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Meet the brains behind iPhone 7
May 16, 2017

The biggest news to have hit the tech market for the past one month or so has undoubtedly been the highly awaited iPhone 7 launch. While some are calling it revolutionary, others have chosen to term it disappointing. Whatever be the case, you can̢t ignore the marvel called the iPhone and its maker, Apple. Home to some of the best brains in the tech industry, Apple has been churning out products of unparalleled quality ever since its launch. But such is the hype created by their products that the people who actually are the brains behind it are never given the kind of recognition that they deserve. But not anyone; we are here to disclose the brains behind the magnificent product.

Let̢s start with a trivia. Do you know that the designing team behind the iPhone 7 was lead by a knight? And that the interface 3D feel of the phone has been prepared by an ex naval flight instructor?

Let̢s begin with Sir Jonathan Ive, the Chief Design Officer of Apple and the man heading the design team for iPhone 7. Though the name might not ring a bell in your head, you would surely recognize him from the distinct videos that Apple uses at the product launch functions. The company makes sure that this high profile genius is kept away from the media limelight. But that doesn̢t mean that he doesn̢t get praised for his work.

He was given the title of ̢Smartest designer̢ in the year 2010 by both CNN Money and Fortune. He was later knighted by Princess Anne due to his ̢Services to design and enterprise̢.

Ive worked at a closely guarded laboratory at Apple where very few people have access. Known to be very close to Steve Jobs, Ive has spearheaded product designs right from iMac to the present day gem, the iPhone 7. As of now, Ive holds close to 5,000 patents!

Let̢s talk about another gem that Apple has been hiding in its arms. Meet Geoff Stahl, the company̢s Director of Graphics and Imaging. His prior experience includes working as a naval flight officer and training the top gun candidates. His contribution to the iPhone ̢ Parallax. He is one of the four designers that hold the patent for this technology. The 3D feel and the texture that set the iPhone 7 apart are a result of this technology only. Considering that the Apple wants military like precision in all its devices, it is only natural that an ex-navy officer is at the helm of Apple̢s design team.

Not just these 2, Apple has a range of top geeks coming from varied backgrounds with no connection to smartphones but coming together to make some of the best gadgets that the mankind has ever seen. The cooler the phones, the coolers are their designers!

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