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Papaya Coconut Jelly With Soya Bean Milk

In my backyard, there are 2 papaya trees which were accidentally

 planted by my mother-in-law.

You see, she threw away the papaya seeds into the backyard garden

and who knows, out grew 2 papaya seedlings which grew into tall

 thin stems ( trunks ) under her care.


Natural fertilizer

Believe it or not, she water the papaya trees with fish intestines water

 and chicken skins, fats water which I found disgusting but this water

 are the NUTRITIOUS for plants. 

This is called natural fertilizer which you can create from the waste

 of the ingredients used.

After she had cleaned the fish, soak the fish intestines, gills, into a

 basin of tap water.

Remove the waste from the blood soak water and sprinkle it onto the

 papaya soil, not the leaves.

We were put off by the foul stench of the fish water which is 

considered as fertilizer for gardening purpose.

Fish water consists of fish emulsions, proteins and zinc which 

benefits papaya plants and other vegetables by enriching the soil.



Ripe papayas


  • Fully grown papayas are approximately the size of jack fruits.
  • It has smooth curvy skin
  • Mostly  yellow and light orange in color , with a little green

 at the bottom part

  • Falls off from the papaya tree easily once it is ripen.
  • When the papaya is almost ripe, use a bamboo stick with a

 net to yield the papaya.

  • If you wish to ripen the green papayas, cover them with old 

newspaper or magazines

  • If you wanted to prevent the papayas from pests

 ( black crows, ants, sparrows) , hover the stems to the bottom of the papayas with dark color plastic bags or nets.

  • Do not slip in the whole papaya into plastic bag because it 

will create vapor drops, cause blemish .

  • Freshly picked papayas should be consumed in 2 days


Unripe papayas salad

Light or dark green papayas are not ripe yet but my mom

 in-law likes to make them into papaya pickles, 

mixed with white vinegar and sugar ( a light salad) that taste sweet

and sour. A great dish for salads after a hearty meal.

Chilled papaya dessert

This is the easiest dessert I had ever prepared as I need not bake 

or go through any kitchen havoc.

It is best served with ice cubes or chilled.

You can even add in vanilla ice-creams which will make this

 papaya dessert even heavenly.

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Papaya  Coconut Jelly With Soya Bean Milk Recipe:


  • 1 large papaya, peeled, remove seeds and white inner flesh 

that taste bitter

  • 1 can of coconut jelly cubes ( you can buy at hypermarket, 

canned food department)

  • 250ml soya bean milk ( low fat, low cholesterol, non sugar)


1. Cut papaya into cubes

2. Add in papaya and coconut jellies into a salad bowl.

3. Pour in cold soya bean milk over them and stir well.

4. Add in some ice cubes, approximately 8 cubes.

5. Mix the ingredients well.

6. Serve individual small bowl with ice-cream if desire.

7. Yield: 4-6 persons




Do you like papayas?

Do you eat papayas as it is ( as cut out fruits )?

Do share with me your opinion. I would love to hear from you.


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    • It is nice but difficult in eating as I think but other people what think I do not know. i will have to make it to taste it at home I just combined soy milk and papaya together with sago pearls to present a lovely and healthy dessert for my guests at home.

      You really don’t have to spend a lot of time making this dessert. What you need is to cook the sago pearls for about 10 minutes and use a melon baller or a smaller rounded measuring spoon to scoop balls out of the papaya. Sounds easy, right?
      It is easy toprepare as

      Cut papaya into half lengthwise and remove seeds. Cut each half in half again. Insert a melon baller into the papaya half.

      Twist the scoop around completely, cutting out a perfect ball. Place the papaya balls in the fridge for later use.

      Rinse sago under running water in a sieve till the water runs clear. Drain well and pour into a pot of 1200ml boiling water. Let it keep boiling for 5 minutes and turn of the heat.

      Cover the sago pearls with a lid for another 5 minutes or until you see the sago pearls are clear with white dots. Pour out sago pearls into the sieve and rinse with cold water, drain well.

      Then combine the papaya balls, soy milk and cooked sago pearls together in a large serving bowl, stir well and chill until ready to serve.

      Alternately pour soy milk into individual serving cups, add some papaya balls and a tablespoon of cooked sago pearls and stir well before serving.

    • wow got a lot from the post papaya also contain a nutural remedy for ulcers and heart burns.

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