..but no the majority of lives lost aren’t  because of our police officers. Not even close, and your protests are not helping all the rest of the people who are also loosing their lives!


This is a picture of a protest at the mall of America. So this was a big gathering, for the sake of the velocity of my suggestion lets just add several thousand to this group.


This is a picture of Montana, this is the space I suggest for the rest of the people in my suggestion. Might not be big enough.
So here’s what I propose we do.
Lets set a date, and on that day ALL who choose to protest that ONE profession and that ONE race you all get together to do your protesting knowing that you continue to fuel the fire.


on this day, ALL the rest of us who do not have a problem with race, religion, opinion or that do not make assumptions without knowing the facts we will also show up to support law enforcement that is currently that one profession being targeted.

Now sit and think on that a bit.


If it were actually to happen in reality,  which group of people in this United States of America do you think would be bigger?

Protesters who each and every time gather to protest ONLY THE OFFICERS and NOT THE OTHERS WHO ARE KILLING THE MAJORITY OF LIVES LOST and who are simply causing the problem to increase because it is continuing to fuel the fire as well as our media who are just assisting you in your cause for chaos…OR

those of us that are completely against this stupid argument targeting  only our law enforcement officers?

You better get a bigger group protesters because the rest of us are loosing our tolerance for it.

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    1. I can certainly agree with you that there are a lot more deaths caused by criminals than by police officers. However, I do feel that we must address the issue of police corruption and brutality all the same. In fact, I also believe that many of the laws enforced around the world are at the very root of both drug-related violence and deaths due to overdose, and also of police brutality.

      It’s important to look at what we hope our laws will accomplish and then to evaluate whether they do that job. Similarly, it’s important to assess whether law enforcement, judges, and politicians are doing the jobs with which they have been entrusted.

      Because all of these people have the wellbeing and often even the very lives of other citizens in their hands, we must hold them to higher standards. If an individual or organization is meeting or exceeding those standards, I believe we ought to be out on the streets celebrating that fact. But they don’t get that honour simply by donning a uniform or a badge. And if that individual or organization fails to meet the standards that we would have, even for average citizens, then we should take steps to remove their authority and ensure they will never again be in a position where they hold power over other human beings.


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