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Today there is an availability of all-in-one cleaning products  in various forms like liquids, Soaps, powders, detergents, in all Local  and Departmental stores. Their easy availability also made the cleaning not a big problem for a modern house wife.


Their availability made the cleaning process of silver utensils, items, steel items,  floor tiles, steel utensils, Copper, Brass and mechanical appliances very easy.


But, the problem emanates when it comes to cleaning electrical appliances. One should be very careful while cleaning these ‘shock prone appliances’ as any mishandling or negligence may sometimes lead to untold damages followed by miseries.

With the advancement of science, a housewife or a worker who spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking food for a family got a great relief with the introduction of Microwave oven and it’s addition to the list of needed kitchen appliances has become inevitable.

She need not spend a lot of time in the kitchen as the Microwave oven cooks food fast. She need not worry now as she can readily serve the food hot at any time and whenever required and even need not feel sorry for keeping it away  as it is not hot.


The Microwave oven is at her hand for heating pre-cooked food and for cooking varieties of foods and with some additional reading, she will be able to give additional heating effects to the cooked food. Above all her time to cook food almost has been cut down to a great extent. But, this kitchen appliance needs proper cleaning to avoid foul smells and accumulation of bacteria in it. Further, there are certain precautions need to be taken while using a microwave.


One should always know that it is not advisable to use microwave Oven when the door is not firm or if the hinges and latches are worn out.

Many women are in the habit of keeping something on it using it for storage purpose. But, never do that and never operate it when it is empty.

Never stand directly in front of an Oven

Never tamper with the fuse

At the time of cooking always ensure that it is meant for cooking rice and other food items only

Never use brown paper Bag for Popcorn. There is possibility for catching fire

If any fire occurs in the Oven, immediately unplug then switches and leave the door shut.


Whenever a Microwave is to be cleaned the first and the golden principle is to remove all the detachable parts and clean them separately using washing liquids or soaps…

The materials required for cleaning are 1. A soft cloth, 2. A bowl of water 3. vinegar 4. Two slices of lemon

Keep the bowl with vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave to steam up the inner walls of the Microwave Oven and now wipe out the inner walls with a soft cloth as the vinegar will loosen the dirt inside the microwave.

The sliced pieces of lemon may be kept for 1 minutes https://www.google.co.in/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=-FEfWMi0D6fougSbh4mwBA#q=Number+of+indian+dressesin the microwave It kills all the harmful bacteria and also gives a sweet smell inside the Microwave oven.

Hope you got it now…enjoy….and be happy….


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    1. It is also not advisable to reheat a fried food in the oven because it will just explode inside its container.
      Another is never reheat food wrapped in an aluminum foil or put a left-over in a metal plate to heat it.
      Slightly open the lid in one corner of the microwaveable container so the food will not explode and will be reheated well.


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