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Movie Review of Punjabi Movie ” Mera Pind My Home”
March 16, 2017

Movies depict the culture and tell us about the society and its people as well. And movies also helps a lot in conveying messages to the general public at large, message can be good or bad but I think the movies which provides good message to society should be encouraged more and more.
One such movie like that i remember would be a very nice Punjabi movie titled as “ Mera Pind, My Home which means my village my hometown.
This movie is starred by a very famous Punjabi singer and a very good as well Harbhajan Singh Mann and also this is the debut Punjabi movie for our world renowned Cricket players, commentator, Tv host, Tv Judge, Politician Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu. And other noticeable actors and characters were Gurpreet Singh Waraich, Rana Ranbir, Deep Dhillon, Kim Sharma.
Movie started with the college / University life of the main lead Harbhajan Singh Mann and Kim Sharma, Rana Ranbir who were celebrating as well emotional as it was their last day of university as they were passed out and now they were require to exit the hostel for new batches coming there.
After they reached their village their home they all were very happy and exciting to meet their family and parents as well. The main leads family is a family composed of his elder brother , his wife and one son, and his mom and dad. There family was a family of farmers who have Pledged their land for money for the higher studies of main lead Harbhajan Singh Mann and his parents wants him to join job as early as possible so that they can repay the debts and its also a matter of shame for a Jat ( Community in punjab which is associated with farming ) that its land is pledged for a very long time. But despite of his good efforts he and his fellow friends who all are post graduates are unable to find a job which is equal to their status and education, so what they do is to sit idle for whole day or wander about in the village. Actually this movie gives the message to all to work hard and don’t sit idle and don’t look upon a job as bad or mark a job as a low status one.
To add a good twist in the story , Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu who is playing the Role of a NRI who has returned from Canada to serve his mother land. Mr. Sidhu used to play cricket with all those friends of main lead and other young man of village. They also used to chat a lot about their situation as they are unable to find a suitable job and now they are feeling that they have wasted their parents’ money in higher studies but now not able to repay their debts and feeling bad. Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu was playing the role of a very good guy in the movie. He some how manages to get them all united and let them agree with his views. He told them to do farming to whom have agricultural backgrounds, the one who has knowledge of Cars- he told them to open workshops so that cars, tractors and other vehicles can be repaired and serviced in the village, he even provide finances to those who want to set up a business like of dairy or poultry farm, workshop, provide tractors’ as well. As the main lead Harbhajan Singh Mann has land near the highway, Mr. Sidhu suggested him to open a Dhaba ( It’s like mini cheap restaurant). Harbhajan was shocked to hear that but Mr. Sidhu convinces him to open the mini Restaurant as it’s very much good and profit yielding as well. So they set up a mini restaurant on the land near the highway and his friends also helped him a lot their along with Mr. Sidhu who provides the much needed finance and advise as well. Slowly and steadily all the guys including the Main lead Harbhajan Singh Mann were settled on their respective jobs and now all are enjoying their job very much and also helping their respective families in paying the day to day expenses along with the long term debts of them as well which is also making their parents proud as their kids are now grown up and earning their livelihood as well. These things making them feel confident and also helps in decreasing the ratio of unemployment drastically and also helping in making that village one of the greatest villages of the state or even country. In between Harbhajan Singh Mann’s Girlfriend Kim Sharma visited him in his mini restaurant and as now he’s settled in his business they thought of to get married now but the proposed Brides father is not agree to let her daughter marry with Harbhajan as he think he’s not equal to his reputations as he’s the president of Hotels organisation and a very famous hotelier as well. But Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu again comes in to help Harbhajan Singh Mann to convince Kim Sharma’s father that Harbhajan is a very nice guy and will be perfect for their daughter and will surely be proved a very good husband and son in law as he’s very hard working and focused on his future. So in the end Kim Sharma’s father who’s role was played by Deep Dhillon agrees to the marriage and that was the end of the movie.
It was surely was a great and entertaining movie with good music and songs sung by the one of the greatest singers of Punjabi music industry, harbhajan singh mann.
This movie provides a very good message to the youth to work hard and achieve your dreams as we all see these days many people who are very good educated and even post graduates are not employed due to one or the other reason but they all should try to work and take care of their household duties so that there families, there society, there country can be proud of them that they are self employed and even producing employment opportunities as well by started their own business and helping the society, country and world at large. I think these type of movies should be made more and more so that youth can take good inspiration from these movies which are made with good purpose and message as well. Thanks to the director and producer who have provided this great movie.
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