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M&M Cupcakes
May 23, 2016
M&m milk choc cup cakesM&M Chocolate Cupcakes by peachpurple

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Do kids ever say “NO” to tea parties with M&M cookies and


You will always get thunders of “YES!!” with a broad smile across

 their tiny faces, beaming from ear to ear.

A few years ago, I had bought a box of soft and delicious M & M

 cupcakes from a bakery shop.

Honestly, that was the only bakery shop in town that sells M&M

 cupcakes , generously scattered with colorful M& M chocolates

 over the top.

I wasn’t the only customer who had grabbed 12 cupcakes per box.

 Can you imagine 3 shelves of cupcakes were gone in 5 minutes??

My kids fell in love with these cupcakes, especially the M&M 



M&M chocolates by pixabay


They were actually picking out the chocolates, enjoying the 

chocolaty taste before eating the whole cupcake!

I have been searching high and low for these cupcakes but none

 of the bakery shops sell anymore of them.

I had asked the manager of the previous bakery shop why they 

aren’t baking M&M cupcakes anymore.

The reason was the cost of M&M chocolates are too high for

 them to bear.

By including the additional cost of these chocolates, the 

cupcakes would cost an extra dollar for each unit.

Honestly, that is way too expensive for a cupcake.

Good news!

Yesterday, I had finally found several sites that featured M&M


Majority of the recipes required too many steps that I found not 

necessary to follow.

Hence, I excluded some of the steps and blend in with my 

regular cake recipe steps instead.

Surprisingly, these modified cupcake recipe turned out sweet, 

buttery,delicious and fluffy!

My son took a few of the M&M cupcakes to school for lunch and came back with an empty lunch box.

He said that his friends were praising of his unique lunch and even stole a few bites from the cupcakes!

So, what’s the catch ?

Use your creative imagination to mix match ingredients with

 your kid’s favorite chocolate candies to create fun and colorful 


Here is the recipe for M&M Cupcakes that I would like to share

 with you


Prep time: 10 min

Baking time: 45 min

Yield: 15-20 cupcakes



  • 80g M&M milk chocolate,
  • 300g superfine flour,
  • 4tsp baking powder,
  • 5tsp bicarbonate of soda,
  • 200g butter,cut into small cubes, 
  • (original= 250g)
  • 150 caster sugar, ( original = 200g)
  • zest of two oranges,
  • 2tsp orange juice (box packing)
  • 200g sour cream,
  • 3 eggs,lightly beaten.


Topping ingredients:

Some vanilla frosting and some M&M milk chocolate.

choc raisin muffin (15-10-2009) 001

Ingredients to prepare-by peachpurple


Step by Step Instructions:

Heat oven to I80C, Line patty tins with paper cups.

Sieve flour together with baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

                                                                                     Put the flour mixture into a food processor  together with butter

 and pulse until it resembles breadcrumbs.

(If using hands,rub butter into flour until it resembles


Add in sugar, orange rind, orange juice, sour cream and eggs.

Pulse until mixture becomes smooth.

If you are beating by hand, use a whisk to beat all the remaining

 ingredients until smooth

Stir in M&M chocolates ans spoon mixture into paper cups, 

2/3 full.

Do not fill up to the brim of the paper cups as it will overflow.

Bake for 30-45 min until the cupcakes turned brown-golden color.

Leave in the oven for another 10 min.

Spread a tsp of vanilla frosting onto the baked cupcakes and 

sprinkle a few M&M chocolates over it.

Start indulging now !

        Tips to share:

  1. Replace orange juice with freshly squeeze orange juice   
  2. Replace sour cream with yogurt
  3. Replace superfine flour and  bicarbonate soda with Self Raising Flour
  4. Reduce butter and sugar
  5. Replace sugar with brown sugar
  6. If you do not plan to bake 20 cupcakes, freeze up half of

 the cupcake batter into the freezer.

Alternatively, you could reduce the measurement of all ingredients into halves.

So, what is your favorite cupcake flavor?

What ingredient do you prefer to include into your cupcakes?

Do share with me your suggestions.

Enjoy baking cupcakes !

Photos belonged to peachpurple and pixabay

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    1. That looks like a good cupcake. I have been noticing that cupcakes are getting popular in occasions. Even in weddings, the cake used to be sliced for the guests but now there are cupcakes that are distributed around and the wedding cake remains intact except for the piece of slice for the bride and groom.

    2. @alexandoy/
      thanks sir,
      Yup it is a delicious cupcake, I am sure kids and adults would love to try this cupcake out.
      Too bad, I couldn’t find these M&M cupcakes anymore in bakery shops, the cost of the cupcake is way too high.

      Yup, now in weddings, birthday, whatever event festival, guests are served with cupcakes, jellies and tarts, very popular to tempt the young and teens.

      LOL! true, the bride and groom didn’t have the opportunity to indulge in this sweet stuff, too busy with YAMSENG !


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