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Signs of Having Stroke
October 16, 2016
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When my mom had a sudden stroke, she didn’t the symptoms of stroke

before hand.

Furthermore, my parents and my brother didn’t have any knowledge of

stroke details because none of my parents siblings had any stroke in the

family history.

Remember that, stroke is not a hereditary illness. It can occur anytime,

anywhere and anyone suddenly if you have not noticed of the earlier


According to surveys, women have higher chances of contracting stroke

compare to men and younger generation.

How my mom had stroke

I did inquired my dad of her prior symptoms and behavior which were


It was difficult to get him to total recall everything because he has a

forgetful memory, plus everyone was asleep when my mom had sudden


These are the odd behavior that my mom had:

Lie down on the sofa and bed after heavy meals.

Slept for hours, refused to move about, watch TV and ate the whole


She had never walked out of the house on her before, not even once.

However, she did walked to the Roast pork restaurant in the afternoon

( under scorching sun), to buy 1 packet of roast pork ( fattening) which

costed $20 ( normally, 1 person cost $4, so this proved that she had

bought a large amount of roast pork which is high in cholesterol,

calories and fats)

She ate the $20 roast pork without anything else and went to sleep on

the sofa.

On the same day itself, she woke up to pee in the middle of the night,

4am .

She must had lost her balance, fell down and hit her head against

something hard.

It could be either the bunk of the bed or the floor.

Nobody knew what happened because she locked herself in the


When my brother heard the noise, called her, there was no response.

He had to look for the spare keys to her room which took some time.

When he opened the door to her room, she was lying on the floor,


He helped her up to her bed but didn’t suspect anything amiss.

When morning came, she was still in daze with stroke symptoms.



What are stroke symptoms

My brother confirmed of the following symptoms when he realized that

something was abnormal with my mom behavior.

1. Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the


YES, my mom’s right hand side arms and legs were numb and immobile.

2. Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding  

YES, she coudn’t understand simple questions or instructions. She had slurred speaking ability.

3. Sudden trouble seeing or blurred vision in one or both eyes

YES, she had blurred vision,  couldn’t see anything or anyone clearly for both eyes.

4. Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

YES, she couldn’t move her limbs at all. Not to mention walking, she can’t even sit up.

5. Sudden severe headache with no known cause

YES, she felt a bad headache but do not know how to describe it.

It was obvious that she had stroke. Wasn’t sure it was mild or massive.

The stroke affected the right side of her body because the blood clot

occurred on the left side of the brain .

 She was also suffering from Aphasia, which affects her verbal


Important Points to Note for Signs of Having Stroke

If you had noticed any of these stroke symptoms on your loved ones, especially older folks

or middle age parents, do not wait longer.

Call the ambulance for help.

Remember to jot down the time

Bring cash because you need money to register the stroke victim .

Give as detail and accurate information to the doctor in charge in order to analyze her


Try to calm the victim because he/she is afraid.



My mom situation worsen when my brother realized she had stroke on the 2nd day.

It was too late but she was saved by reducing the blood clot in her head and blood veins..

The doctor in charge gave her medications to break down the blood clots in her brain.

She couldn’t walk  or move her limbs for a year.

She had undergone acupuncture treatments to unblock the blood clots.

The acupuncturist used needles to pinpoint those affected limbs which hurt her a lot.

Now, she can walk for a short distance ( from the living room to her bedroom), not more

than that.

She will slip and fall on her own. So, my dad had to be my her side 24 hours daily.

She can talk and laugh but her behavior is a 5 year old girl, not a 65 year old mother.

She cannot remember the present activities ( what she ate for breakfast, what time she

took her shower, etc)

However, she can remember her past very vividly.




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    1. Thank peach, my co- teacher had a mild stroke last week. She just fell down on the floor while writing some lessons on board. She was brought to hospital and was told she has a mild stroke.Thus time her palm cannot be open well and her lip was deformed.It will be better for us to know the symptoms like these you presented here, so helpful. My co teacher has just turned 44 last month.She loves to eat pork chop anything about pork.

    2. yes. The symptoms of stroke should be known to everyone. This is a very useful post.
      I had bitter experience with my mother when she got a stroke. She developed pain suddenly. She was admitted to a hospital. She was recovering. The Doctor once again checked her and advised some diet and got down the stairs. Suddenly my mother started getting vomiting. There was no one. I immediately rushed to the Doctor and informed about it. He took some time. In the meanwhile when there was nothing to collect the Vomit I kept my both hands and collected it. Mother was looking at me. I do not know the meaning of her feeling. I did it as a son. I never hesitated for anything. She was my mother.

      When I took her to another hospital the Doctor advised me not to allow her to drink coffee.

      One should be more careful with a stroke.

      The symptoms are
      A Sudden headache, Chest pain, exasperation, numbness to any part of the body, giddiness, faltering walk,sweating.

      One should know about Defibrillator. One should know how to use it. It saved many people from heart stroke.

    3. Mild stroke is called a “transient ischemic attack.” Brain attack has four types and the symptoms varies from person to another. You are right. I do believe that your mom experienced a thrombotic stroke and well-known as “silent stroke.”

      I hope your mom is undergoing physical therapy session for the disabling effect of stroke. How about speech therapy? A speech therapist can able to help her out. I was thinking about these possible suggestions since it is a common treatment for aphasic patients.

    4. My dad also suffered a stroke in 2012 he had bleeding on brain I have helped him with physio speech ot I had too as I couldn’t get him for excercise you learn a lot from google stroke patients are very difficult people to look after specially if they are stubborn I have looked after him 5 years he can talk quite a lot but he has expressive aphasia so sometimes words dont come out propely but can’t open his hand or walk yet any ideas of excercises that I can give him


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