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Restaurant Experiences: Sure Signs You’re Addicted to Chinese Food
August 16, 2016
china cafe-Restaurant Experiences: Sure Signs You're Addicted to Chinese FoodChina Cafe

How do you know you’re addicted to Chinese food?

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Hmmm? Well if you’re married to a man like my husband:


  • Every time he decides to treat you by taking you out to dinner, you always end up at a Chinese restaurant.


  • When it’s family pizza night, he orders pizza … so the kids won’t get mad at him. But he also orders Chinese food!


  • Whenever you travel, no matter what state you travel to, he always looks for a Chinese restaurant.


  • If you relocate to live somewhere else, on his list of top priorities? Finding the Chinese restaurant that’s near to where you are now living, and figuring out if they have delivery service!


  • If you haven’t moved into your new home or apartment yet, he will ask a local to point him in the direction of a really good Chinese restaurant, while we’re looking for a place to stay.

This is how we found about a restaurant in Austin, Texas, called China Café.


The funny thing is that guy who recommended the place said he didn’t even like Chinese food, but that it must be pretty good food because everybody he knew who did like Chinese food always ordered from that place!  On his advice, we stopped there for lunch. Was the food good? Oh yeah!!!


That was our foodie adventure that began in 1998. We would literally sneak out of the house, leave the kids at home, and go there for lunch on a date.  It’s 2016 and whenever we have a craving for Chinese food, this restaurant is still our first pick. To peruse the China Café Dinner Menu, click here.




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Dishes I recommend?


  • House Spicy Chicken, my personal favorite.


  • Coconut Curry Shrimp, which is a Chef’s Special.


  • Chicken with Garlic Sauce. We actually order this dish, take it home and add more veggies to it to stretch it even further.


From what I understand there is more than one location. We’ve only been to the Lake Creek location.


If you live in Austin, you may already know about this place. If you’re passing through or just moved to Austin and you like Chinese food, you’ll become a loyal China Café customer. Guaranteed!


Austin, Texas has a reputation for having fabulous places to dine out. No brag. Just fact. 🙂 You should have no problems finding a terrific restaurant no matter what kind of cuisine you like.


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Sharing some fun links for foodies:





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    1. I have not eaten any chinese foods before but I hope to try out one someday. I just watch a lot of them in the movies
      my friend was in Japan some time ago and he really loved their food. Probably they might be the same.

    2. I am fond of eating Chinese food. Besides the fact that some of our delicacies, we were been influenced by Chinese way of cooking. One of my favorites is Kung Pao Chicken and when I had worked in Guangdong, China. I had tried all the best food in this province. If I will have the chance to visit the country, I will definitely have some blogging about it.

    3. I am a chinese, but I am not really fond of chinese food, I prefer italian spaghetti and pasta recipes which are healthier.
      Of course, there are healthy chinese food which are stir fry, less oil and fats.
      Did the restaurant serve Kung Pao Chicken? Butter Prawns? Claypot seafood tofu? Those are chinese favorites here

    4. Italian? You and my husband would butt heads on that. He says all they eat is pasta! Which, of course, is not true. But he says Chinese food has more veggies and the brown sauce makes everything taste good. LOL. So you don’t like Chinese food huh? Several years back, at one of my old jobs, my co-workers want us all to go out for lunch. My fellow worker and friend from Hong Kong said he didn’t want to go out with us, because he knew we just wanted to go eat Chinese food which is what he eats all the time! 🙂

      The restaurant served Kung Pao chicken and has a seafood section on its menu. I’m just beginning to learn about tofu and to be honest, never checked any restaurant’s menu for tofu dishes. I don’t eat out much these days, so I collect recipes.

      • @cmoneyspinner I am not very much rigid and I have eaten Veg stuff – favorite Indian, Italian(pizzas mainly), American, and even tasted some of Thai and Chinese Food.
        I also had Turkish Falafel roll once and I liked that too.
        So I am quite flexible.

        • When it comes to food I love experimenting with world cuisines but have to admit that I’m not always brave to try the bizarre and unusual! There was a food show that came on TV and the guy traveled all over the world tasting bizarre and strange foods. I had to stop watching the show. I just couldn’t take it! I kept thinking he was going to eat something wrong and die right there on the show! My nerves were fraying. 🙂

    5. I am not a Chinese Food fan. The one dish I like are the Manchurian with gravy- which anyways at most places in India is an Indianised and spicier version of Authentic Chinese food. But restaurants like Yo! China, Bercos, Mainland China have some more authentic Food, but are expensive and fine for Team lunches or dinners.
      Yet I know people who like Veg Chowmein, Haka Noodles, Noddles of other sorts, veg or non-veg Manchurian, and other Chinese Foods.

    6. Yes, Chinese foods are much delicious and easy to digest but no taste no red chilly, no green chilly no salt..what a useless curry for me but other life Chinese foods but I do not like because all are taste less and time waste in eating.

      Chinese foods are such as salty, simple, less vegetables with wheat as the staple food. Food using wheat as its main ingredient, such as noodles and dumplings is prevalent there.

      I think that Chinese cuisine has a tremendous range of flavors and styles. Whatever my mood is, there’s something that satisfies me and It’s based on color, taste, and aroma—it should be beautiful to the eye, flavorful, and fragrant.

      Spicy or mild, most Chinese dishes start from a common foundation. “Garlic, chili, and ginger are often called the holy trinity of Chinese cooking,” Young says, with scallions playing only a slightly less important role. And no self-respecting Chinese chef would find himself without a bottle of soy sauce. Used in countless different ways, soy sauce provides much of the saltiness in Chinese cooking while adding a round, full flavor.

      The Chinese diet is also a fairly healthy style of eating, when you consider the typical ratio of protein to vegetables to starch. In the United States, “one person will eat a 16-ounce rib eye, and in China that would feed four to five people in a stir-fry, Tsai says. “Meat is used more as the flavoring than as the focal point—it’s as much about the vegetables and noodles or rice.

    7. Chinese food is my choice as well. I have enjoyed practically all those delicacies except Szechwan which I tried just once and could not go through. Very hot to my liking. I love their soups, spring rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour pork……….the list is endless. I also like their dessert – lychees (where is the tongue out emoticon? :grin:)


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