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Plotinus Command Palette for Linux Operating System
April 23, 2017

I think many of us know the famous sherlock command palette on Macintosh. It is one of the best command palette that helps you find files and settings. Some of the apps also integrate with the sherlock. And this makes it easy to do some settings. So for this reason finding the options of menu can be easy. You may also find that it can help you save your options with the mouse. And with this many times you can save a lot of time. So consider using plotinus on your Linux operating system. I have tried this little feature on the KDE and for me it works just fine. And I am hoping that this feature may work with other linux based OS and the distros without much modification on the part. So in this article I want to discuss how the plotinus works and what can be done about it.

Human User Display

This concept was first started on linux by ubuntu team. They added HUD into their ubuntu unity. And the systems was going on just fine with it. I am not saying it was the best feature but at that time it was not offered by any other linux distro. Also gnome and KDE did nothing new. I mean Unity scopes accessible from the HUD and other features too. That being said, it can be really good and worth checking for the same. I think features such as this are worth checking out. But not a lot of poeple get into the development of such operating system stuff. Mostly they worry about the over the top stuff. And that makes you about things that don’t matter.


I think unity and the HUD was a good combo. And you had to do a lot of things for the HUD to work properly. I have found that HUD works just fine with the unity. I have found that unity desktop is a good option but it was discontinued. So you have an option to use Yunity. In future there will be more desktops like these and they may add the HUD. That being said, in case if any distro wishes to upstream this to the gnome or KDE desktop then that is also possible. I have seen this happening with many small desktops too. It can be not so easy but it is definitely possible for some type of desktops if there are active maintainers out there.


It’s easy to install plotinus. Most of the repositories are out there with version of deb and RPM. You can also install from source if you want. You can then just use the keyboard combination out there. For example do the Ctrl + Shift + P after installing plotinus. And then it will take your command. You can type in name of the applications. This way you can slowly make the commands to open certain apps. And then you can also make them have save the settings or do some file exports. That is something may work for many users. You have to use it regularly in order to understand the better control of the program.

That being said, try using this and in time you;ll understand how to use this effectively in due time.

Image by plotinus.

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