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SecretKey’s Chubby Jelly in Lovely Pink Review
January 2, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted anything here! And for this edition, I have another really popular product to write a review for – lip tints! As you are aware, I am a huge fan of Korean skincare products and that includes makeup, too. And for this article, I will write about one of my eBay auction wins – SecretKey’s Chubby Jelly in Lovely Pink.
There are a lot of variants of lip tints (ie jelly, cream, peel-off etc). SecretKey’s Chubby Jelly falls under the jelly and peel-off category.
To be honest, I was quite insecure to try this product. Even if I watched a lot of videos or read product reviews about peel-off lip tints, I was hesitant because most reviews indicate that application can be “messy” or difficult especially for first-timers. I actually had this tube in my bathroom cabinet for quite a while but it is only now that I had the courage to give it a shot!
The first time I used this product, I made sure I had a lot of prep time in my hands. I was aware that it takes a really long time to dry the product and peeling it prematurely will only be a waste of product since the color pigment will not stick to the lips.
To begin, I made sure my lips are dry. I squeezed the tube and tried my best to apply the product as even as possible. I also followed some tips I read to make sure to apply a generous portion to make sure the color pigment is visible after peeling off.

photo 1
I think I did a decent job applying the product on my lips. It is bit challenging to squeeze “just enough product” from the tube, though.
Now, the hardest part (for me) is waiting for the product to dry. To be honest, don’t even bother using this lip tint if you are in a rush. I think it took be about 15-25 minutes to let it dry (depends on how thick you’ve applied). So if you don’t have that extra time – don’t use this!

photo 2
Anyway, while waiting, I used the time to put makeup on my eyes and face (just make sure you keep your lips parted ALL THE TIME). After drying it out completely, lightly pat it with your finger to make sure it is dry to touch. When it is, gently peel it off from the corner of your mouth.

photo 3
I really like the pigment left on my lips. It gave the most natural pigment of baby pink shade on my lips! It also lasts a long time, too! I mean, I love TonyMoly tint that I use but I don’t like how it looks when it starts to wear off. But SecretKey Chubby Jelly tint looked so natural, it gave the illusion my lips had that natural shade of pink!
Overall, I am quite happy with this product. It is easy to apply but requires a really long time to dry – and that is the biggest setback of this product for me!

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