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Just Beyond Daybreak: Now available in Print and as EBook
January 8, 2018

Just Beyond Daybreak is now available as an eBook and in Print!

I just finished formatting the book over the weekend and you can get a copy in the format you love best from Amazon. It was a hard choice to send this one to print. It is just a novella, but the readers have spoken. The book is just 107 pages long, which is perfect for a quick winter day read. You can wrap up in a blanket and snuggle on the couch with the magical families, the Blackwoods and Blackburns.

On to the book!

Just Beyond Daybreak

When the source of her family’s magical energy and life force is stolen, Meredith Blackburn is left with little choice, but to search out the best magical tracker she knows. Unfortunately Malcolm Blackwood is more than just a tracker, he is also a man who captivates Meredith’s thoughts.

She strolled into Malcolm’s life with a job that he didn’t want, but instantly he regretted turning her away. Now, with his own family relics in danger, Malcolm finds himself unable to leave Meredith behind.

Can they save the Blackburn bloodline? Or will family ties tear them apart?


This novella is just the beginning of Meredith’s adventures as the head of her family. The stories are at the top of my project list and you can look for the second story featuring the Blackburns and Blackwoods Summer of this year. Wanna know what’s coming? Keep reading…

Meredith faces the next head of the Blackwood family and his distrust of her affection for his brother. Along the way Malcolm and Meredith have to fight off a magical terrorist trying to destroy magic and the entire culture revolving around it.

If you’re interested in Just Beyond Daybreak or want to know more about my books you can visit my blog, Barefoot at Midnight, for snippets and current writing projects.



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