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No Amount Of Guilt Can Change The Past
March 16, 2017
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I believe on the saying that we can never bring back yesterday, if only, so chances are there to correct what had been done in the past. What our mouth loves to utter right or wrong words can never be retrieved. It is not only on those useless and tasteless words with double multiplicands and poignant thorns stricken in the past can be refined so the guilt that is kept in the cerebellum of the brain outshines the past to make the present colorful, yet there is always an assumption that what has been done cannot be corrected . This applies only to Google editor that can immediately slap us with corrections, LOL. The mind, the top most part of human body and the controller of every decision, action and move will never stop letting us know that we are this bad or good fellow.

The past cannot anymore be corrected, yet the present can serve as the catalyst of change to outsmart those that had been unwisely done in the past. It could not a pretension, but rather the only remedy to cure the aching heart from the constant mock of the guilt. Our conscience is considered the ultimate norm of morality for when we do something we are all conscious of what we do right or wrong. I wonder why many like the wrong side hahaha, thinking perhaps life could be cheated, which is wrong for life cannot be cheated by the owner self. There will be a special time and day when the brain lets you see what had been foolishly done in the past, LOL. This special threat of the conscience is an access where you can exhaust your energy through crying, sighing and gradually guilt declines as tears wipe away your sadness and regrets.

The only excuse you may say to others is you are just human, yes, you are human, but human with brain to calculate in advance the consequence of your actions and you also have the heart to put on yourself temporarily on their shoes ,should you desire to entertain temptation because there is a girl next door, sexy and always smiling at you. This is one tendency we call fatal attraction especially if you are married and having children that rely on your honesty and dedication to see them grow in the modest way and in the right wings of your parenthood, but the wings you have may be the reason why have your plight cut short because of temptation and such would be a ground to lost a family of your own. Your family will surely cry in despair and the wife may surely want to die. Now, how can you repair it, hard right? They will not anymore believe you for once a cheater remains a cheater, you are so vulnerable. It should be love to the family you founded as your inspiration and the springboard for a happy and harmonious living, Oh, what a wrongful life only to feel when karma meets you in the hall way. What must you do when realization comes you are wrong.

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The guilt cannot change the past of a broken dream. It cannot make life you hurt be happy again. You cannot anymore let them feel how in those months and years suffer your wrong decision, You want to repair your wife and children’s broken heart, but you are not anymore given a chance to do for they do not like to feel again what they felt before that almost tear them apart. Guilt is hard to deal for it likes to squeeze our emotion. It may also lead to stressful living and restless night and day. When can humans be stronger and firm of their promises? When you reach 40, life begins and you no longer have a family for you abandon them in the past for a sinful act. Acceptance is best for you so you can move on face your own life and destiny for it is us that create our destiny. Life is what we make it by the way, and in it our destiny.

Another instance when no amount of guilt can change the past is drug addiction taking. That time you just want to try for you need someone to turn to, you are alone and lonely parents abroad. You need belongingness and peer to embrace you in time of despair and of being alone, yet that was the primal point you lost your right senses. You become a drug addict and the property of evils. You cannot back out for the ecstasy drug itself embraces your life and dominate your thinking. You are now thinking about thinking if that is you. You cannot anymore recognize right and wrong. Your move is like hallucinating you and the urges of the influential menace of your brain so strong that the impact of it is deadly. You may be saved by your loving parents through rehabilitation, but never again could you find your original life.

Your previous life makes you sick for being alone and lonely, but have you told your parents about your loneliness? No, that is why; do not blame them for you are pretending you are okay every communication made through phone. Engaging with illegal drug leads your life to misery and no amount of money can bring back what had been broken. It could be made the same but the scenario may be broken and dim. You may be all right after months in the rehab center, but your parents may not anymore trust you, and the society where you belong will build some doubts about your authenticity as healed or not.

As much as possible make life beautiful to live by day-day for no amount of money can buy freedom and liberty. Money cannot also buy happiness, so you are wrong in the first place of joining a gang. At the end you will realize that money cannot buy happiness, but can lead your life to a brutal living for the enemies you consider are policemen license to kill. What if you will be caught and killed? There will be no amount of money that can heal the agony of your loving parents.

What is your resolution to avoid guilt in the future? Is there any amount of guilt that can change the past in your life? The answer is yours. Thanks for reading peps.

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    1. Feeling guilty won’t change the past. That’s true. But if you’ve done something wrong and you don’t feel guilt, something inside of you is even wronger. That’s a huge problem. You are either completely evil and don’t care about right or wrong OR mentally ill and don’t know what’s right or wrong.

      If you know you did wrong, own up and ask forgiveness. Don’t be surprised if you get forgiveness right away. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get forgiven at all. Hey! You hurt them. They didn’t hurt you. Some people can get over pain and some people can’t. Deal with it!

      Own up to your wrongs and ask for forgiveness anyway. From that point, make up your mind to not do it again and move forward. If you’re still living you have to go on living! What are you going to do? Whine and mope about it? Repair what you can. Make restitution where you can. Pay for wicked deeds. Justice is justice. But go on with your life and try to be a better person. It’s an achievable goal.

    2. That is true , if commit something wrong and don’t mind it meaning no co9nscience to bother, that is fine,lol. Those affected will surely sigh and cry in despair for in the past he or she had let someone in pain.

    3. Guilt can somwrim4s lead us to regret and promise not to do the same mistakes again.The past is the creator of the present for no one reaches the present without the past, meaning we were able to surpass all those obstacles that wanted to pull us down like sicknesses felt, sorrows, failures and pains. We have to be tankful for they past for those that are part of the life’s present time made us of what we are today.

    4. @cely Past is past indeed. All we can do now if we have committed a mistake in the past is to learn from it.

      However, if you have wronged people in the past, it will indeed forever bother you if you haven’t asked for forgiveness with a sincere heart. Ask for forgiveness, because if you don’t you be forever be haunted by the past.

      If the person won’t forgive you because he/she is so hurt, then move on. At least, you have done your best to ask for forgiveness. Change your ways into better ones.

      For the person who hasn’t forgiven you, show him /her that you have changed. Time heals all wounds as the saying goes. And that person will mellow when she/he sees you to have changed already into a better person.

    5. @Dina, Yes true, we can never bring back the hands of time and gradually those mistakes subside and what is felt and seen only scar and memory of that unforgettable yesterday. Despite what, life is still beautiful to live if possible forever.


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