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Love Story…. for All Lovers

Randy, sister,

I wish that my grief was so terrible that I was so horrified that my fate could be so terrible … that I am truly grieved if I truly wish Just do this.
I was able to get that love out of my life as if I loved the warmth of life for some time, even though I was happy with the warmth of life for a while but it was forcing me to do it.
He is unique in his life like me in my life. He is his name. His name is Sam.
Although I grew up with my friend, I never knew him before … I was able to tell him that I was looking for love in my life … As a result, he met me with the idea of love and life.
I only know that even though he was swimming in the name of the name, I really knew that he was a resource to me. He said that although he got into love with me, when I told him it was Samyama, he said
“Take it a little longer before your brother does anything. If he loses his previous Efar and does not have a week yet, then take some time to do it.”
You and I would be surprised to find that Nalin and I were in touch with the conditions. But the same thing was true. Our love was so full that our love was so full that … However, the truth of Sammie’s constant was constantly changing my mind in the darkening shadows It’s too early to arrive …
“I do not think that I will be able to wait for more. We do not even know how to cry. Let’s make a decision.”
It’s Nalin … This is our love.
On the first day, he came out to meet me and still I remember in my memories and I do not want to recite it … because my memories are saddening me for the first time … that day I was kissing me on the main road … On seeing the tears in my eyes, I have saved this SMS since … This is it
“This is not going to leave you. I can not wait, honey. Now, you’re safe. I’m your one now. If you love him, you will not come.”
I told him that I lost my life forever and now I was wrong. It’s not a different thing. It was a bit of contempt for my boyfriend. I have not done anything to him anymore … Today I have left my name for a long time. I loved it very much. I was really cute about that kind of thing and it really is crying for me now …. love is so sad …?
Geithrel is trying to convince my brothers that they always try to fix the heart of others, because of my own sadness. I finally started to recollect my feelings ….

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