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Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – II

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.
The author is inspired a bit by some of the James Bond Movies but nothing in content is copied.

Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – I


Race to cross the Tunnel

Akshneer Shashidharan and Ramkumar Narainmoorthy ran to a nearby godown where they had earlier nuetralized the four guards, and had captured a few Pointer X smart pistols and a few grenades and had put in their pockets. They now changed their clothes and out came the real ones- Captain Vir Goel was Shashidharan and Col. Kaushal Singh was his so called assistant Narainmoorthy.
They also put on their smart helmets on their heads and activated the Infrared display.
Ahead of them, they could see a steep descent leading to a tunnel, from where they could get to the Outer Fence XVII and join Girish.
They had raced around 20 steps when they heard a few gunshots. They took position behind two pillars a few feet away.
Kaushal saw two men coming from far off with automatics.
‘Time for Infrared punch!’
He took out a small gadget from his pocket and twisted and threw at a good distance.
Suddenly, the path glowed with a big flash of light.
The two approaching men were blinded for a moment.
Vir ran ahead, and aimed at both the men with his pistol.
There was a loud noise and the two men fell to the ground.

The path was clearer now. They came to a room marked as “N-xbk”. Vir directed a laser from one of his pens and the door developed a hole big enough for them to unlock it.
There they got hold of two small bikes. It took Vir 2 minutes to unlock the secret code of the bike, and then they both started the bikes.

The Fence XVII and the exit

They got out of the tunnel and into a big ground, behind the towering Ozzoro Building that had 15 floors, from where they came out.
Kaushal stopped the bike and kept 5/6 bombs with timers at a few corners.
They then started the bikes again and aimed at the Fence XVII.
Suddenly, a few gunshots breezed past them.
They turned their bikes, stopped and lay on ground.
They could see some gunmen coming to them on two open jeeps. They were around 12 in number.
Vir and Kaushal took out a few grenades and hurled towards them.
Simultaneously, Vir took out an automatic he had took from the two men they killed in the corridor.
He aimed at the gunmen already stunned by the grenades, they had not not expected.

There were a few shouts and body count of the gunmen started increasing. Once sure that most of the gunmen were either killed or wounded, both Vir and Kaushal started their bikes again.
Within 3 mins, they were near Fence XVII.
‘Girish, hurl the flyers. XVII – 0 achieved.’ All three Xd watches flashed.
Within 1 minute, the flyers were down and Vir and Kaushal wore them. They then pressed the yellow button and a low noise battery started inside what they wore.
They both were now Airborne.

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A few gunmen came and started firing at them. Vir and Kaushal took out their grenades and guns and aimed at the men.
Within 4 minutes, however, they were out of the sight from the fenced zone.

Mission Storm Harrison completes

Girish was waiting for both of them when they landed, albeit with a loud thud.
‘Hurry up guys’, exclaimed Girish.
They all sat in the Predator XC to reach their helicopters.
At 12:25 when they were a few Kms away from their Mission area, they heard a few loud explosions and a huge smoke coming out of the complex.

‘Oh so much pollution, lets prey this does not ruins the crows’ party near that forest’, Vir said.

You had your time of joy and action.
You came, killed and conquered.
You came, killed and conquered.
We were down and smoked.
We were down and smoked.
Killed and blasted.
You had your laugh, and the victory highs.
You thought we were out, out and out of the way.
Yet you are not the Gods.
You might be the Good guys, but you need something to be good.
To be good, to be good.
That is the evil us.
Yes, for every good needs a bad.
Every Angel needs a demon.
And when the Angel has his highs.
The Demon will find back his ways.
He will hit back.
Through Air, Sea and under the ground.
He will wake you up in the night.
You will have body counts.
Hours of endless suffering.
For you will face the wrath of the enemy.
The Unknown enemy… the unknown enemy.
The wrath like nothing else,
The Wrath of the Unknown enemy.
The Unknown enemy… the unknown enemy.
The Unknown enemy…..

++++++++ Story continues ++++++++



Image Source:
CC0 Public Domain
Free for commercial use
No attribution required


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