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Never Get Involved With a Mama’s Boy
January 6, 2017

There are women who can be widowed or divorced and have their own lives.   They can communicate with their children easily, but also have friends and interests.   Whether they have sons or daughters is not an issue because they have options so do not need to squat on a child as if s/he is their personal property.

Then there are women who are divorced or widowed who absorb their son to the extent he is not allowed to have a life.  He is their property and no one, not a wife, daughter, friend can dare to compromise their hold.

Many women have left lovely men because the mothers have squeezed them out.   The Mother has demanded constant control, interfered and destroyed the marriage.

There is no way a wife can compete with a mother unless the man is aware and willing to sever the apron strings.  In most cases, if the wife dares to mention The Mother it is virtually grounds for divorce, and so she, the wife, Second Best, leaves.

Once the Mother gets rid of Wife One it is unlikely he will attract Wife Two.   The Mother, having already experienced what it is like; “Gee Mom, I can’t take you to the dentist because my wife is having a baby and I’m enroute to the hospital…”  makes sure that no woman will ever get close to him.

If one even has a casual friend who is a Mama’s Boy it is absolutely pointless to make any plan in which he figures.

Once The Mother knows he plans to go with Stan to the game or with Lisa to the Movie, she creates a set of Herculean tasks that he will be unable to complete in time.

Innocent things, stopping by a garden, catching lunch, getting a lift are ruined by The Mother.

The only way he can breath on his own is if he goes a few hundred or thousand miles away from her.  Not that this will stop her phoning and demanding, no.   She will never stop.

By the time he realises that he has lost his wife, his friends, his chances because of her smothering, it is too late. There’s nothing he can do to repair the damage, and his life has been so skewered that he doesn’t know the meaning of independence.


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    1. I couldn’t see myself with a Mama’s boy.
      They are too selfish and gossip as much as any other female.
      They always run crying to mama ” what should I do ” , ” what do you think is best for me ” .
      I went through this with one of my sister’s.
      I couldn’t believe how unviable he was .
      My sister did everything for him cause he didn’t know what to do .
      He couldn’t even do his own college paper work , nor fill out an online application form.
      He has both of his parents come from good family but lacks all knowledge of self motivation.
      A man that can’t cook not even boiling water is a definite no in my book .

      • They have to ask Mama for everything, and even if you think you ‘come first’… Ha! One word from Mama and you are on your own.

    2. It is not healthy to be involved with mama’s boy. They cannot think and decide for themselves. Thus, the person of a mama’s boy totally dependent on their loving mothers. I had seen some people that they got separated just because of being a mama’s boy. The wives put end their relationship.

      At some point, most mama’s boys are not working for their family. They are too lazy to work for his own family. It is most likely seen in elite family. They rely more on their parents. What a shame act, right? But it does happen.

    3. yes it happen in some cases,my husband is too mumma boy but i manage it all i give space to them and provide them full privacy and make her have full control on him but not on me i do what i think is right.

      • I couldn’t do it. Nothing is worse then when you need him and Mama calls him, and he leaves you to run to her. Esp. when she invents reasons.

    4. Lots of mothers or parents in general have lots of control over the children. Same goes for women. Some women are mama’s girls or daddy’s girls. So it does go both ways. The only one that can change this behavior is the child themselves. Otherwise it will continue for the rest of their lives.

      • Women who put their mother’s first often are thrown out by their husbands or their husbands leave them. Too many parents exercise too much control over their children never letting them grow up and move on.


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