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Natural Money Earning SEO 100% Working
December 10, 2017

By JH Sayyar

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and Optimization means, the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Keep in mind, Google uses SEO technique in searching the articles, and the key words or phrase uses in Google search are already fed in the soft ware used by SEO is a fact. Traffic goes where SEO leads is a earning source of Google.

BY JH Sayyar

BY JH Sayyar

Money Earning Method

People earn money on internet or in practical field and behind it working formula is images and nothing is truth, truth and naked truth. Most of the people on internet to run their websites use copied and cheated materials pouring it a soft ware that changes its language to safe the articles from plagiarism.

Images: The Source of Earning Money

In this world less are creators and more are imitators is a law of nature because creative power is given to everyone on birth but unfortunately people destroy it using not it within a specific time thus the power of creation dies with the passage of time within man’s brain and thus are born imitators on earth the slave to clever person in all walk of life.

Think, there was a time when Yahoo Chat was famous on internet but after this creators chalked out a new plan to demolish Yahoo Chat the creators introduced a new type of social media Face Book and Twitter and now people use these two social medias forgetting Yahoo Chat and other old social medias is nothing but introducing a new idea in market to collect money engaging the readers in its spell all over the world.

Images: Blessings of God on Man

The readers must know that images earn money for man because images are blessings of God and His Ministry of Angels on man hovering over the head of man but men do not pay attention to them. Images live in human mind in guise of Angels. Good angels create good images for humanity and bad Angels create images for humanity as you see all over the world.

Have a eye for a minute on the world, you will find people earning money on the ground of new images introducing in the world marts in every walk of life, is called inventions in modern term.

What are Old and New Models?

Think for a while, what is new and old model of any product? Nothing but the difference of images, images speak and images talk to human soul but we do not pay attention to them. Look in the field of laptops and computers and sciences all are due to images’ applications in practical field because imitation cannot survive among human beings want new things means new images is shape of products, or words.

Practical Shapes of Images

Look around the world, you will find inventions on earth what these are, nothing but the practical shapes of creators’ images on the ground of wealth or wealthy persons’ support in all walks of life. Always creators create things and imitators buy them is a universal law.

Always think in lone my readers, and analyzes self and floating images on your mind screen and try to read them the message of images written in codes, if you follow the images you will be rich soon without efforts sitting on the armchair at home. Ruminate, for a while scientists do nothing but they apply their images and got fame, wealth and respect.

There are millions of topics spreading around you pick any topic and gave a new shape to t on the ground of images you will get fame anon among men and nations all over the world. Always think and create avoid cheat in all fields of life you will get success and fame plus wealth will be at your feet.

Think Face Book and Twitter are earning millions of dollars per minute as you know well than me but you do not pay attention to it what from you nature demands.

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    1. I know that picture tells a million words. But there are pictures that are worthless. Photography is not an easy job. You are already comfortable for you have taken or captured a scene or anything. I know there is money in picture but it depends on what kind of picture. It is like writing. Anybody could write, but there are writings which are not writings at all. They have no sense. They have no worth or meaning at all. Thus, like images you said that they have name. They have fame and they could be wealth. But not all. Not all pictures could have that attributes you made mentioned.


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