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Looking for a future in Nanotechnology? Here is how to go about it
May 24, 2017

Basically Nanotechnology is working with extremely minute and small things. There are certain biological things or beings that are so significantly small that they can’t be seen even under standard microscopes. The most basic building blocks of life and nature such as atoms and molecules are understood at the nano-scale under the branch of nanotechnology which makes it greatly significant and a growing rage among the sciences.

Well, it might surprise many but a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. In assessment, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers in its diameter. All this proves that a nanometer is smaller than anything you can imagine. But quite contrasting to it’s dimensional magnitude, its significance and utility is magnanimous.

Today if we look out at the commercial market and the flourishing modern industries, we will be amazed to see the countless number of products in which Nanotechnology is used. Largely, they are widely used in cosmetics, sunscreens, clothing and many other consumer products today.

If you wish to pursue a career in nanotechnology then the best option is opting for a bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) which is the most fruitful and promising degree to be pursued under this field. A number of leading engineering colleges in India offer courses in nanotechnology. Students can even go on to study nanotechnology at their master’s level in order to take up research work later on. Both public as well as leading private engineering colleges offer B.Tech in nanotechnology.  You can easily browse the web for the kind of courses offered, the fee, duration and other specific college related details of the course before joining it.

Another option for pursuing the field of nanotechnology is to complete B.Sc and M.Sc. under the discipline of nanotechnology. There are many approved colleges which offer the above-mentioned course. Seeing the strength of nanotechnology, one can easily predict that it is going to be a blooming sector in India in the coming years. It is a lucrative as well as unconventional career to be chosen. Even the government is planning to set up new courses under the field of nanotechnology in public colleges so that this field is easily available for studies in India.

Nanotechnology is a field of applied sciences; something whose application is greatly needed to carry forward the vision of ‘Make in India’. While the government is making policies to enhance production and nationalise all the product producing units, it is essential to build up a force of qualified Indian engineers and scientists who are well versed in the field of nanotechnology.

Any student pursuing a course in Nanotechnology should have flair towards applied sciences and specifically the field of Nanotechnology. There are various job opportunities which are rewardable as well as highly esteemed under this field. Nanotechnology stands as a newly emerging field of science which is ready to create a storm in the production industry. With a new discovery every now and then, it is clear that Nanotechnology has a lot of potential to give one’s career a boost.

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