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MSN Companion – Microsoft Windows Personal Gadget
MSN Companion - Microsoft Windows Personal Gadget

I agree that technology is last sphere where should I put my foot in, but some things are too interesting not to be described.  I am sure you will like to know what a very old personal computer looks like, yes? No, it is not a device scary like from the science fiction horror story who talks with weird robotic voice, and it is no device that is the size of half of room.

I have to stress that I personally shall never pay money for something that maybe can not work with my favorite online  pages, but for somebody who collects this thing it can be more than enticing to own it as well.  I think this is more of the museum sample of technology but a useful piece of equipment.

The MSN companion was made like a small personal computer with the function to do simple things, like surfing the internet or reading Microsoft Hotmail emails. It was designed in 1999 By  Microsoft.  At first the, Microsoft was praising the MSC Companion but soon it was shown that this venue has no future. New things were coming and new devices were designed. In 2003   Microsoft stopped producing support elements for this gadget.

All versions on Companion ran some sort of simple Microsoft Windows program with simple Internet Explorer.

Manufacturers of the same device were different. In one case you will see wireless keyboard while in another it has wired keyboard.

During the latest period they reinvented Companion with the bigger screen but technological support and hardware much stay the same.

I downloaded a few images of the same device from the internet eBay shop and you can see where exactly the Microsoft went wrong. They forgot to secure the screen and in many ways this resemble less to the laptop but bigger and heavier. Still, I think that an idea of the Companion lead to the development of the later more profound devices.

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    1. The computes made by the Microsoft Company is peerless but it will get popularity with the passage of time because spreading its fame all over the world will take time when people will use it and will declare its better or worst results before public of the whole world.

      As mentioned in the above article that its result is not good that is why this Microsoft effort goes in vain because it practical filed its result are not good. Its downloading is not so nice as of laptop downloading.

      After this slowly and slowly such types of computers vanished from the computer markets due to incorrect functions of the computers. the buyers of the mini computers complained that the functions are working well.


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