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List Of Flowers That Can Grow Indoor
April 11, 2017
indoor plant

Flowers are refreshing to the eye. That is why I always love to have it inside the house. Below is my list of favorite flowering plants that I want to have.

  • HIBISCUS hibiscusHibiscus is a flowering plant that is best for home or garden decoration. Its large flowers come in different colors and yellow is my favorite among them. And, did you know that hibiscus can be produced as tea? Yes, the flowers and leaves together with the red calyces can be processed to make it as tea.
  • AFRICAN VIOLET african violetAfrican violet is an indoor flowering plant. This kind of flower have is very sensitive and its need extra careful in growing them. When watering the plants, make sure to water them very lightly because they don’t want so much water. African flower is not easy to grow but is satisfying if you can do taking care of them without letting them die.
  • ANTHURIUM anthuriumAnthurium also comes in different color. There is white, pink, red, yellow, and peach anthurium. These flowers do like to grow in a shady area that is why it can be take in the house.  What I like the most about this flower is the heart shape that signifies love.
  • FLOWERING MAPLE flowering mapleIts name flowering maple tree was derived from the maple-shaped leaves. It can also come in different shades or color. When growing this plant, it needs spacious area because it can grow up to 10 feet.

Aside from those listed above STREPTOCARPUS, JASMINE, GUZMANIA, and GERANIUM are included. They beautiful indoor flowers too, that is good for decoration.

The African Violet and Guzmania are what interested me the most. Even if the African violet is so sensitive, it challenges me to do efforts and taking care of them.  Try to plant some in your house and you will see how elegant they are when they bloom.

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    1. I love all flowers, but hibiscus reminds me of my childhood home and the African Violet was always on my favorite list. Thanks for sharing these pics.

    2. There are many varieties of flowers. It is only our interest to grow them indoor or outdoor. We can grow even an outdoor plant indoor provided sufficient lighting, air, and moisture conditions are provided.We can grow them indoor also arranging a beautiful Glass to look through while taking our dinner. This actually I have planned for my house. The plant will be outdoor only but will be grown inside without affecting our normal work and atmosphere. The house planner has given me a great design and idea.

      The jasmine flower gives out very sweet smell during night times in the summer season. We should water the plant regularly during summer seasons.
      Hibiscus will come in red and Orange colors. I grew an orange colored one but I have not seen the Yellow one. I also do not aware that the leaves and flowers can be used in the preparation of tea. Thanks for this information.

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