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My Experiment with Kindle Ebook Writing
May 12, 2017

This month I have managed to sold around 12 books. And all of them were sold for 30 cents. I know it is not much. But I have managed to put on the price of 99 cents. And Amazon has the cut for the rest of that amount as fees. And this makes the ebook price go really low. So you can see that experiment is not going to work out in such case. Ebook writing can be serious in many ways but these days it is not easy to sell your ebooks. Most of the people out there are not much looking for the ebooks and stories. And they are doing the apps and other audio books. And for so that is the reason ebook writing can be really hard. I think many people are not sure about the way kindle works this out. In this article, I want to point you to some of the things about my kindle ebook experiment.

99Cent Ebooks

I think the best part of the ebooks is that low the cost it is going to be easy for them to buy. Many people buy the ebook if it is priced under 5$. And that is what makes the ebook lot better. I have seen many people make some decent money this way. So it all comes down to how much one can afford. And how many people can read that book. 99c books needs to be easy to read and also it should be a good option. I have found that these books can make a lot of money if you can get around 1000$ or so in a year. And I think with given eough time it can surely a good time in the process.


I think writing is the hard part. You just can’t jott out 5000 or more words. Because in this process, you can’t really make that much money. And you need to do that a lot. You can’t just get things done easily. Some of the authors these days are hiring the other people. Some are outsourcing this to make real money. As you can see writing is not easy. Often many people have that issue with the writing for the companies. And the inspiration is something that many people lack in the process. I think real writer is going to have it’s set of issues in the process around the time there as well.

Consistent Earning

Promoting the ebook and making the money is no easy joke. You can see that you have to work harder in order to make money. And with consistent money earning you will have to do things that can make it easier for you to outsource. Without outsourcing you may not do much in this process. So it is safe to say that consistency is what makes and breaks the system. You can find that most of the writers who want to make some decent money are using editors and other authors for writing. This way they are saving a lot of money in the process. All of this takes time so you have to pay attention as well.

This is what I have learned so far. And with more learning from the ebooks and writing world, I have many other lessons to share with you in future.

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