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Six Simple Ways to Improve Your Brain Health & Memory
May 18, 2017

There are various ways to improve brain memory. The brain memory is like other organs that require regular practice to always be in good condition, as well as the athletes must train their body to face difficult times while doing sports or hard games. The brain memory requires special training in order to remain in fresh condition and to improve its ability. There are a few simple ways you can follow to keep your brain memory in good condition, as well as the techniques that can really help you improve your brain memory performance.

The Causes of Memory Reduction

Our memory does not only depend on the education, learning environment, and physical environment. But also depends on the other factors that may affect our life (e.g. losing a loved one). However, there are also genetic factors such as;

Sleep Habit

There is a direct connection between sleep deprivation, insomnia, and memory loss. A quality sleep in the night is very important for the function of our brain. The research has shown that it takes at least 6 hours of sleep for the memory to function at its maximum capability.

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Therefore, take into account your sleep quality. If you get enough sleep within 24 hours, your brain memory remains good, reduced stress, and your body is healthy.


Depression is a debilitating cause of memory. Nowadays, depression has become a very common disruption. Depression can happen to anyone and anytime. There are many causes of depression It can be serious accidents or mental situations that can shock the mind such as the losing a loved one.

In the case of depression, it is important to seek help and advice from qualified physicians. The right depression medication allows for full recovery of memory.

Thyroid Gland Disease

Based on the research, thyroid gland disease affects a lot of people and has a negative effect on memory.

The early diagnosis of thyroid gland disease will prevent further damage from the memory. Thyroid gland disease can occur at any age.


Diabetes can be a deadly disease. Many diabetes sufferers do not treat diabetes well that can cause vascular system failure. If the vascular system failure keeps continuing due to untreated diabetes can make memory decline.

The proper treatment and control of diabetes will improve the brain memory. Other chronic diseases such as the liver, lung, and kidney also affect memory. In the case of early diagnosis and to be continued with a treatment will improve the memory and prevent further damage.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol addiction and certain types of drugs can cause memory loss or even degeneration of other intellectual abilities.

Alcoholics initially have problems with their short-term memory, then, such amnesia is exacerbated by a long-term memory problem.

Moderate consumption of alcohol (1 to 2 cups for men and 1 cup for women, daily), does not harm the brain memory. Conversely, the excessive alcohol consumption can be toxic to the brain and memory.

Drugs can harm the brain and reduce mental ability. For example, ecstasy drugs cause serious damage to memory.

Lack of Vitamin B12

The lack of certain vitamins can also cause memory loss. The brain needs Vitamin B12 for its function optimally. A balanced diet provides vitamins and minerals to the body. So, when you are diet, make sure you get the vitamins and minerals to your body.

You can get Vitamin B12 from fishes, eggs, meats, poultry, milk and dairy products. This vitamin helps the circulatory system and brain health.

The Six Ways to Increase Memory

As what have been mentioned above; our memory is like an athlete. The more you train your brain and memory the better their performance. The saying “practice makes perfect” also applies to our memory as well. In addition to the factors that can cause memory loss, there are several ways to improve your memory. The following are the six ways to improve memory;

Learn Every Day

Look for the topics that interest you and start getting involved in it by learning new information and developments on the topic. If possible, you can join a group that has the same interests as you to discuss with people in the group.

Reading, writing, programs, information from the television and the internet, are good sources of continuing your learning. In which, they can train your brain to memorize better.

Establish Your Social Relationships

Basically human have its inherent friendliness. The more social an individual is the better the brain. Being lonely in an isolated room would damage body systems. There are many studies which have shown that there are many advantages of good family and social relationships for the brain and heart.

To establish your social relationships, you can be a volunteer to provide help to those who need help or participate in some organized groups that interest you. For example, if you love pets and have a pet, you can socialize with other people who also have pets and discuss with them about the relevant issues and develop closer relationships with them.

Develop New Habits

Every time you require yourself to do something new, you are triggering a new power to achieve a set of goals.

Consider changing the layout of your furniture, applying butter to bread in different ways or with your eyes closed, wearing pants with one hand, or learning to use the mouse of your computer with your other hand. You can think of some other ideas to train your brain and help improve your memory.

Train Your Mind with the Games

The more you use the privilege of the brain, the more you help your memory stays fresh. There are many games that evoke your intellectual abilities, while also contributing to better social relationships. Backgammon, chess, puzzles and many other board games that offer entertainment and also help you improve your memory.

Doing Sports Can Improve Your Memory

You can do sports to improve your circulatory system. Even, some simple but routine daily exercises such as fast walking can improve the cardiovascular performance and oxygenation. No need to be a marathon runner or a football player in order takes the advantages of doing sports. The benefits of exercise have a positive effect on a lot of body systems, especially memory and other cognitive abilities. Simply take at least simple exercises for 20 minutes every day such as walking, cycling, jogging, or swimming.

It has been scientifically proven that walking for 2.5 hours every week will substantially improve memory for people over the age of 50.

Foods that Can Help Improve Your Memory

What we eat every day affects the performance and condition of our memory in the long run. There are many surveys in recent decades have shown that certain foods can contribute to improving the function of the neural circuits of the brain that can control the memory.

The good foods for memory are those with rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to the nervous system.

Take into account that to get enough vitamins intake to your body, it’s better to eat more fruits and vegetables than to ingest vitamin formulations. The reason, eating your vitamin-rich foods also absorbs other useful nutrients that act to supplement and support the vitamin work in your body.

The following are good foods to improve your memory;

  • Green leafy vegetables, spinach, cabbage, lettuce
  • Broccoli and cauliflower
  • Juice, fruits
  • Various kinds of berries and pomegranates
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel
  • Olive oil and other vegetable oils

(The sources of this article are taken from some credible health magazines)

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